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  1. But is saying that Trae helps make this team a 25-28 win team as opposed to a 20 win team without him really the standard that you want to set? The combo of Young/Collins is probably not going to win that much. Neither one is a Batman.
  2. Trae might be an Antoine Walker kind of player at PG. His shot section, shooting and the turnovers are terrible. I think his improvement is minimal at best.
  3. I’m starting to wonder if he and Collins can actually win. This team is unwatchable.
  4. Like Jones he is best suited to carry bags and fetch coffee.
  5. Cam reminds me of Rashard Lewis when he came into the league.
  6. This team might struggle to win 20-25 games this year.
  7. Collins might be worth trading because he is a really soft player.
  8. Sorrr, trade proposal doesn’t get work. You don’t trade Reddish for a role player with a large contract. Yes, I know that I’ve poked at Reddish for his less than stellar college season, but you don’t trade away just like that.
  9. Agree. It sounds like a doctor that might tell you that lots of fruits, vegetables and are the best thing for you as long as you get rid of sweets and fat.
  10. Pig Miller and Greg Anderson were better to be honest.
  11. Trae appears to be still good at passing and not so good at most everything else. Jones is a scrub. Trading for Him is a Pete Babcock kind of ordeal.
  12. Trae Young still can’t shoot it doesn’t look like. I think he probably will always be an erratic shooter with poor shot selection. Not to mention his brutal defense. Terrible team defense as usual. This is a bad team.