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  1. I'm so fancy of acuna and trae. Superstars should be appreciated.
  2. Soooo uhhh clears throat* how about trae young. He played flawless
  3. I think I have that too. I ate their after like 5 years and my whole system gone red alert. Can't imagine eating this sh&#&# this. People make your food at home. It's been freaking awful. I feel like dying. What the f &# are they doing in there
  4. Young fella finally been impressive. I'm glad we don't need trae to score 40 to win. But it doesn't hurt hehe
  5. Yeah I know. To eat chocolate eggs
  6. Nah, he's over the hill. Atleast they grant him this favor though.
  7. How did you get 26,000 + points. I feel so much jealousy. Can we buy them?
  8. Kevin huerter pink a#@ just said eff u. So did lou lemon pepper willimas. Let's go Hawks keep playing caw caw
  9. Yeah I can't wait lol. It's gonna be full blown entertainment.
  10. I admit as well as other posters we have our own idea of why the hawks success. I guess it's human nature lol. I'm right your wrong boo yah! Bruh both of our teams won
  11. *cough* when trae scores we win *cough*