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  1. Still a lot of ball to be played
  2. Sucks I missed it, happy with the results!
  3. Cuz' he's not a max player & giving him one will hamper this teams future.
  4. Yea, i'm down driving down Chelsea Lane. Not living up to the G.S hype.
  5. NGL... expected to win this one. But it happens, second night of a B2B/no Trae. On to the next!
  6. Kev with the hard carry tonight.
  7. Man, Bogi contract looking like a steal.
  8. Ugh, we really bout to crawl into the playoffs huh? I was optimistic for getting that 4th seed. I know Nate will have them ready but all these injuries takes the wind out of my sails. We may get bounced that first round... Get well soon Tra3way.