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  1. Cam shows flashes of being scary good
  2. I hate the bashing of optimism. Yes, its not likely but there is hope even if its slim. Let some of us find solace in that, given how tough a season its been thus far
  3. skimaskway23

    Ask Supes

    Lol I dont want love. I'm just thinking of disgruntled pfs ...since supes said that is the players position
  4. skimaskway23

    Ask Supes

    Im going to guess its Kevin love
  5. Just shoot 3s the rest of the way. Its our only chance
  6. What would it take to get him? I would give a future 1st for him. I dont think theres a better fit at center for us.
  7. Low-key I think damien jones the most improved since the start of the season. I used to hate when he was on the court, but that kid fights. He tries to punch the ball in the net lol
  8. The boys fighting on defense. Real proud. Hunter gonna be a problem when he learns not to get stripped or blocked on his drives. Not laterally the quickest but strong in a straight line You can tell trae trying to play more controlled tonight. We gotta get our shooters open more often even though we dont have many of them.
  9. Trae disrespectful sending mcgruder to the bench lol
  10. A 5 that can shoot and defend is going to unlock collins' game. Last yr Len was on fire and dedmon was money. Now that our centers are not really spreading the floor, collins has been forced to be the stretch big in the offense. Instead of him being frustrated, he's making a huge impact on defense and thats what I'm most impressed about. In a dream world, KAT would be the perfect pairing for him and the team
  11. Mcgrady used to always be called "sleepy". It looked like he wasnt trying hard but it came to him so effortless. I see the same demeanor in cam. Not comparing their games, but they do have that in common.
  12. I want reddish. No one else. He is a baby Tmac and let's all hope he continues to get slept on
  13. Something is stiff about rj barrett game. I think cam is the best prospect
  14. We are already looking at potentially 3 top 15 picks in 2019. . We also have 2 2nd rounders. Thats already 5 players. I think they valued Lin over a 4th pick in the early 20s Denver is at worst a 6th seed next year. Thats a top 10 record. Schlenk got a guy he values to help trae for when he eventually finds a deal for Dennis. We'll be fine, no need to get out the pitchforks. This was more like a free agent acquisition.