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  1. Fake tough guys. They can't defend Trae and they are weak minded. Knicks are completely psyched out...
  2. Let's crush their dreams. Hope Randle walks too...
  3. Burks will not have another game like that. We just need to stay locked in and we will send them home early.
  4. Not even close to our best game and we won in the Garden. Trae And Bogi stepped up when it counted. Lou saved us going into the 4th. We are a better team then them. Just have to stay locked in...
  5. Collins gotta step up this series. Need at least a dub from him a game.
  6. Masterful play down the stretch. But honestly, these shots we hit in the 4th were available ALL GAME. The spacing we can generate is ridiculous. Great move to pull Huerter late when he was making mistakes. He played very well over all but lost it a bit late and the coach noticed. Gallo and Lemon Pepper went off late. We will need that production in the postseason. Just imagine, if LP was coachin this team, we would already be looking at top prospects in this draft to add. Now we are looking to make a deep run. No team wants to see us healthy in the playoffs!