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  1. I look at it like a reverse charge on offense. If you move into the contact that's a foul, but both manipulate the opposing players momentum at the end.
  2. Great value contract. Happy for Kevin, alot of people saw him as expendable for a while or just assumed he'd be a casualty of having too much talent on the roster. Also glad that we won't be worrying about contract talks for a little while now.
  3. Ima say over. That arc and his knees being bent look better than his stiff, upright fling shot.
  4. Cam looks like a rhythm guy like Trae, we all know how Trae needed to be put in the fire to get consistent. Maybe the same goes for Cam. Trae said himself playing every team twice and getting a feel was what turned his rookie season around. What Cam has shown is when his feet are set and he plays composed he preforms well. I'm okay with him trying to find his groove through trial and error as long as it doesn't hurt our winning opportunity.
  5. More arc is nice. Doubtful for much improvement at this point in his career but fingers crossed.
  6. Looks to me like they're letting him feel himself out and get these shots out of his system. I'll be surprised if he starts jacking them up in the regular season unless we're blowing out the opposition.
  7. His trainer said they did actually. Balance and consistency was a focus for him.
  8. Good point, didn't think of it from that perspective.
  9. I didn't like the government enforcing corporations to institute mandates if they weren't going to themselves, that seems like a breach. but I could be wrong. At the same time, this is a public health crisis and thousands are dying.
  10. Enjoyable watch, despite the loss. Hope Cam plays like this consistently.