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  1. I'm good dude! I'm always around poking my head in. Sucks that we didn't get to finish our season... Super bummed about that. I really hate that things are so political. Like, I just want some basketball man.... 🥺
  2. Man this is so good...neither side would go for it though. The only thing I'd do differently is maybe find a way to adjust lottery position rather than assign it flat out by the tourney. In years past, there are fringe playoff teams that would steamroll to the top pick. Overall though I dig it!
  3. Y'know... It's interesting you bring this up. I hate to say it, and I don't know why I feel this way, but I really hate that NY doesn't have a good team. Maybe it's the 30-year basketball fan in me or growing up watching Ewing's Knicks battle league's elite... Dunno, but it doesn't feel right not having a contender in NY. I certainly don't feel for the fans or the city, who believe that NY is the mecca of everything, but it feels like a part of the league is missing. At a minimum, it gives us another target to hate. Similarly, as much as I hate that team, if it were Boston instead of NY I'd still want to see a good team there - if for nothing more than to beat them at their best. Unlike the NY situation though, I can't say that I wouldn't enjoy their extended mediocrity with a sense of satisfaction. Ultimately, I guess that's it - I don't dislike the Knicks franchise as much as I do a team like Boston......or LeBron.
  4. I'm with North in that I am a Butler fan. This team needs toughness. It needs an %sshole or two on and off the court, but this isn't the right fit for him. For one, I don't see Jimmy the way he sees himself - which is among the league's elite. He's good, but he's a Joe Johnson. He's better as a 2nd option. He would certainly be that behind Trae, but the chemistry is wrong for where he is and where our guys are in their careers. Give me this Jimmy, but on this team 4 years from now.
  5. @sturt - I'm also a fan of Brandon Ingram.
  6. Gonna endorse this 100%. We've been preaching this formula for decades and now I think maybe people can understand it. Now that we have that legitimate All-Star. My personal opinion is that the base formula is at least two All-Stars or one HoF and several high-efficiency starters (borderline All-Stars). I don't have any real doubts or questions about Trae. I knew that we had a legit floor general after his first couple of summer league games. When his offense came around, my heart skipped a beat. He's the real thing folks and he has the talent to lead a Finals team. The next step is developing or trading for our version of Klay Thompson. We need another guy that forces the defense to react. I don't see JC in that role, but he's definitely our PF of the future. We'll have to overpay, but he's worth it to us IMO.
  7. YES MY GUY! 😂😂😂😂🎉
  8. He's a fantastic compliment to Trae, but I don't know how far we can go with him as our 2nd option. Sure he can score, but he's not going to force the defense to react when he touches the ball. He's far better at capitalizing on opportunity as opposed to creating opportunity - where the upper tier bigs like KG, Embiid, and Duncan. In that regard, I think the ideal fit/comparison is a better Horace Grant and a rock-solid 3rd option. As far as the fit with Capella, he will be fine. They're both p/r options. Capella is going to play closer to the basket while Collins is comfortable all the way out to the 3. Collins' natural position is the 4 and he doesn't have to bang with those big dudes night in and out. Defensively, they'll both contest shots and clean up the glass. They're both young and can grow together. If we were going to add a 5, I don't see how we could do a whole lot better short of adding an All-Star.
  9. You know what else it is? Dammit, they used to dis Nique like that back in the day! Ya'll know they did. They robbed him in that dunk contest, the snubbed him on the Dream Team, they...OMG dissed him on the Top 50...and ignored on the 1st ballot Hall of Fame. I'm probably holding on to some of that bitterness and the Y E A R S of Hawks disrespect. ...and I'm a little amped up on Trae, lol. Ya'll will have to excuse me for a little while. Lord, don't let us mess around and end up in the Finals. Ya'll gonna read about me in the AJC. No. I'mma be on ESPN... "And just before tip off...the game was delayed by a six foot honkin' chocolate chunk of a man-dude who ran down the center of the Atlanta court stork-raven naked, except for a Sky-Hawk mask, and an Atlanta Hawks Flag...held inhumanly tight between his glutes."
  10. Still though.... I have go back and rewatch it (man, it's hard for me to listen to LeBron...) but they were like, "Yeah...need someone who can get me the ball" and I'm like, who has hands down better court vision than Trae? I've seen a lot of guys that are great facilitators...our boy has eyes in the back of his head. "Yeah, I need somebody to pass to me so I better pick Kemba..." "So I'll pick Harden..." "And that leaves the circus shot, Steph Curry wanna-be, that maybe shouldn't be here, that you got stuck with Giannis." LOL'z and chuckles...and whatnots ..... I know...lol I'm sorry ya'll. I just feel some kind of way. LOL. I really feel some type of way about how they did our mans! I probably want the disrespect way more than they might have meant it. If there was any... I want the smoke so Trae can go out there and eat 'em up!!!! Put the world on notice! ...yeah, we got an All Star starter and I legit don't know how to act.
  11. Glad I'm not the only one who felt the disrespect. It's like...nobody knows that Trae is actually a legit PG. Not just a passer...dude is a playmaker. He will be throwing MAD lobs and picking LeBron's team apart..
  12. I would not be mad. I'd cheer all the way to the playoffs, but it's not happening.
  13. What a solid win 💪 I don't care about the record, we are not that far off from respectability.
  14. Honestly, the only thing I care about is the continued growth of the kids. If that means playoffs, then so be it. If it means competing every game and stringing together strong wins here and there...so be it. As far as our pick goes, I'm not too thrilled about adding more youth and inexperience. This is in fact the least I've ever cared about the lottery. I must say that in the end, I'd be fine with however it turns out. The playoffs would be great and a high draft pick is a good bargaining piece.