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  1. Yeah... I really can't argue there. It's the optimist in me that wants to give him the benefit of a doubt. Whatever it is, I can't see it as anything other than a mental block. That's the game though. How many young guys come in with all sorts of skill and talent, only to bust? Then there's guys who aren't the most gifted but they put in work to become far more than anyone anticipates. Marvin Williams is the poster child for the former kind of player. He had all the physical tools - size, athleticism, speed - and he could actually shoot. He would literally go out there though and be content with being conduit...deferring to everybody and never stepping up. A lot of this game is just mental and if Cam doesn't have that mental edge, then I don't want to gamble on him developing it. Agreed on Pierce, the 2nd unit thing, and basically what you were saying earlier. Cam clearly needs development. I think that takes precedence over trying to fill in holes. Either limit his minutes coming off the bench where he can observe and not be punished for being so raw or send him to the G League where he can get comfortable shooting and being aggressive.
  2. This and all of this... He's getting wide open looks. Trae is getting smothered and he's finding him on WIDE OPEN looks, Cam is just flat out struggling with this stroke and his confidence. I hate to compare them, because he is a tad older, but you don't see that with Hunter. I want to chalk it up to experience, but I just can't on some of these wide open shots that he's is bricking on. Especially not when I see him hitting step backs and contested j's: I'm sorry, but he can shoot and we all KNOW he can shoot. I can forgive the oopsies in the lane and some of the misses here and there, but not some of these wide open 3's that he's just choking on. I need him to show better than that. This is all mental. This isn't an issue of talent...it's confidence, drive, and coaching (two of those Marvin Williams was lacking, but I digress). I'm willing to give him a whole season and probably part of next season to get this confidence thing under control. After that, if he's still looking lost and outmatched, I'm gonna toss my hopes on the kid. I'm not looking for superstar performances, but I'm not going to pin any kind of hope this type of shooting if it continues. Cam's gonna need to show us a couple of good games here and there.
  3. I didn't like Cam pre-lottery drawing, I was mostly disinterested when we got the #10. My questions were about his passion for the game and his shot. I've since given him a wait and see attitude given the injury, but I can't shake the Marvin Williams syndrome. At times, he looks really passive out there, but less capable of knocking down the long ball. Let me throw the old disclaimer out there though - I am not, nor will I ever be a player hater. Coaches and management will draw my ire quickly, but I have a very long leash when it comes to players. I'll have a good read on him next season. He needs to put in work on his body, he needs to work on his shot, and I honestly feel like he needs to get a little more greedy. We'll see if he has the passion for the game, but we need to be vigilant with this one. I don't want to be hanging onto a guy like Cam, like we typically do, and watch his stock slip into 'throw in' category. I'd rather be proactive and not do the WLOC dance again....
  4. *crawls out of his cave Yeah. This is what I've been telling people for about 23 years now. Some of the folks I used to argue with had no concept of what a star was or what it meant to have one. That is the result of a grave oversight carried over from regime to regime. We have a guy that commands attention and it frees up other players. He routinely has 3 players swarming him. And not only can he actually SEE the guys that are open, but he can get the ball to them in a way that I haven't seen in a LONG time. It doesn't get much more special than that. This will bring people to the games. It's what makes top tier free agents talk to you and it is the foundation that contenders are built upon. Where is CBA Reject lol...we got the engine now.
  5. It's took us long enough that's for sure! Much as I loved what the 2008 team started, I haven't been really wow'd like this since I watched Nique in the 80's. It also feels great to be able to watch the team without worrying about draft position. I hope this defense and this energy isn't a fluke or offseason dust on the veteran teams. I hope this is really us turning a corner.
  6. Win or lose, I'm really just excited to see how these guys fight. For them to be so young and inexperienced, it's impressive to see them going toe to toe with these really good teams. Can't say enough about Trae, he is transcending that "good" tier into absolute stardom. Just wow on the wizardry he's performing on the court. Which honestly, is only half of the conversation...his shooting is a whole other thing.
  7. Wretch

    Trae vs LaMelo

    Man....... He's an interesting prospect for sure, but I'm having a hard time coming to terms with the idea of dealing with Lavar. I just can't get over dude's obnoxious personality. That's a hard pill to swallow. Which is crazy. If the talent is there, it shouldn't matter...but it does so much. God forbid we actually become a contender. We'll never hear the end of it. Just U...G...H...........................................................
  8. This is going to be my last Danny Ferry post. It's such a sore subject for me because the ONE time in 30 years that I gave up on the team is the one time they decided to go to the ECF's. I was honestly a borderline hater. That being said, Ferry didn't cost us a championship. That sits squarely on the shoulders of our previous ownership and management going back to 2003. From failed tanks, to busted draft picks, to epic mismanagement, to petty squabbles... The amount of dysfunction and ineptitude that we displayed was simply unprecedented. For his part, Ferry came in on a mission to change the culture and he did exactly that. It was his method for rebuilding that I disagreed with. My concern was that we were only delaying the inevitable and I had no faith in the odds of building a contender that way. Looking back, I was right and wrong about Ferry's plan. I can say definitively though, that I would much prefer to be where we are right now with promise and flexibility than goofing around in the middle of the pack with an over-achieving B-list squad praying for a free agent savior. Side note... Has anyone noticed that the league is sort of evolving (or maybe even has evolved) into Billy Knight's vision of tall athletes playing position-less basketball? Just food for thought.
  9. I say Cam. Everyone that plays against him and all of the pundits that have scrutinized him say the same thing - that's he's far better than what he showed at Duke. I think, or at least I hope, that the hype of Zion and RJ...and their play styles just overshadowed Reddish. I believe that the injury and his willingness to play in the shadow of those two helped create the perfect storm to hide him from the scouts. in a different program where he was the focal point of the offense, we wouldn't have had a shot at him. I have said that I don't like Hunter's ceiling, but the more I watch him the more I see an underrated offensive game. I think with better spacing, ball movement, and having more weapons to support him...Hunter is going to thrive. I think Cam will be the bigger threat, but I think Hunter's offense is going to shock some folks.
  10. I was thinking the same thing the other day... It seems like there's a general universal approval right now. Like, has anyone expressed dissatisfaction with our draft or the direction of the franchise currently? Even the fans on social media are buzzing. Personally, I don't understand my own feelings right now 😅 Hunter and Cam were the bottom two on my wing list and we ended up with them both. I should be disappointed right now, but I've never been happier with an ATL draft. TBH, only the experience of 2008 playoffs ranks higher on my list.
  11. Don't know why I typed 2009 *doh*... I meant 2007
  12. 2004 was special because Smoove fell to us. I wasn't happy about the way we "won out" the season or that we didn't take the guy I wanted (Loul Deng) who I also thought we could have put a package together and trade for. 2009 was my favorite until now. We were supposed to lose that pick and we won a top 3 pick. That was fantastic. Time will tell if it pays off, but honestly...coupled with the past 2 homerun drafts, this draft has rivaled the best moments I've had as a Hawks fan.
  13. Jury's obviously out on the final verdict, but I can't be mad right now. At a minimum, it's looking like we can break even. On potential, this is looking like a big win for us.
  14. Man...these two were the last on my wing list, but somehow I'm super happy right now. I can see the potential and I'm trusting in Travis and what the experts are saying. This is probably an amazing draft for us...and look at this team: Had to go see for myself.... Dude. This season is gonna be LIT 🔥
  15. Not excited about Hunter, but I trust that Travis knows what he's doing. He'll get a pass from me here regardless. I don't care a whole lot about what we gave up. I didn't have expectations for that Cleveland pick or the 2nd rounders. 17 stings a little because there are players there that I really like. What's burning me up now is how 10 will shake out. Taking a guy like Hunter, I really want to see a high upside pick at 10. Don't give a rat's ass about drafting for position either. BPA and sort it out later. I've never been a fan of overlooking potential because it duplicates what you have or because you're looking to fill a hole. Quietly hoping this is all to screw up other people's boards...and the target is Culver. 😅