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  1. Could you elaborate what you mean by self-creator? At Wake he posted up quite a bit. I don't see him being a point forward or a primary/secondary creator but reducing him to just pick and roll seems kinda limiting. Simple reads on the short roll and improved ball handling can make our offense smoother so I don't see any harm in letting it play out. If Cam is going to be as good as you say that would make John the teams third option. Whats wrong with him trying to expand his game beyond finishing plays? If it doesn't translate than it gets scrapped. What else should he work on besides defe
  2. Kawhi wasn't really a playmaker when he came into the league. He developed from just catch and shooting to creating for others.
  3. Were there any updates? Wanna see some hawks basketball.
  4. Would've thought dropping lower than expected in the draft would've humbled him a bit. Time and place is important.
  5. Interesting gamble for a team with Championship aspirations...
  6. Seems like its expected that Cam or Dre take a second year leap similar to John and Trae
  7. Black first, red second. Don't really like the home jerseys.
  8. Better playmaker/passer too
  9. Hitting midrange jumpers is also important. Looks like Trae, Cam, Dre, and John can do that to an extent as well.
  10. aali34


    Reminds me of Nick Nurse.
  11. Trae, Cam, Brandon and Deandre getting reps in
  12. Maybe he thought Hunter was cutting and was trying to initiate a dribble handoff with Trae? idk