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  1. Not even in the ballpark. He is just a volume scorer with poor defense and great passing.
  2. Trae has been shooting 40% the last 10 games or so after a hot start. His passing is the only top notch part of his game. Poor shooting is common for Trae.
  3. Good performances by the rookies, but Trae’s efficiency is taking a nose dive. Trae just isn’t that great.
  4. Trae isn’t close to Luka. Luka is starting to really create that seperation. Sometimes you have to admit that you’re wrong.
  5. Rookies are showing a little something tonight. Pretty impressive thus far.
  6. Watching this game made my blood glucose go from 96 to 125. This stuff is bad for my health i guess.
  7. Because Schlenk is a bad gm. He has picked such flawed players that have limited potential. He has built a poor foundation.
  8. People will think there is hope for awhile, but it will not pan out.
  9. Don’t know if this team has ever been in worse shape outside of that Rider/Jim Jackson era.
  10. Trae last 9 games 40.1% FG 33% 3’s. Back to last years efficiency.
  11. Cam is one of the worst NBA players ever. He is worse than Malcolm Delaney. How is that possible?
  12. In other words, he hadn’t really nailed down the starting spot. He is an inconsistent shooter that doesn’t do much else. He’ll probably get the starting job now since Cam is playing about as bad as a player can play.
  13. Kevin only started 3 out of 10 games. The fact is that he hasn’t nailed down a starting gig over a rookie that is shooting 25% from the field... Maybe that says something about Kevin.
  14. Both the Suns and Kings handled them also. Every team has some injuries.
  15. Kevin Huerter isn’t that good. Maybe the Hawks will stop getting run off thr floor every other. The starting line up is filled with lotto picks and they can’t stay in games.
  16. It couldn’t look any bleaker. Of course they’d still be hindered by a lousy gm like Schlenk. I’m not convinced that Trae can lead a team anywhere.
  17. It’s happening every other game almost. Kind of hard to forget when it keeps happening.
  18. The Bob Sura Hawks were more entertaining than this bunch. A dreadful roster of “talent”.
  19. You basically draft three first rounders and none of the three can play. All three are dogshit.