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  1. Not even Nique could get this team to 45+ wins....
  2. Just know on paper the following EASTERN Conference teams are more talented than us... Cavs Celtics Heat Wizards Raptors Hornets Pistons Bucks 76ers Pacers So I guess 11th and maybe right around 33 wins...
  3. Collins is a straight bruiser.... very Stoud/Griffin type player.... so explosive... such a nasty physical player... hell I'll dan Quinn it... "he fast and physical"
  4. I'd take him honestly on a max deal... really feel like bud could turn him into a prime Roy Hibbert type player
  5. There's nothing to fix when he's in Phillips arena he turns into Steph Curry. On a serious note I'd take smart and Bradley... wouldn't want Crowder even tho he is a hometown guy.
  6. When Schlenk gets us not 1, not 2, not 3, but 4 1st round selections in 1 offseason
  7. No I'm good unless he's tryna be a 6th man. Prince is the guy let him continue to grow
  8. Y'all really think master schlinter is gonna let us down? This man about to pull some slick shit and have K-Love and Nerlens Noel on our roster....
  9. I get that but we need at least 13 players for next season's roster.... currently we only have 9 (excluding Alpha) and even if we do sign Bogan we still would have to get 2/3 more guys... Dennis Schröder DeAndre Bembry Malcolm Delaney Taurean Prince John Collins Tyler Dorsey Kent Bazemore Miles Plumlee Marco Bellineli Alpha Kaba? If he evens plays over here?
  10. Honestly I haven't heard anything from the Hawks aside from they have mutual interest with Bogan... we haven't even been in touch with our own players... Schlenk and Bud definitely keeping things under wraps...
  11. Joakim Noah like stuff he's just less talked about cause he's not in a new town market
  12. You give me Lavar Ball at Center and us resign Millsap we're winning it all every season.
  13. Asking me the Spurs,Warriors,Rockets,and Thunder are the top 4 seeds next season just by how the roster are set up currently but their are a lot of moving parts still to be dealt