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  1. I'm not surprised that we're favored in the matchup and I'm really tired of hearing about Randle. He isn't a problem. The Hawks' problem is going to be the refs and themselves. No need to explain the officiating, which I expect is going to be TERRIBLE. The Hawks will do themselves no favors if they lose focus. We absolutely cannot come out in any quarter with that timid energy or that lackadaisical "we got this" energy. That's what's going to kill us, not Randle. We lose focus, the Knicks take it up a notch defensively, the refs swallow the whistle, Randle goes bananas...it's over
  2. Fans look past the physicality of the NBA, because "non-contact" sport and all. It's obviously not the handsy, bruising, half-court slog fest of the NBA of yore, but it's still a thing. Especially in the playoffs where every possession means something. The stakes are higher so the energy is higher. Like those waning moments of regular season games when a 10 point lead in the final minute somehow gets uncomfortably close... Let's also not toss out the fact that the game is called differently. It's debatable whether or not this should be a thing, but we all know it is. Refs swallow t
  3. Also while we are on the good feels train let me double down on this... Dear John Collins, I am sorry. I was too busy looking at what we could get FOR you that I didn't realize what we already had IN you. I will do better. Sincerely, -Stupid Wretch
  4. In the playoffs with a young core that has not hit its ceiling. Oh man...the feels. Not as emotional as that 2008 run, but I am way more excited about this team's potential.
  5. I just have to say... It's been a long time since I really liked a Hawks team this much and have been this excited. I don't want to change anything. Not looking at free agents, trades, the draft...nothing. That will likely change as we start hitting our ceiling, but right now I like every part of this team. Every guy in the starting lineup is so critical and provides something special. Obviously Trae is the engine that makes the team go, but to me the thing that is going to make or break us is Bogi. His shooting is so timely and it makes us dangerous. How different things would hav
  6. Man, I really wanted to pick the Gasol trade as the worst...Pete Babcock and his absolute refusal to build through the draft was the bane of my existence. Le-sigh... I hated that trade, but the bigger Babcockian wart was trading Nique...and really just banishing him from the franchise. Terrible. Hurts my heart to this day. For me, the best trade, aside from Capela, was Smitty and Long. I don't consider JJ a trade...we just gave Phoenix two 1sts and Boris. I don't believe for one second that they would have matched him and surely two 1sts was overkill.
  7. Edwards, Wiseman, Ball, Okoro, Deni, Nesmith, Haliburton - yeah. I like all of their upside better. Hayes, I still like...but haven't seen enough with the injury and all. I'd still go back and take him. After Ball, he was the guy I was locked in on and slightly ahead of Haliburton. Vassell...and Toppin? I'm in the dark. Both were on the fringe of my list, Toppin even more so for the same reasons I'm not excited about...what are we calling our guy? LOL Is it Gwu? Kong? OK? 0017? OO? Has he even earned a nickname yet? lol His whole name is a nickname.
  8. You don't see a reason for me to have an opinion other than the one you have on a thread asking people's opinions on a specific player? I don't need you to share my opinion, but if I'm giving my personal...hold on, let me get the actual title of the thread... If I'm giving my thoughts? I think making "safe", needs based picks, in the lottery is a bad thing and a good way to miss gems. No we don't know who those gems are in this draft or any future draft. Without the benefit of hindsight, if we rewind this conversation prior to each of those drafts, you would say the same thi
  9. So let's talk about the draft...and my personal expectations. The entire draft is a crapshoot, even at the top. However, the lottery as a whole is not. I don't take lottery picks, especially HIGH lottery picks lightly...they are sacred to me because the game changers are there and not exclusive to the top 3. You just have to find them and groom them correctly. Guys like Pippen, Chris Paul, Reggie Miller, Garnett, Paul Pierce, Joe Johnson, Dirk, Barkley...they're in that range of that #6. Hell, Trae or Luka could have been plucked as low as 6 (technically, Luka WAS 5th). You almost c
  10. No need to apologize. We're just discussing how we feel about our draft pick and your opinion is just as valid as mine. Also, I don't get upset when people don't agree with me. I never said the pic didn't make sense. I said the opposite. That's typically what teams do when they make a safe pick. I don't like "safe" lottery picks and I don't like high level duplication... If we were going to draft someone that high, I would have preferred a guard... And trade up or down to do so. That's just how I feel about it. I can't force myself to like this pick. Not to be confused with liking
  11. Ehhhhhhhhh... You're not wrong, but it doesn't go against what I'm saying either. When Capela sits...OK is backup. If Capela walks, OK is backup. Collins or Capela... Either is injured or is traded,we have backup and that's fine. However, you can find that with mid-late first rounders, trades, and FAcy.. sometimes you even find it in the 2nd round. I mean, is Knight any less of a 4/5 prospect? Again, not dogging him...but I can't get excited about what he brings as a #6 pick. Especially in light of what we already have. I have considered where they are age/career wise. Thoug
  12. Come with it! lol And let's establish some things so that when we look back at these conversations, we don't change the narrative of what was said or what was meant. First, I will admit when/if I am wrong. I'm not one of those type guys...and I want to be wrong about how I feel about Okongwu. The two things I question are his offensive ceiling and the long term fit considering what we have in Capela and Collins. On the latter, I'd be much more comfortable and more excited with the pick if we weren't already so thick in the frontcourt. As it were, what we have in Onyeka is an exce
  13. Yup....and for that reason In any given year, any given seed matchup it will always be the Celtics for me.
  14. Yeah... I was going to say, what do we even actually need right now? Like really need? Maybe a backup PG? Honestly, Schlenk has put together such a solid team and I'm super content where we. We just need to evaluate who we are as is through the trade deadline next season. Although I think it's a ways off, I agree. We're a playoff team for sure, but we're something short of a dominant playoff team. Shaq said two players away, and goofy Chuck said "AD and LeBron"...there's truth between the two. We're not two players away, we're one All-NBA caliber player from being scary good...
  15. Such a strange draft... First time that I can think of where there were no prospects that I outright disliked. Everyone was pretty much what I thought they'd be - with the exception of Hayes & Nesmith who both need more time/exposure to properly evaluate. 1) Was right about Melo, still unsure how it would've worked...but I would have taken him if for nothing but the asset value. 2) Didn't like Edward's attitude...still don't. But he's performing about where I expected. 3) Hayes was #2 on my list (really #1 since Melo was out of reach). Might have been a little off, but he has