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  1. How did Pierce continue to sell his players out, create havoc in the locker room,(in-house and publicly)( in cahoots with other NBA coaches)Steve Nash ,Rick Carlisle and others)without any consequences and accountability from Ressler and Schlenk ? Pierce’s actions are duplicitous. It’s ridiculous and reeks of incompetence from the Hawk’s front office.
  2. Schlenk should be on the hot seat.Is there a reason that this was allowed to take place ? It seems like a toxic work environment.
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    LP is talking a lot. I’d like to see action.I agree that he doesn’t stand up for his players and he seems to have serious issues with Trae.He’s unable to hide it any longer.Ressler and Schlenk are allowing this situation to take place.
  4. I agree.There seems to be a disconnect between the Coaching staff and Players.It’s playing out on the court.There is no structure or consequence for anything. (“One dimensional basketball.”)
  5. Tony Ressler and Travis Schlenk said that they want to build a championship culture.(Their actions along with selecting Lloyd Pierce as coach say otherwise ).
  6. If the Atlanta Hawks want to win consistently they will have to hire a new coach.
  7. https://www.theringer.com/nba/2021/1/27/22252218/atlanta-hawks-deandre-hunter-trae-young
  8. Are the Hawks using an appropriate amount of screens (to get players open ) and are we using coaching challenges properly ?
  9. Lots of blame to go around.It’s up to LIoyd Pierce and the Coaching staff to set expectations and to show that they are accountable.What happened in the team meeting should have stayed in the team meeting.I guess John Collins wants to get his max contract on the back of Trae Young.Actions speak louder than words.
  10. Is Nate making an impact on our defensive strategy ?
  11. I wonder what’s going on behind the scenes.
  12. Happy Thanksgiving to each and everyone of you !
  13. Impressive draft and free agency for Ressler,Schlenk and the Front Office !!!
  14. Thanks for the podcast Supes. It was one of the best assessments of Trae(maturation process) and Rondo(mentorship)that I’ve heard.
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    Ask Supes

    Thanks Supes,Campster,JayBirdHawk and to everyone on the board who is giving their input.You’re appreciated.It’s important for the Hawks to add Vets that want to come to Atlanta.The team has the money and it is up to them to use it wisely.
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    Ask Supes

    It will be exciting to see what will happen next !
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    Ask Supes

    Feel better Supes !
  18. Has anyone heard about the Hawks wanting to add Nate McMillan to their coaching staff ?