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  1. Reading the Fox 5 facebook posts... Atlanta is full of idiots. This city deserves a dumpster fire of a team.
  2. Trae/Huerter is as bad of a defensive backcourt as you can have.
  3. This franchise has never had the right management. Which is why even at their best, the ceiling is alwaya somewhat low. At this point it just comes off like more of the same. Even if Schlenk eventually cobbles together enough talent to slip into the playoffs they will not become a legit contender inder him.
  4. It all starts at the top. If the right people aren’t in place, failure will follow.
  5. I was skeptical of the move. I was supportive of the move for Capela, but I’m starting to wonder if he will be another Ratliff/LaPhonzo Ellis. I thought he was supposed to be healthy soon. It doesn’t look like that will be the case. Schlenk has struck me as an idiot from the start.
  6. None of Schlenk’s midseason moves have been worth anything. He is an epic failure. Traded for 2 gimps and a player that played terrible all year.
  7. I hope the coronavirus isn’t circulating. This is an ugly game.
  8. Wouldn’t be the first time.
  9. You’re not a franchise player until you lead a team to atleast some kind of success. While Cam has shown improvement.... It’s mostly limited to some better scoring. Sort of like a good 3D sort of player. But things are looking up. We’ll see where it goes.
  10. His defense is terrible... He is small and frail... Despite his assist total, he is often more interested in his stats than winning. He has shown little ability to lead a team despite what he says. While he is a better individual player than SM, he is tracking more like Marbury than a player that leads a team to any real winning. I’m not seeing enough from these guys. Cam has shown some improvement, but Hunter hasn’t shown much, and Huerter looks like a bench player. Collins has good scoring anf rebounding numbers, but he doesn’t have big presence on the court. Bruno.. The less said the better.
  11. None of the players Schlenk has drafted are building blocks. Honestly, this team was better last year. Schlenk traded for three injured players. He is inept.
  12. 200 people could post and it wouldn’t change the facts of the on court product.
  13. Getting rid of Schlenk and LP... Then get rid of Collins, Huerter and maybe Trae if the right offer can be had. Almost this whole core is bad. This rebuild has failed. Winning a game every now and then doesn’t change that.
  14. You should spend your cash on better things. lol
  15. It’s clear that Schlenk isn’t capable of building a team that can win. It seems like he fills half of his rosters with players that are hurt and/or don’t contribute. Most of the rest are stat padding offensive players that don’t play any defense. He has a coach that thinks Vince Carter is a backup PF.
  16. C’mon man... They haven’t won more than 2 games in a row all year. They just stink.
  17. Trae is a manufactured star. Gift wrapped lots of FT’s like Harden to make him look like a star player.
  18. What else is new? That’s what they do. Trae is not a winner. Not on a consistent basis anyway.
  19. The team is worse than last year. He keeps a job because the owner is just as inept.
  20. None of these young players are real building blocks. They’re all playing terrible. This game right here is a big example of how bad Schlenk has failed.
  21. Trae is one of those Marbury and Mitch Richmond kind of “stars”... Lots of stats and lots of losses.
  22. Well, Trae has been in the league almost two years and has just racked up loss after loss.
  23. When is this inept owner going to fire Schlenk and LP?