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  1. I am super psyched for this series. Hawks back in the playoffs. Getting the media spotlight in Madison Garden. We've played so well since Nate has taken over and we've finally got Hunter back. Trae, Bogi, Hunter, JC and CC. Rock solid. Lou, Huert, Snell/Solo, Gallo and OO. We should be able to flex minutes to some degree depending on who is hot and who is not game to game. Regular season doesn't mean much given the differences. The playoffs is a new beast. This is what we've been working for since we started rebuilding.
  2. Turner is total garbage. I knew he was a garbage player but the egregious level of unprofessionalism that came with him fell even below my low bar for him. The only team that didn't just burn money with him was the Celtics. They deserve each other.
  3. This does give us a lower floor for sure but we see some young teams excel. After their string of high lottery picks, Oklahoma made it to the WCF with their top 5 in minutes being 21, 21, 22, 22 and 24. Now I'm sure their prior year's playoff experience was helpful but we are older / more experienced on a minutes weighted basis.
  4. A lot of us weren't on board trading him either. Some with short fuse triggers were, I think, a minority of the fan base.
  5. I wouldn't be super mad but I'll definitely be super rooting for us to win and push you out of the running. (Just like I was thrilled to get bounced myself.) The team has stepped up big this year.
  6. And RS LeBron is no slouch either. Generational players are the guys who accumulate multiple rings. Jordan, LeBron, Timmy, Shaq, etc.
  7. And doing it with a stretch where he really struggled after returning from injury. Playing like he is now makes him a prohibitive favorite for an All-Star selection if he can keep it up next year. Really, I think Trae, Clint and Bogi all should have very strong cases if they play like this next season. JC isn't far off either. It was only our lack of team success (both this season and track record from the prior years) that kept us out this year.
  8. I would caution against leaning too hard into regular season winning % and using that as a proxy for championship odds. Teams like the Memphis Grizzlies (of Gasol's hayday), the Utah Jazz, the Phoenix Suns (both today and previously), etc. seemed to always fall short versus the teams with the superstars. If the Lakers get healthy, watch out. Very tough for a 2016 Hawks team type of balanced squad to compete against a LeBron led team in the playoffs. There is a reason his teams have been in the finals almost every years regardless of whether they were the best in the conference in the
  9. It is confirmed he is done for the year and won't be appearing in the playoffs.
  10. Why do you think the scoring went up? Because he made more of the shots he was taking. He went from 9.9 FGA/36 to 10.3 FGA/36. He has also been getting much more consistent playing time there which is not unusual to help someone find a rhythm. Easier to get in a groove over 20 minutes played than over 12 minutes played. My issue is not whether he has played better there because he has but rather whether he was dogging it here which I don't think was the case. He wasn't as effective for us but was it because he didn't care? Not sure I buy that.
  11. He has been better but it's just not that huge other than the fg%, imo and I don't see the fg% as reflecting effort.
  12. He has been better but other than the shooting % I'm not seeing a world of difference in his per minute numbers: Biggest difference seems to be on his 2pt fg%.
  13. I don't like the idea of just issuing a blanket statement that Dunn won't play in the playoffs (absent injuries). Dunn and Lou serve very different roles on the floor. To me the ideal would be to have both guys ready to play - even if Nate has Dunn prepping primarily in practice right now. Lou is a poor defender; Dunn at anything approaching normal health is a very strong one. This seems an ideal situation to have both ready to play and deploy them according to the needs of the team. Dunn has been egregiously bad offensively so far but this is early after a major injury so I don't draw to
  14. Even in Dallas I don't really see him living up to the contract. Year 1 with them he shot 32% from deep. That improved dramatically the next two seasons but he still wasn't great. Year 2 he was 11th in PER and 12th in WS/48 but #2 in salary. This year (year 3) he is 6th in PER and 9th in WS/48 and #2 in salary again (50% more than the #3 guy). Jalen Brunson's metrics are much better despite costing 1/12th of the price.
  15. Agree on this other than THJr. This is his best season and he is 9th on Dallas in WS/48 for 19M. His first two seasons in NY shooting 31.7% from 3 or 38.8% FG% were even more clearly not worth it. Maybe just agree to disagree with him. In my view, it was right to let him go regardless of timing because he just isn't a move the needle guy over the course of the season despite the $18-19M price tag the last couple years. Decent volume scoring with nothing else. Eh.
  16. We definitely got more out of him than anyone else did but we got significantly less than his max potential if he would have maximized his strengths and minimized his weaknesses instead of doing the opposite. A couple Hawks better after they left us: Dennis Schroeder has been better these last two years than his best in 6 years in Atlanta. THJr has had his best seasons in Dallas. I'll second Lou Williams and Boris Diaw for this list. Jordan Crawford was massively better elsewhere. Al Harrington had 3 years better than anything in Atlanta by WS, BPM and VORP. (Sim
  17. That is the right mover for us, imo. I haven't always felt that way like with THJr or Bazemore.
  18. I'm with you. Lou has not been good enough to shut Dunn down if he could potentially be a defensive alternative to Lou's scoring off the bench.
  19. Good to see. I'd love to see the stat when he was coaching in Atlanta. I don't remember him being very good on set plays period while he was here so I'd be shocked if he led the league in point per play after time outs while he was coaching the Hawks.
  20. With his raw counting numbers down materially this year at 17.8 ppg and 7.5 rpg it is going to be very interesting. I can see it going either way. (Blocks and steals are also down. All of these are down on both a per minute and per game basis.) His improved defense is the main salary lifting development for his own game. The weak talent available on the market should also work in his favor with his restricted status working against him.
  21. Correct. It is a huge no-brainer. I'm not certain about that. The market didn't dictate max contracts for Sabonis, Julius Randle, Myles Turner, and Clint Capela. Conversely, it did drive max contracts for Pascal Siakam, Brandon Ingram and Tobias Harris. Seems to be in a bit of a gray area to me. I think it is going to be interesting with JC. My personal view is we have to keep him regardless of what other teams offer. (I would not consider a 5 year max.)
  22. It was the one thing that I always thought was a huge step down from Larry Drew. Drew could run a set play from a dead ball. Bud never could.