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  1. I was gonna say Shelden Williams, but that Klingon forehead might give me some trouble.
  2. All pro/college teams that are downtown.....I'm kinda hit or miss on the Cobb County braves
  3. Great now I'm imaging Clint coming out with an eye patch and Captain Crunch hat.....
  4. I will admit I did clamor for more playing time for Dunn because of his "defense", but I didn't realize he was that dookie butter offensively.
  5. If it's half as good as deer sausage, then we might be onto something
  6. It's...... something that I'll have to get used to again. I'm old enough to remember the 90's(darn you Jordan) and 2000's Hawk teams, and I can truly say that this regime may be setup for long terms success better than the previous teams. It is indeed refreshing.
  7. Seeing the.... "true" process finally come to fruition.
  8. I think Josh Smith pointed it out in a tweet. Dude does not seem to make adjustments or, takes waits too late to make adjustments. I think he commands respect and is great with handling personalities, but that can only take you so far.
  9. Shoutout to Ben Simmons for sharing the rock instead of dunking it
  10. hmm interesting... If that is the case, I think the Knicks might try to go all in to get him. They have some decent assets. Whether Portland would want to rebuild or not would be a whole different issue.