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  1. That would have not have been the result. The Hawks squeaked out 1 game due to Trae's performance and the other win was a game where the Bucks didn't show up. Admitting that you got beat by Brook Lopez is not a flattering thing. . Not a hill that I'd want to die on.
  2. The team got handled by a team the last 2 games when they didn't even have their best player.... Which is a top 5 player. I know they cut into the lead near the end, but it was clear that the Bucks are better with or without Gannis. Once the Bucks figured them out the difference was obvious.
  3. Cam had a good few games... Next year will show if it was a flash or if there is substance there.
  4. They played above their heads and that makes it some different I guess, but history wise the proper roster adjustments haven't been made to get to the next level. If Collins and Cap is the front court next year that means management didn't figure it out.
  5. NEVER put faith in a Hawks squad... At some point they will shit the bed.
  6. Collins/Cap both lack toughness and the ability to execute in the playoffs. Collins has played the best he is capable of and that is a more effecient Joe Smith.
  7. This team as is will not make it there again. They caught lightening in a bottle for awhile, but that is over now.
  8. Capela is terrible. He needs to go. One of the softest players in recent memory.
  9. They overachieved. There is talent, but the roster is full of inconsistent players.
  10. Almost nothing from Cap and Collins.... You can't comeback with that front line next year.
  11. They are losing the series aren't they? This front line is just too soft. They caught lightning in a bottle.. The best player on The team might not be able to play. No Hunter.
  12. He got roasted when he was in there and has been so so at best for most of the playoffs. Those are also facts.
  13. They're not beating the Bucks twice with a gimpy Trae and a front line that is néar useless. No matter if GA plays or not.
  14. He is a7'3 center that rebounds like a PG. He isn't a good player. Cap is just a playoff failure.
  15. I remember Brook Lopez being a joke of a player before... He looks like Wilt out there.
  16. Lopez is one of the softest big men. You can't get dominated by him
  17. This starting frontline just doesn't pull its weight in these playoffs. Cap and Collins have mostly been a letdown. Collins is basically a more efficient Joe Smith.... I just don't see how you can pay him the big bucks. Cap is only 70-75% of the player you get in the regular season.
  18. Lost my disability check and it put me in a bad funk the last few days. One punch in the gut after another the last calendar year... Losing dad, moving twice, corona twice, family drama, learning my 2 nieces were molested by another family member and now this. They don't give a shit that my varacose veins issue is a progressive issue and saying I can sit for 6 hours a day 7 days a week as they suggest only makes the problem worse. They said I'm capable of working at a fundraiser and I can lift more than 10 pounds and that is enough I guess. BS
  19. Missed the game partly due to some bad news, but it looks like an impressive win. Can they win the series now if Gannis is out? Can it sorta be like a Rocky Balboa situation where the favorite gets an injury and leaves the door open?
  20. Cap can get 15-17 PPG during the high scoring regular season by out working players. It just doesn't translate to the playoffs.
  21. Cam is an upgrade over Solo, but he struggles to shoot and score. He is not a good player as of right now. One person complains that I'm fair weather and others complain that I'm all negative. People are going to say what they want to say. Whatever.