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  1. That's a good one but i think they've been using that on twitter for a while now right?
  2. Well the brake and rise up from Trae is exactly the play the NBA released to show what will still be a defensive foul. so it's going to be hard not to call that one.
  3. Just call him Dog as in 'that Dog will Hunt' What a lockdown on Luka but that game is just going to embolden Mavs fans who think the players suck. Is it that Luka doesn't get others involved well enough or the others just suck? Or is it both?
  4. Yep Hardaway was mad but if you're draped on the guy's back you better watch out. He's entitled to go up at anytime.
  5. And the Simmons return to the Sixers starts. Mental health, back treatment. He wants his money. They'll get him back on the court in a few weeks and trade him in January. Book it.
  6. Honestly i can't believe he only made 6 shots. Seemed like more. Also can't believe they are still riding with Hardaway. He seems like a really good guy but should be a sixth man. Porzingis? Dumb that he's still there.
  7. Some folks disappointed in Wright but all i could think is thank god it's not Rondo. Wright will be fine. Plus we have Lou and Sharife if he's not.
  8. Folks think the Sixers are still contending despite sitting their second best player and not replacing him with anyone.
  9. I haven't but have heard mixed results. I would like to do it but also don't want to watch on my computer. The pricing for league pass is strange and hard to figure out how to do it on Roku. I have tried the vpns. Expressvpn and Nordvpn. they were both good. I think nord actually was a little easier. If you get this working let us know.
  10. Thanks for the info! Really cool you're doing it. Post pictures if you can.
  11. I mean isn't he just a very good player already? The dude is supposedly an all star already making $30 million. I'm just not seeing where he hasn't been in the correct role. His defense is fantastic but that has a lot to do with his length and quickness being a problem for the smaller guys he's defending. The idea that he's been grossly misused by 2 coaches for 4 years, 3 all star appearances and was the second best player on the #1 seed team is strange to me.
  12. I'm just not buying Simmons as a PF. Especially a $30m one. Can he really guard AD or Randle or JC?
  13. Yeah. I actually said he should go up the ladder on him right before he threw it. So i can't be too mad although a little higher would have been great in hindsight. Yeah Luke has had a good year but i just never feel comfortable with him for some reason.
  14. Yeah that was bad. Luke has been super shaky for 2 years though. I know he had a decent year but Luke/Smith close out isn't very reassuring compared to what the dodgers throw out there. Still got to win tonight and we're good.
  15. In his defense it's a fruit cup. Unless it's a cup full of cut up hot dogs and starbursts. I can't tell.
  16. Seems like they matched them up with similar players from the past....except Trae. Why not Isiah or Nash or even AI? I get the MSG thing but that's basically all he has in common with Reggie.
  17. I'm sure it's been said but for Cam it's not just the lack of games. He was hurt coming out of college so had no offseason work. covid hit so he had no access to NBA training from March - the fall of 2020 sometime. Then shut down again for injury last season.
  18. What can they do though? That's the thing about these big contracts. You might as well sign them because when a player wants out all they have to do is say the word.
  19. Hey why you jumping on me? I'm just passing the next 3 hours until the Braves start. I'm one of the few Trae guys from the draft. If it were up to you we'd be stuck with Luka.
  20. What are you saying? Yeah that was me and you selectively edited my quote. Yeah i think Trae's impact is much larger actually but since Book went to the finals i gave him the benefit of the doubt.
  21. We all know you think we should trade Trae for Oladipo.
  22. Like I tell my kids about these contracts: just think how much the owner is making.