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  1. The team gives up 118 PPG as a team. When Parker is on the floor he is the second worst defender. He doesn’t shoot that great, only ok at rebounding and brutally bad defense. The Hawks are losing most of the time because the defense is so bad.
  2. This team will probably be bad atleast 2 or 3 more years.
  3. A center will help, but the bad defense of many core players is a problem. Parker doesn’t help much.
  4. Sometimes Hunter seems like a Josh Childress level player.
  5. In the long term you cant win with these guys as your core. Especially with Huerter thrown in there.
  6. Trae or Collins had to go. The combo of the two is just too bad.
  7. No... It’s going to take more than that.
  8. Goodwin has a really good game every now and then, but still just serviceable much of the time outside of that. We’ll see how he developes.
  9. Cam is showing some signs of more consistency.
  10. I think Lou sandbagged it when he was here because he sucked as a Hawk.
  11. It’s time to fire Pierce. Look, all of these players are not going to be this inept. Teague has played solid for Minny, but now he looks as crappy as most other players. Dennis would look like crap if he was here right now.
  12. This team is nowhere close to being a competitive team.