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  1. LP starting to look, and coach like L Drew in his last year here
  2. Man F Dum O Nique. All he has is a Pigeon poop catcher lol. Just Joking lol.
  3. Just hope GH doesn't turn out to be Speedy Claxton all over again.
  4. Ama're Stoudemire, Michael Jordan, and Shawn Kemp.
  5. Prince would bring more to the table than jj, and ap. Plus he has playoff experience you still have half a season to get him prepared to play. Veteran defense becomes very valuable come playoff time.
  6. What if bazemore or selfo goes down then what? Defense wins championships. And you can never have enough of it. That's like saying I have four good tires why do I need a spare.
  7. I like D. Ferry as much as the rest, but had we signed L. Deng do you think we would be having this type of success. How would this team chemistry be?
  8. Same can be said about Kyle You put green Kyle and Dennis on floor together and don't forget the 7+ footer Walter Tavares and AP along with Avery Bradley defense and scoring
  9. Al Horford and Shelvin Mack for Avery Bradley and Jeff Green
  10. No not l would never say such a thing that's blasphemy
  11. We didn't have a good defender in selfalo on the floor and played a good wizard team the night before we will be alright
  12. Most teams that start off hot normally finishes off cold or injured It's not how you start but how you finish