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  1. Where does this leave us if Collins leaves and okongwu out 6 months? Capela is our only big, gallo wouldn't survive banging and playing big mins
  2. If this team trades cam, I will be done. To give up on a pick who you knew was a project would be such a let down. The idea of him torching us playing for another team in a couple years makes me sick
  3. Pierce said he didn't notice the jerseys, I think he's trolling at this point
  4. What the hell was that gallo move lol? Cam got some pep in his step
  5. After a 2nd watch, I think ja morant demonstrated things very few are capable of. Our guys got caught a lot being indecisive whether to help and commit to a double team or stick to their man who is at the 3pt line. We lost our energy in the 2nd half when our shots didn't fall. Overall correctable mistakes when they see the film. Im sure we will see a different team Saturday. Hunter is going to hold off reddish it seems. Which is fine because we needed to see some hunger from our 4th overall pick. Im sure he's heard the hype cam has been getting all summer. Cam showed flashes tonight. He slipped a couple times like game 1 but it seems like it it's out of excitement. It's clear he's going to be star. When he let ja rip him on the rebound from collins, he came back with a nasty reverse lay up...then a phenomenal block and outlet to collins. Collins is my only concern 3 games in. He is uncomfortable and I think the pressure of this contract is weighing on him. He is hard on himself on every defensive lapse. He needs his confidence back asap. Im disappointed in tonight's effort but I think we'll be better as we gel
  6. Nope gallo already agreed to come off bench
  7. Skylar mays is a 6'4 cory joseph. A shorter garrett temple. A poor mans dillon brooks
  8. Reminds me of the oregon sg we took a couple years back. Nothing special
  9. Curry, d rose, john collins
  10. Well that only leaves brandon ingram
  11. Only guys that I can think of that supes is talking bout are booker, lavine, or beal
  12. Cam shows flashes of being scary good
  13. I hate the bashing of optimism. Yes, its not likely but there is hope even if its slim. Let some of us find solace in that, given how tough a season its been thus far
  14. Lol I dont want love. I'm just thinking of disgruntled pfs ...since supes said that is the players position
  15. Im going to guess its Kevin love