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  1. Hey I hope you are right. I just don't see it.
  2. ok. I'll give him another shot. Just want the man to use that huge frame God gave him to his advantage.
  3. He's a bum. How do you not know how to box out? Rebounding is about effort more than anything and I just don't see hit from him.
  4. Sigh... I hope we ship Bruno's bum ass off and sign Skal. Much more talented player.
  5. All I know is that Dunn is a light year more competent than Bembry on the offensive end. A lot less ridiculous turnovers and better defense. Dunn will not amaze anyone offensively, but if we can carve him a niche as a slasher on that side of the ball, we have the point guards that will reward him for his energy.
  6. So what does it take to be worth 18 a year? 17 points and 5 assists? Because that's Haywards statline and he's getting 30 per. Bogi will average 17 here easily with the spacing and court vision that Trae provides. 6'11" wingspan will be put to use on guards not small forwards like in Sacramento. He will NOT be like Huerter on D. It's about the fit man. He truly gives us a Klay like presence on this team. Of course he's not the shooter that the future Hall of Famer (I can't stress this enough, Klay is on his own planet here) is but will be able to emulate the effect on defenses that
  7. Thank you man. I'm curious how the SAM system works on AMD tho... I have a x570 ASUS board and a 5900x. Wanna go full AMD but if I can't I'll go Nvidia.
  8. It feels soooooooooo good to be a Hawks fan now. Sky is the limit! Just imagine if the youth improves
  9. Lawwwwwwwwwwwwwwd knows I want a AIO version of this card... It overclocks on air very well so liquid cooling will be interesting. I only (lol when did this wattage become only) a 750 watt psu so not sure if it will be power hungry. I want is so badly I might call out lol.
  10. Damn I just love a competent GM. Just takes a few years to turn around a franchise but you gotta have the right guy. Maybe the Falcons can take some pointers from my Hawks and Braves and get their shit together one day...
  11. Lol. I got my hands on a 5900x for my new build. Couldn't get my hands on a 6800xt but I'll wait. It's the last piece I need for my build.
  12. Oooooooooooooohhhhhh they are sooooooooo salty LOL. It's not our fault their GM got greedy. I'm sure they don't want 300 mill locked into 3 guards that didn't move the needle for them. Schlenk is playing chess while they are playing checkers.
  13. The power of a jumper man...