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  1. Ben Simmons ain’t no Shaq and will never be.
  2. Just kidding,Personally I love this roster. Just resign Collins and I am good.
  3. Ice tray,Hunter and Reddish for Simmons and Curry?
  4. As players Lou and solo don’t bring as much as they use to, but as teammates they bring more than they use to. They were a key part of this run
  5. Great season,l like this roster. Fully healthy they will be a problem.
  6. Are not watching ping pong balls and have more important things to concentrate on.
  7. Me personally, I have seen a dramatic improvement in effort and execution since Nate has taken over. Neither of them are at the level of Capela and Hunter,but the improvement is real. Randle had Young posted up on the block and passed the ball out and turned it over. Collins is not a center and when not asked to guard true centers he is solid and works.
  8. Maybe Teague was letting his former teammate get his?