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  1. are Schröder and capela related by any chance?
  2. Is this jfk kennedy and jimmy carters lost daughter?
  3. great our defense is ginna be ever worse
  4. Does this signify that bucks are scared of the raptors?
  5. Also, we can satisfy ourselves with the realization that Trae and Ball resemble Curry and Klay, but only if they were snorting crack for 9 years and 2 1/2 months.
  6. Good that kinda calms me... ISTLL believe that luka needs to prove himself A game winnerplayoff game will not push you to the upper class*cough* Horford. Lets see how this series plays out. Itll be very interesting. With that outta the way. I still love trae and believe he can do this with better contribution. Heck, we might be playing right now if it wasnt for needle boy, j/k.
  7. This is just for tonight but why o why did we not stay put and took luka!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. kevin, john, 1st for giannis Get r done
  9. What are your opinions on a possible pairing with LaMelo? He comes across impressive kind of like a mixture of Klay.
  10. No i didnt know that my bad
  11. Harell is absolute beast down low Have u seen him? I would give away our 1st and dedmon for him
  12. No i mean 3rd rounder from the wizards
  13. Trae Brad Cam John Clint Omg
  14. I would trade our 1st and kevin for beal and 3rd
  15. I've never seen somebody put up with a dumb donkey remark so politely. I do concur with KB here, He'd be a good fit