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  1. gHost83

    Coaching! Join the petition to get Lloyd the hell out of our city!
  2. Now this has emerged lol.
  3. This is hard to stomach... Some dominos have to fall now. Please Ressler f***
  4. Why wasn't Mays in for Hill. I'm dumbfounded
  5. LP ain't worth a damn. Back to the same old shitty offense.
  6. Geez man. Collins and Huerter putting up bagels and turning the ball over... Plenty of chances for easy shots but taking silly extra passes and scared to shoot. Wow.
  7. Just goes to she LP has been in over his head from the get go. For the team to look this much better from game to game is a glaring indictment. Some will have to see more from Nate but not me.
  8. Trae won't throw LP under the bus publicly. He's not that guy. His dad does it for him. This isn't the same offense. We made a commitment to scoring in the post first and foremost. If the D collapsed then the ball rotated to the open shooter who could take a shot or pump and drive to the rim. This opened up Cam's game. Although he missed his first attempt, Cam got a great, wide open attempt for either a corner 3, or in this case, step in 15 footer. He was so wide open from this action that he was able to collect his own rebound and score easily in the paint. This team was
  9. Nates post game presser is legit.
  10. Trae TO and we call a timeout... Coach goes right to Trae and coaches him up...
  11. Everyone that's defending LP should watch this game.