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  1. Culver looks like a fringe player. He might end up being a scrub.
  2. Collins... He doesn’t have the skillset of a dependable go to scorer in the meaningful parts of the game. He is a “in the flow of the game” kind of scorer. Which is not a problem if you can afford to pay him big bucks without needing him to carry a huge load. I mean, I think Trae can win if have him paired with a legit first option. There isn’t a lot of explosiveness with this cast of young players.
  3. Travis already went along way with the failed Dallas trade. The bulk of the young talent on this team look to be the kind of players that might be good role players on contending teams. Collins, Hunter, Cam and Huerter... None of these are even legit second option. Trae is not a legit first option on a team that wins. It’s hard to see this mix of players forming a team that is very good. Travis isn’t building a core that will win anything meaningful.
  4. You don’t have a chance with Schlenk as a GM. If things are bad at the top, it’s probably going to stay bad everywhere else. I don’t know why this team always has the worst GM’s.
  5. Year 3 of rebuild and still a bottom 3 team.
  6. Trae is the worst defender in the NBA. I’m not sure you can maintain a good defense with him on the team.
  7. Uglier than Anthony Mason’s free throw shots.
  8. Hunter is going to be a good glue player for a good franchise (not this one obviously) one day. Cam just looks like a flop.
  9. He has way more bad games than he does good games.
  10. Schlenk is one of the worst gm’s. Horrible.
  11. The December shooting is a bit skewed because most of it was in that one game against Brooklyn.
  12. I’m just going to have to see a lot more. When I say “doesn’t have the talent” I mean in the context of living up to the hype and draft position. That’s ultimately what is expected.
  13. It’s true that Cam is playing a little better in December than in November, but when you’re playing as bad as he was in November, there is only one way to go. Yes, my meaning was that he lacks explosiveness. I don’t think he is as quick as you think he is....And his finishing? Eh. Sorry, not as impressed as you.