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  1. I bet ist enough for Bud to give it a shot :D How 'bout Plumlee? Can he shoot?
  2. So Baze has to go to Keep Millsap and Hardaway. Hope this will happen. Even tho i like Baze. THJ is better.
  3. At the PG spot Irving, Wall, Lowry, Thomas and Kemba are better than Dennis rn. I still think he will get a lot of votes tho.
  4. He`s playing like an allstar lately. 22/7 over the last seven games. He will likely have some bad games coming but we should be set for the playoffs with him. He always Plays his best games on the big stage.
  5. +8 Wins
  6. WOW! Even Schröder never looked that good in the D-League. The Hawks might just had an incredible draft night. I wonder what Princes and Bembrys role is around this time next year. But i have a bad feeling the hawks could just trade a guy like Bembry away...
  7. I think they have enough big men. I wouldnt mind giving them Baze and Korver. Start Timmy and Rudy and bring Thabo and Prince from the bench. That would be a good wing rotation (with Bembry as 5th man). We would have space for anther PG or Combo guard as well.
  8. He can give us spacing as well. Plus he can put the ball on the floor and has some serious athletisism. Way better all alround than Korver.
  9. Stay on the first page. Look at the right side aqnd scroll down. There are always 3 statistical leaders listet. Those touches stats are near to the bottom.
  10. Howard has the most post touches and paint touches in the league. Scroll down and look at the stats on the right.
  11. We won with that against the Pacers and the Cavs already this season.
  12. KK played 31 minutes last night. So now on the second night of a back to back he could sit out again. In that case this is a huge game for us. With Kyle starting we wouldn't have a chance guarding Durant. Thabo needs to start and show up like he did against the Pacers and the Cavs. Remember: We won both of this games. In chase of Kyle sitting a win would be huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge. Then Bud has to get the memo that Korver can't start on this team. I like the idea in Korver coming of the bench. And if this doesn't work as well i'd trade him for a vet point guard later on. We really nee