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  1. Trae not shooting well doesn't bother me at all. He can shoot. That will come around. He's getting to good spots and getting open. He's distributing well. I'm more concerned with his complete lack of athleticism and length once he gets into the lane. No burst or separation and inability to score near the rim. He got swatted and deflected so many times, even on fast breaks. This lack of length and athleticism will likely prevent him from being the complete player he needs to be once defenses gameplan to take away his strengths.
  2. I wanted Divincenzo and Walker ahead of Huerter
  3. Yeah, saving info for some kind of podcast that no one listens to is lame.
  4. It's really scary that Bamba is being mentioned as a top 3 pick. His measurables area great, but just watching him play I'm not seeing being that kind of impact player down the road. In today's NBA, using a top 5 pick for a potential rim protector with very limited offense is questionable. Bagley or Doncic has gotta be the pick. Offensive upside is the way to go and these guys look like difference makers. Porter or Young would also be better picks than JJJ or Bamba as well, imo.
  5. His defense is what bugged me the most. He killed us on pick n rolls.
  6. Yeah, no thanks on THjr as a starter. His defense stinks and he was exposed against Washington. Too streaky on offense. He's a backup.
  7. Let Sap walk, draft Bam Adebayo to eventually replace D8, Ersan at the stretch 4, desperately hope that a 3 and D shooting guard can be coaxed into coming to ATL. That's about the best we can do for the upcoming season in my mind.
  8. There is a lot of talent in the draft this year. Bam Adebayo, Harry Giles, and Semi Ojeleye should give us some good options at 19 and 31.
  9. Yes, he grabbed plenty of rebounds when he was basically alone under the goal. However, I saw him get out worked and lose out on too many contested rebounds. It cost the Hawks' defense, giving the Wizard too many 2nd chance opportunities. He needs go be physical and an enforcer for this team. I was wondering if he was injured because he looked so out of it. D8 was a non factor.
  10. We're forcing Paul into being a lead man and he hasn't had the luxury of letting the game come to him. The ball seems to stick in his hands lately too as he has to try to create something out of nothing. Just don't know where the fluidity of offense has gone. The ball doesn't move like it should. And the perimeter defense.....geeeeeeez!
  11. I'm pretty down on the Hawks right now. And the worst things is, I don't know a remedy for change anytime soon. It's just not a team that's fun to watch and they are not a team on the upswing as far as talent. We could blow up this entire roster...all 15 spots.....and I wouldn't blink. I don't feel any glowing optimism about anyone we currently have.
  12. Definitely Shaqtin a fool in this game. How many times did he drive 100 mph into the lane, with no where to go, and leap with no clear objective? are a spot up shooter. Nothing more. Stop dribbling.
  13. Stats aside, It is quite obvious that D8 isn't providing the same energy defensively and rebounding that he was at times early in the season. Offensively, it still comes down to not having enough shooters. We have wings who are bench players at best being pressed into doing more than they should be asked to do.
  14. When Porter and Morris play like they have this season, they are a handful. Porter is hitting the 3 at over 45% on the season. Wall averaging 25/10 over past 5 games. I'm not completely sold that they can keep it up either, but Friday night's game will give us a good idea of how much of a challenger they could be down the stretch.