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  1. Popovich missed the playoffs with 2 former allstars on his team. The rest of that team was too young.
  2. I don't think the Hawks have to win a championship, but they might have to pull a Denver in order to put the league on notice.
  3. Can someone explain to me why Luka is better than Trae besides defense and rebounding? I feel like they are in the same tier offensively.
  4. Thought this also applied to free agency as well.
  5. I want John here too. He's one of the best rollmen and rebounders at his position. He's extremly efficient and has low usage. That's alot to like. There are few replacement level players available that the Hawks can even target. I think he is key to making noise in the playoffs. However, I wouldn't extend him just yet unless its for a slight discount. I want to see him in a playoff setting and I want to see him improve in other areas. If he can come back as a decent defender, higher volume three point shooter while maintaining his accuracy, and a better ball-handler/playmaker than I would
  6. So Rondo's a Hawk and Teague's a Celtic
  7. Everyone thinking Rondo will be a locker room issue, don't forget Vince was a diva once.
  8. Damn, feel bad for Goodwin.
  9. Nahh, he's always been a good teamate, even when he wasn't getting any minutes with GSW. He reminds me of Danny Green on that front. Just a professional.
  10. This is a clickbait video based on the title
  11. More money to spend means more will be spent though. The fact that it's only 3 years is a big plus.
  12. Perception is different than reality. Tim Duncan is known as the greatest power foward of all time. He's played more seasons and minutes as a center.
  13. Probably trade for some I guess. Some teams want to shed salary right?