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  1. I can't even tell if Nate has just grown as a Head Coach or if his past teams were that bad. Every criticism associated with him has failed to show so far this season. Aside from a couple coaching errors he's been near flawless. Can't wait to see how he handles the playoffs. Also look whose dead last.
  2. He was lowkey repeating the same point for a minute straight. Love some proper Trae press so I'm not complaining, but I was hoping for some point-guard insight and a little more elaboration.
  3. Off topic- The Wizards have good commentators. They were appreciative of Trae's game and weren't throwing sneak disses throughout the game.
  4. They fouled the sh*t outta JC. Luckily Westbrook bailed us out.
  5. I like this starting lineup(including Dre as a starter) so much. They can easily exploit mismatches and you can't hide defensive liabilities anywhere.
  6. I think having an offensive structure that players can follow. Under LP players that couldn't self create well struggled since there weren't sets outside of running pnr. Putting guys in defined roles that maximizes their strengths and having a next man up mentality helped alot.
  7. The barely played in the fourth so I'm leaning towards a win.
  8. Have the Suns hit a field goal this quuarter?
  9. No facts just hunches here. He's been with Pop for a long time and comes across as very knowledgeable and thoughtful.
  10. I don't know why, but I feel like Brent Barry would be a solid coach.
  11. I thought the Knicks were fools gold so I gotta give them their props. Having players that can hit 3s score in the midrange and get in the lane is important when the game slows down. We have more of those and have played at a slow pace since Nate got the job. If Dre is back than its obvious to me.
  12. Snell might not be on the roster next season. Cam isn't going to be traded unless he's packaged for a Superstar, especially since he's on a rookie contract.