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  1. I'm the same way lol. I know either tigerdirect or NewEgg may have some sales around this time..I'm due for a some upgrades on my machine as well. I like my Ryzen, but I'm leaning back towards the Intel processors my self....but anyway back on topic, I'm loving this off-season
  2. Ok that a pretty decent spec list there. I don't know if you live in Atlanta or not, but have you tried Microcenter or Fry's ?
  3. What kind of video card are you looking for ? You want like 4K or ?
  4. Surprisingly, they aren't super expensive. I got mines for about 60 bucks on sale. But the cheapest I've seen is closer to 80 or so.
  5. I've done the sous vide and sear method which turned out pretty good.
  6. Westbrook gonna be chucking up shots like