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  1. Yes, it's right. Paul Millsap has the third highest salary for the 2017-2018 season.
  2. Somehow Austin Rivers got an 80 rating, but Schröder only at 79.... Fultz and Lonzo are both 80's as well. No idea what the ratings developers were thinking with this one.
  3. Taking the over. Also don't mind the odds for the Hawks to make the playoffs at +1400... The East is bad and outside of CLE, BOS, WSH, TOR, MIL and MIA, it's somewhat open. Think PHI is too young. DET always seems to have issues. CHA will likely make it. Just need some good fortune for us.
  4. Need your connection to start giving some trade rumors. Looks like Bud didn't get too many changes as we still have a 5-game road trip to start the season and our home opener is again Millsap and the Nuggets. I do think starting the season on a road trip has to do somewhat with the arena renovations and making sure they are fully complete.
  5. This year's NBA 2k ratings are inflated compared to previous years in my opinion. Lonzo Ball and Markelle Fultz are both 80s, which is the highest a rookie has gotten since like 2011 or something.
  6. Becomes the best shooter on our roster. What a tank move...
  7. Don't think the salary for Stone is set-off. See the bolded part of what you pasted. Don't see Stone getting anything more than a minimum contract, so he likely won't have any set-off. The only benefit from this move is the extra roster spot. It's definitely a negative from a cap perspective (though not by much, only $1.3m)
  8. Yea - they are just trying to lighten the luxury tax bill that they will have to pay. Dumping Crabbe saves them something like $40M on the luxury tax. Purely a move for the organization/owner to not lose as much money. Doesn't really have any cap implications since they are still over the salary cap.
  9. Don't know much about him. This article paints a fairly positive picture of him and his ties to Porzingis. Seems to be focused on player development.
  10. He was on our roster last year for training camp, so the two-way contract signing isn't that big of a surprise. AJC reported on it too. Agree with you on Alex Kennedy though.
  11. We lost in the first round of the playoffs last year. Something needed to change.
  12. Here is what I said in the Crawford buyout thread - the $3m you are referencing is only for the 2018-2019 season. Hawks and Crawford agreed to a "buyout" of his contract to allow him to become a free agent. In the buyout arrangement, we agree to pay him only $13.2m of his $17.2m guaranteed contract over 2-years. This is ~76% of his guaranteed contract, so his cap hit this year will only be ~76% of what his 2017-2018 salary was supposed to be, which is where the $10,942,762 cap hit in 2017-2018 comes from. Next year, it will only be $2,304,2226 as a cap hit since he only had $3,000,000 guaranteed for the 2018-2019 season.
  13. I was thinking about this as well. But I was surprised there weren't many non-guaranteed contracts traded this offseason for teams above the tax or close to it to use as way of shedding salary. For example, Utah couldn't find anyone for Diaw's completely non-guaranteed contract of $7m. Currently right now for 2018-2019 we have ~$33m in cap space counting only guaranteed contracts, close to a 9+ year veteran max. Generally when trading a non-guaranteed contract like Crawford's you have to take back equal salary. I think Shclenk is just choosing to have the cap space for next offseason instead of the potential to get another first by letting a team dump salary to you. It's probably the safer move right now, especially when looking at the free agents for next year.