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  1. What did anyone really expect, Atlanta is just tightening it's grip on Losersville USA. It you can't be good be good at it. Cleveland has even left Atlanta in the dust now for Losersville. I just laugh at all this stuff since the Super Bowl. It took me 45 seasons of Atlanta sports to get like this.
  2. I think it is more of a case of the Hawks just being the Hawks this year, and staying true to Jekyll and Hyde.
  3. I have never seen a player on the level of Muscala used in important situations by an NBA team. This fan base loves him though. SMH.
  4. Hawks only chance to get past 1st round is to avoid Washington. Need to lose remaining games to miss Wizards because Bradley Beal is the greatest player on earth when he faces Hawks. I won't watch playoffs if we face Wizards, too much anger when i have to watch Gortat.
  5. You can't stop those Gasol's, you can only hope to contain them. SMDH.
  6. Nice reminder and confirmation that we suck worse than anyone in NBA history at defending the 3 pointers.
  7. I don't know if i will get the interest to be on here or not the rest of the season, 45 seasons as Falcons fan culminating in that Shanahan shitshow has sucked away my sports energy for now. Good luck Hawks.
  8. I wonder why Paul freezes up in crunch time. No matter how many points he scores you will never see him connect on a buzzer beater or any kind of shot in pressure spots near the end. I guess he is just missing that "clutch" gene. Even in a game where he scores 30 or 40 he totally becomes all scared and nervous on crunch time shots, which probably seperates him from elite players.
  9. I just can't concede that technically, those are all fouls. He literally gets rewarded fouls for lunging and flopping when there is no contact. He is the NBA's all-time greatest little bitch. I would like to have seen him play against people like Bill Laimbeer. I don't see why more players don't just start getting their money's worth and put him on his ass if they are going to get called for their little feathery romantic brushes up against him. LOL.
  10. The NBA refs are pathetic the way they worship James Harden. Any kind of crap he throws up he gets a foul called. You would think there would be a ref somewhere that wouldn't bow down and kiss his ass. SMDH. Take that NBA refs you couldn't steal this game from the Hawks.
  11. The Falcons probably go limp hanging around this team.
  12. The obligatory suckass game following an inspired effort.
  13. I watched every minute of the game, it just seemed like one of those nights where I was afraid to get any hope up because any kind of shit the Bulls threw up was going in.
  14. This is the most heart the Hawks have shown all season.