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  1. I don't see why they brought him. Cody is the perfect center for Charlotte's system.
  2. I think Plumlee will be fine. He can do the things expected from Dwight last season better.
  3. Heat are definitely a playoff team. A darkhorse in the East. They had the same exact record as the Bulls and now they're healthy and deeper than last season's team. Pistons got no excuse not to miss the playoffs. Hornets should make make the playoffs. They weren't that far behind Miami and Detroit last season. I'd take Orlando (right now), NY (right now), Chicago (right now), Detroit, Indiana and Brooklyn over ATL. The loss of Millsap is going to really hurt ATL.
  4. Wade will get bought out. LaVine and Valentine got to play.
  5. I can imagine Dennis would get moved. He'll probably be the Hawks' biggest asset. Schlenk said he is looking for another Curry, Klay and Draymond. Dennis doesn't really fit the Curry mold. I wonder would Bud try to use Marco in the starting lineup like he did Korver or will he start Baze at SG to try to showcase him. I trust Schlenk's picks. It'd be neat if they pull off what SAC did, getting 3 guys in the first. I don't expect ATL to make a high level free agent signing within the next 2 years. I expect growth from Dennis, Delaney, Bembry, Prince an Collins. I expect v
  6. He'll need some talent around him. He doesn't look like a guy who can carry a team on his back like LeBron.
  7. If CHA have him come off the bench he'll be straight. I can't see Dwight finishing his contract in CHA. I can see him being a buyout candidate in 2018-19.
  8. I thought Bud was going to adapt to Dwight based on his interviews last summer. However, Dwight hired that shooting coach and he never put into action the stuff he worked on.
  9. I don't expect him to play much at all. Hawks got Ersan, Babbitt, Muscula who all got more experience than him. It wouldn't surprise me to see him in and out of D League.
  10. Hawks best bet is don't waste Hawks better off using their cap space to absorb bad contracts with picks. The cap isn't expected to rise much. A lot of teams will be in the tax looking to shred salary. CLE, GS, POR, OKC, MIA, WAS, HOU are all in the tax right now.
  11. I would think his best position is C. He could be like a Nerlens Noel type player there.
  12. Yeah he's an upgrade at the PF position. He'll probably be even better in DEN since he'll be in his natural position, 3rd option, behind Jokic and Murray.
  13. If only Ferry drafted better. Would have been nice to have a Rodney Hood to plug in for a declining Korver instead of trading away Payne. Or a Draymond Green instead of John Jenkins who could have replaced Millsap if he walked in 2015. Ferry seemed to have a good short term plan, long term - not so good.
  14. That's a fair deal. I think he'll get overpaid by somebody else like BK.
  15. Solid guy but I doubt it happens. Hawks usually secretive about FAs.