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  1. Lol at them discussing what we gonna ask hunter I like Vince n Niguel together
  2. Great showing considering you know what
  3. And we have dumbasses that wanna trade young
  4. Why is he so worried he's gonna get his money if not here then somewhere else.
  5. Not my guy. Its just im having what ifs scenarios at this hour
  6. Are you okay? I feel like I'm talking to triplets in parralell universes
  7. Yes they are.. oh how the tides turn
  8. If we don't win on mlk I will burst a vein
  9. Don't let this heated convo distract you from the fact that doncic put up 35 15 16 They still lost, but wow
  10. Not his fault we don't even f***** look at him for offense