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  1. He wasn't the only problem but I'm fine with him being let go. Just interesting/bizarre timing. Do it at the ASB or after that small stretch where we saw what we did with McMillan.
  2. I get the feeling that the Falcons won't be drafting a QB this year. It's probably time, but I feel like they really want to see if they can help Ryan out by TRYING to implement a better running game and shifting back to a WCO. Not sure what that will mean for the draft, but the running game theory would mean that trying again with OL to see what works would be very possible. Then if you go through the 2021 season and he hasn't improved, then you possibly go for a QB (and maybe do so regardless with 2022). Oh yeah, and this game (was watching yesterday, just didn't want to comment):
  3. Yeah I decided to bring myself back for more possible punishment and I don't regret it. Sheesh Gallo, talk about mean reversion today!
  4. Hopefully Collins is okay, when I realized he wasn't out there, that's when I came here.
  5. Trading Collins for a pick would be a mistake. I've said before that Young can't be your best all around player but I'm really not sure what you could even do that'd make a difference. The best case scenario that I can even think of would be that Hunter continues his progress and ends up filling that role. I really don't think a playmaking PF is that necessary. If Hunter were on the floor, the starting frontcourt would be quite good at least to me.
  6. Hopefully, Lloyd Pierce gets handed his walking papers after the Hawks miss the playoffs this year.
  7. I understand the general idea here. For a player that is a project, it's likely best to keep it slow and slowing it down would be a good idea. That's the main reason why I suggested that he and Snell be flip flopped. But it might be better that he focus on slashing and defense, not three point shooting and defense. For as bad as his three point shot has been, his two point percentage is higher this time. That does run into a problem though. This team relies so much on three point jumpers that going with 2 non-shooters probably isn't a good idea on the floor, but then you might ru
  8. **that you cut his minutes (which is what I mean)
  9. I hate to be mean but I think you might have to start considering starting Tony Snell and putting Reddish back on the bench. Now that doesn't mean that you don't cut his minutes, but he did better off the bench last year and that offense with him in the starting lineup is...not great.
  10. *insertbangingheadontable.gif*
  11. That was a good win. Much better all in all.
  12. That was awful. Probably win with Hunter. No confidence that this team doesn't go into the break on a losing streak now.
  13. This would be a brutal, brutal loss.
  14. Respectable game. Tough to learn how to win.
  15. Why not? I'm in. Really just would like .500 in these next 4 though and look respectable.
  16. Also, hopefully Hunter is alright.
  17. I thought this game was going to be tomorrow instead of today and told my dad that too. Lmao whoops. I blame GME and market volatility. Will find a highlights reel when I go lay down.
  18. For the record, I thought Young played a decent floor game yesterday. He did miss some shots he really shouldn't have though.
  19. What a waste. Good game though, continue to play mostly like this and the Hawks will probably be around .500 at the break.
  20. Okay, unless Capela was hurt/too winded, what was the thesis in not playing him at all after a stretch?
  21. Trae sucks today with his own offense but 7 assists is nice. Hunter and Cam look fantastic though (kind of quietly with Hunter too), maybe just bring Cam off the bench.