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  1. I dont think the Hawks get this one.
  2. Trae should remain this aggressive untill Deandre and Bogi are back.
  3. Tatums passing game is kinda bad. He doesn't swing it fast enough.
  4. Hawks have been handsy when Celtics try to drive middle.
  5. Skylar Mays is a breath of fresh air at the backup pg.
  6. I'm really disappointed with Lloyd. He's having Trae play like he's in an equal opportunity offense when he hasn't implemented one. His offense relies on the talent of his players and doesn't have their strengths or weaknesses in mind. I was hoping LP would have something for his detractors but outside a few games he hasn't shown much. I'd be interested to know Travis' opinion of Lloyd. The reports have him more on the fence with the first player he drafted and haven't shown much on the coach he hired.
  7. It's sad how I can't trust this team at all.
  8. Cam's face has probably hit the hardwood more than any player in history.
  9. I should be getting paid to watch this.
  10. Knicks deserve to be pissed. They're outplaying the Hawks but keep getting 50/50 calls not going their way.