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  1. None that I can think of. It's horrible enough watching Trae try to defend, add him & Huerter together is when I start to feel queasy.
  2. I'm predicting we draft Okoro and I wouldn't be mad at it. Starting to come around on him.
  3. LP has been great developing our players. If we don't make the playoffs this year he's probably on the hot seat. I'm cool with giving him a full term (4 years) before making any decisions to retain or move from Pierce. Were still on track in Schlenk's timeline. Shaking things up too early & making major changes will lessen the Hawks routine/structure. As younger players benefit from consistency, this won't bode well for their development.
  4. Can we clone Schlenk and replace Dimi with him? Blow it up!
  5. Thinks shooting the ball is the only way you can help your team win, yuck.
  6. The sooner Hox fans accept this the better off they will be.
  7. I don't like Hayes & I don't see the fit.
  8. This thread is 9 pages too long.
  9. No doubt, should've been more clear, strictly speaking in terms of build. OKC really came out on top with that trade.
  10. Fair enough, TBH I wouldn't be shocked if Avdija made multiple all-star appearances. I think Hali makes at least one before his career is done and even if he doesn't it will still be a good pick.
  11. Yes, he's a wet noodle. But we've seen similar prospects such as SGA who was like 5th percentile in terms of weight @ his position coming out kentucky have success.
  12. I agree It's not ideal, like many others I wanted #1 & Ant-Man. Time to see what the league's scouting departments are made of. Because of his off-ball capabilities, even though he'll be in a bench role, the minutes will be there for him and can play with starting lineup. I think if Tyrese reaches his potential, he can be 3-5x All-Star. If he goes to a team like pistons or the knicks who try to make him a lead guard, not so much. Reports are he's a gym-rat as well, unselfish player who will mesh well with our young core. No need to roll the dice here.
  13. I mean the guy is wiry so it's pretty apparent he's not a downhill threat. Fortunately, in spite of this he is still a good finisher when choosing to attack the basket, although he does need to be more aggressive. I'd make the argument that Haliburton is actually the most valuable player in his draft range, depending on where he lands. Accumulating talent is key for rebuilding teams, but scheme, chemistry, and development of your young talent can't be neglected. What do the Hawks need: Shooting, Defense, Playmaking, Ball-Handler, Leadership. What does Tyrese provide? All of the above. At some
  14. He has very good touch on his floaters, not concerned. Also not known to take bad shots, your FG% won't top 50% during your college career if your settling for those type of shots.