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  1. Hopefully Schlenk learned his lesson, the template for success is not undersized dudes that can't defend (no offense Trae).
  2. Hopefully Hawks can rebound tonight even thought it's a b2b. Stealing a W here would be nice.
  3. Welp... Hawks definitely not "earning' these stripes"
  4. Dude takes so many shots you just forget the ones that don't go in lol.
  5. Gotta get a body on Mitchell, can't be leaving em open like that. Too much airspace.
  6. Watching Snyder coach up Clarkson after that errant play...
  7. Kev lookin' good in the early going.
  8. Shots are falling, a welcomed sight.
  9. Make them shoot, Jojo is their only threat right now.
  10. Woah... Trae & J.C on good terms now? Did Kyrie pour some of his sage on the court pre-game?
  11. Sixers are undermanned, Ben Simmons out. No excuses.