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  1. It's fine to say Collins rebounded well on paper, but he rarely left a mark in this playoff run. The likelyhood is that Collins slides down the chart as other young players develop... That is already happening.
  2. Looks like a young Robert Horry kind of player.
  3. The only thing that notable about Collins is effeciency. John is maybe a 14/7 player in the playoffs. The 20/10 a few years ago was just him being one of the few options the team had. One might argue that his effeciency helps balances out Tree's inefficiency, This front court though is highly paid and unable to overwhelm other teams when it matters the most.
  4. That would have not have been the result. The Hawks squeaked out 1 game due to Trae's performance and the other win was a game where the Bucks didn't show up. Admitting that you got beat by Brook Lopez is not a flattering thing. . Not a hill that I'd want to die on.
  5. The team got handled by a team the last 2 games when they didn't even have their best player.... Which is a top 5 player. I know they cut into the lead near the end, but it was clear that the Bucks are better with or without Gannis. Once the Bucks figured them out the difference was obvious.
  6. Cam had a good few games... Next year will show if it was a flash or if there is substance there.
  7. They played above their heads and that makes it some different I guess, but history wise the proper roster adjustments haven't been made to get to the next level. If Collins and Cap is the front court next year that means management didn't figure it out.
  8. NEVER put faith in a Hawks squad... At some point they will shit the bed.
  9. Collins/Cap both lack toughness and the ability to execute in the playoffs. Collins has played the best he is capable of and that is a more effecient Joe Smith.
  10. This team as is will not make it there again. They caught lightening in a bottle for awhile, but that is over now.
  11. Capela is terrible. He needs to go. One of the softest players in recent memory.
  12. They overachieved. There is talent, but the roster is full of inconsistent players.
  13. Almost nothing from Cap and Collins.... You can't comeback with that front line next year.