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  1. Did you watch the first game vs Memphis? Was the exact same shit lol
  2. Hunter has been horrendous these last few games. Putting up a bagel
  3. Lol true. They both go off on the Nets. Especially Cam.
  4. Trae has the green light. As he should. On any team with Trae having the green light, he would be an all-star. He is a super special talent. That is one of the only good things that Pierce has done. Atkinson on the other hand, took a guy who was shunned, called a bust and put him in a position to become an all-star. A lot of it was DLos hard work but Atkinson put him in a position to win.
  5. Strong ball movement offense with no off the ball action. Everyone sits in the corners when Trae has the ball with no one cutting to the basket. We run 2 plays. That elbow wing motion and high pick and roll.
  6. Who was Bojan b4 Atkinson? Thad Young is solid but not a world beater nor close to an all-star.
  7. A PnR ball movement offense? It's all high pick and roll! Either that or it's Trae iso. That's not a system that's working. There is no off ball action in this system and it's terrible.
  8. Are you serious? That roster is terrible lol. Nets had no draft picks during the first 2 years. I explained the first year was a wash like all first year coaches. Year 2 is when DLo was acquired. Year 3 is when they balled. You might say hey, Pierce is in year 2 also, he should get one more year... My argument would be that there has been no growth with Pierce as a coach. No system. We only run high pick and roll for offense and switch on defense every possession. We just started to play a little zone but that is few and far in-between. Pierce hasn't shown anything that makes me think that he will improve himself. Atkinson actually draws up plays during timeouts. He actually adjusts the defense in game. Who was Joe Harris, Jefferson, Bojan b4 Atkinson? IJS, as a coach, Atkinson is established and proven he can win with subpar talent. He also is very point guard friendly and his teams rebound. It's what we need and definitely better than what we currently have.
  9. What type of offense does Pierce run? Is their any structure to it? How about defensively? This team has zero structure after almost 2 freaking years! Kenny implied a system year 1 and got players to buy into it. At least there was leadership and actual coaching strategy!
  10. First year always a wash with new coaches. They had no freaking talent on the team and had no cap room and we're still paying Joe Johnson, KG and Pierce. Also traded away all their picks when Boston fleeced them. Second year they acquired DLo and acclimated him to their system slowly. 3rd year, DLo was an all-star and made the playoffs with a bum ass roster. Year 4 they traded their all-star for one of the best players of all time but coming off a major injury. Kyrie wasn't available for most of this season. Still was a 7 seed b4 Kyrie ended his season for good. Listen, all I know is that Kenny got no named dudes to play well in his system. He didn't have much to work with. Here he would have young players to mold with high ceilings. He would get the most out of this roster.
  11. DLo was acquired in the 2017-18 season. Took one year and DLo went from bust to all-star in the 2018-19 season. The 2019 season had major injuries from both of their stars. Kyrie isn't a fit in his system. Selfish player. Trae is the opposite of that. Even with those major injuries, they still were a 7 seed with backups in their starting rotation b4 Kyrie ended his season. I guarantee you this, if Kenny was here, Huerter would have been benched a month ago....
  12. Hey, something I can agree with you on! He's always maximized the players he had. Who the hell were Dinwhittie, LeVert and Temple before Atkinson? DLo was a bust before he got in Kenny's system. Not sure why people think he isn't a fit here.
  13. DLo had a super high usage rate with the Nets. I respectfully disagree bro.
  14. DLo dominated the ball with the Nets. Had the ultimate green light. Why wouldn't Kenny do the same with Trae?