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  1. Love you bro and praying for you and your nieces

    1. Plainview1981


      The SSA acknowledges that I have health issues as the jobs they suggest are jobs they say I could find or do are pretty limited physically.

      The problem is sitting or standing for long periods of time is a problem... It causes blood to pool up in my legs.

      Which causes veins to burst and stuff like that... They're like "Well, you haven't been hospitalized by it the last few years."

      No shit. That's because I stopped sitting and standing for extended periods of time.

      It also mentions the fact that I've lost weight... Implying that I can't be that bad off if I lost this kind of weight.

      I've lost 120 pounds, but I haven't lost that weight do to working out and shit like that.

      I lost it because I switched to a keto/carnivore lifestyle.

      Even with the weight loss, this issue is still an issue.