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  1. Nate keeps this up he’s going to be getting Coach of the year votes.
  2. How much longer is does this team and fans have to endure LP? I’ve been done with him a while ago.
  3. 15 since the play he dialed up was there to be made in the last Mavericks game.
  4. No! I would rather keep Milsap.
  5. I'll take this. He seems to be a good choice.
  6. He wants to go to LA and NY for what the city offers but ATL can offer almost as much. Doesn't matter anyway because he's not coming to the Hawks.
  7. No! It's too late especially after sending out a tweet like he did. It's obvious he was leaving no matter what but if it was hard to leave then he would have released a proper statement.
  8. Yep, I noticed the same thing. It's very telling when he doesn't even name the team's supposed franchise player.
  9. That's just the way the league is while I don't like it this generation thinks like KD. Truth be told most fans are upset because their favorite team can't do it. I rooted for GS this year but I will root against them next year. I don't blame GS as much as I blame KD for taking the sissy route with this move. For him to say it will help him grow as a player is non sense what would have helped him is if he won it in OKC.
  10. How was it best for him basketball wise? He was a game away from making it to the championship game and made it before with OKC.
  11. This is why I get frustrated with the NBA because of moves like this. I like KD but have lost respect for him as a player to do something like this. The league is full of soft players with the mentality of if you can't beat them join them. What happened to the drive to want to work this offseason and come back to face GS because of the way your team went out. I am not a Lebron fan but I will be rooting for him if they all meet in the championship.
  12. He whined about wanting a center the Hawks went and got one and now he whines because he didn't like the one they got. Man up! I don't like everyone I work with but it is a part of life and I don't make millions of dollars. Big soft baby!!!
  13. Seriously?!?! Who in their right mind will think that the Hawks will play the same? It is obvious you are in love with Horford which is fine but you are allowing your love for Horford to cloud your mind. Horford is a good player but has never been great. He is a third option at best. This team still has its issues no doubt about it but they will be a playoff team. Problem is the D12 stay healthy and does he care enough. I hope you were kidding with the trade of Millsap to Boston because that ain't happening.
  14. Yep! He can prevent some of the booing by taking out one of those thank you fans ads but he will most certainly get booed as he should. He probably would have been ok if he went to OKC or GS but not the Celtics. I'll be booing him from now on.