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  1. I heard he looks like he's going back to Toronto to end his career but I think it'd be awesome for him to mentor Reddish and the rest of our young guys. I know chances are supposedly slim but I just wanted to hear yalls thoughts on it. If anybody can get through to Cam it'd be him. If we don't resign him is there any other vet you guys would want to get to help out our guys? Edit: saw the thread on who youd want to resign just now but this is about him specifically
  2. what is this. Their rating from 1-10?? If so and if were going by right now, Horford is closer to 5 or 6, and jr smith closer to 7 because he always kills us
  3. Teague should have been taking the dribble and shot every possession those last 3 minutes...big reason why they couldn't do anything, no star and Teague seems to statistically be the only one who wants to score in close games at the end
  4. Nothing will work the Hawks will not stop Cleveland. The offense has to go all out apeshit and score 100+ every game if they even want a chance. I've seen crazier things.
  5. Already satisfied we should realistically get swept
  6. Here is what you do -watch the hawks. 10 mins into draft "oh the lions got this player that's cool." -Back to the Hawks.
  7. He isn't good enough. But he isn't terrible. He's having a bad series. If we play Cleveland he should work dellavadouchebag
  8. not sure if this is disguised b8 from le resident troll. However yes I'm worried. All I'd hoped was to get past the first round so I can laugh at how bad the calls will be when Lelbron gets poked by our players and goes to the line 130 times for flagrants. Boston is not a good team and we are atleast mediocre. Stevens is a better coach than Bud at the moment
  9. there is no reason teague or dennis shouldnt be able to cover that midget. He shouldnt be getting more than 25 a game nor should boston even be getting those open looks
  10. I missed it. We'll win this series with or without him
  11. Sucks because lebron is no longer the best and is regressing. Steph Curry should be the new star but he's too damn good he doesn't need the calls anyways. GsW will destroy Cleveland again but it'd be nice if they let another east team have a chance
  12. If I absolutely had to have one of the guys do it, then it'd be Jeff. Everyone else no thanks
  13. Honestly thought they were partial to us the first half and then by the time the 4th came they called a lot when Thomas started straight up running into our players
  14. Only team I'm nervous about is once again GSW in the west. I expect us to get back to the semis against Cleveland