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  1. 1) Hawks 2-99) *shrug* 100) I kind of follow the Lakers because I actually started watching them before the Hawks in 83. I root for them if they're not playing us. LeBron owns that team though, so there is currently no Lakers team for me to follow.
  2. Me lurking on this thread, watching this video:
  3. Yeah. It was apparent midway through his rookie season that the comparisons were just wrong. Two totally different players who are each REALLY good at something different. For me, it wasn't really about Trae as much as it was about giving up Luka. It's so hard to find star talent, even with high picks...and we HAD it and gambled it away. Or so I thought. For me this is Travis Schlenk crow for sure though.
  4. Preface: After years of general managing ineptitude, I had been conditioned to believe that we had hired yet another moron in the front office. Having watched GM's build superstar driven teams from scratch for decades, I was hopeful when Schlenk took over that we'd finally embrace the idea of a rebuild...but without epic stupidity of Billy Knight (who remains my most disliked Hawks GM, yes even moreso than Babcock). Alas, we get our first lottery pick in umpteen years...and are on the cusp of our first legitimate rebuild...and I'm dreaming of the potential stars we might draft...and lo and behold, right there for the taking, gifted by the basketball gods, was one of the most surefire prospects I had ever seen. In my house, we were hugging, and yelling, and pumping fists when Sacramento passed on Luka Doncic. ...and then we picked him and traded him. This is live footage of me staying up and punching air all night: ...and this was my reaction to drafting Trae Young the following morning at 7am: Link to my madness - https://forums.realgm.com/boards/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=1717655
  5. I voted for Billy Knight. ...oh, wait, I thought it said who is NOT the better GM. LOL...oh well.
  6. Well, I have one...sort of, and I've been thinking about re-posting it myself. It's not really about Trae though...it's about Schlenk and I was so MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMAAAAAAAAAAAAD. Wooooo boy was I hot. I had been following Luka for so long, obsessing over every little detail in every clip of his game. I thought for sure that he was going #1. But mocks started coming in I was like, "OWMAHGAWD...OWMAHGAWD...!!!" Then he falls into our lap... Then rumblings start... Then we pick him and I'm holding my breath... Then we trade him for the goofy looking skinny kid in shorts...that I had done absolutely no research on. Then I was mad...and I posted a rant about how stupid our GM is. I was hoping beyond hope that Trae would be something and that we'd actually get a lottery pick the following year, but I was mad. Mad. Mad. MAD! Then I watched Trae in summer league... While all my peoples were ragging on how bad he shot, I was like, "Yoooo... Do ya'll not see how he passes the damn ball and how he commands the offense? Holy shit... This kid's a feal f'n point guard." Then I sat up and paid attention.
  7. Trae hitting the shot, shushing the crowd, and that cut to commercial is one of the most memorable Hawks moments of all time for me and I would have selected that. ...but John Collins showing up to the press conference wearing that damn shirt was one of the most savage things I have seen in human history...lololol That was a moment all its own as was the dunk itself. Man I can't wait for next season.
  8. It might just be me, but man...it sure does feel like there were just as many, if not more, legendary moments in this year's playoff run than I've witnessed in the entirety of the last couple of decades of Hawks basketball.
  9. The only change that I need to see is signing a legit backup PG. I'd like to see more motion in the offense - and specifically Trae moving without the ball. With guys being healthy, we'd be impossible to guard. I expect big things next season.
  10. I feel you on this. However, the only reason why I'm not right there with you is because I know how different this would have been if we were semi-healthy. The game was decidedly different when Cam was guarding Middleton and Holiday. Imagine having both Hunter and Cam. Some would say that we should have beat them without Giannis, but I think him not on the floor gives them an edge. His absence forced better shooters and playmakers to take over. Middleton is the "closer", but having Giannis out forced him to show up for 48 and he did that...but again, it was decidedly different with a good defender on him. To me, this is like Golden State missing Klay. We're not the same team if we don't have our best defenders out there. Not to mention what we got from Hunter consistently on offense. But it is what it is. For now, I'm good.
  11. I loved this. A lot of coaches would sit there with that flabbergasted look while their players scramble helplessly around the court. Nate pulled those guys to show them respect...and so they could get respect in front of the home crowd. We missed some opportunities, but I feel like we left it all out there in the end.
  12. Can't wait for next season to start. They're gonna come back HANGRY. lol And so it begins....
  13. Just pathetic. I can take a loss, but not like that. That game was so hard to watch.
  14. Well... It wasn't 2nd chance points. Not overall anyway. We actually won that battle 23-19 and offensive rebounding was virtually even. The biggest indicator, not surprisingly though, is points in the paint - 66 to 36...along with that pathetic 1st quarter. Had to be key/momentum possessions where they were killing us on the glass, because the straight stats just don't tell the whole story.