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  1. She oozes fan energy and is charismatic. I'd like to hear someone tell why they don't like her.
  2. One thing to account for is the difference between a moderator and a sports analyst. Moderators guide the discussion and make sure things don't trail off while introducing the segments. Understanding the subject matter isn't as important as a talking head. Makes sense to have someone attractive from a broadcasting standpoint. Also I can count on one hand how many male analysts actually produce interesting, nuanced, and quality content. ESPN is the human centipede of creating narratives and stories out of thin air and regurgitating them throughout a news cycle until they've milked it bone dry, and it's mostly men doing it. @AHF's comment adds in a better question. Is there space in broadcast journalism for women who aren't considered attractive?
  3. You just communicated what was on the back of my mind. Brook Lopez was feasting on offensive rebounds because Gallo couldn't box him out while Capela was contesting shots. Having both Cam and Dre share the floor should help alleviate that issue on both boxing out and preventing penetration.
  4. Not like they were in street clothes when he was starting...
  5. Hawks got baby PG, Kawhi and Bam Adebayo on the roster. They'll be back.
  6. Season just ended and instead of celebrating the team's accomplishment that no-one expected going into the year, we got people scapegoating and wanting to ship out players.
  7. Most of those were drives in the paint. Poor rim protection on that part, plus he kept attacking Trae cause of that bum ankle. Were we watching the same game?
  8. Didn't get anything from Lou or Huerter. The defense other than Cam and Bogi at times was terrible, couldn't get any stops Trae was hurt Couldn't stop the Buck's second chance opportunities
  9. This is a different Cam than I've seen. Not the same guy at Duke or in ATL. Way more aggression and visible passion. Thank you Nate.
  10. Best postseason run in Hawks history is not like the others. Still not a good way to go out.
  11. Dont know why Trae stopped feeding Cam
  12. I haven't been able to post as much due to travel, but I've made sure to catch all the games no matter what. Let's keep the season alive.