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  1. Honestly, after watching the Utah game last night, I'm not sure why every team doesn't double Trae at halfcourt every possession. Why play any other way?
  2. Helps playin a team that also has no interest in playin D.
  3. Gonna sit him the entire 2nd to even it out. LP tryin stuff. LOL
  4. I think I'm officially on the trade JC bandwagon. I just don't think he works with Clint despite what the analytics say.
  5. I tend to agree with your assessment but disagree strongly with Trae. I just don't think it serves anyone well to play these kind of diva games. In a short season if they find themselves battling for the 8, 9, 10 seed he's going to be pretty foolish for screwing around early on.
  6. Wut? He was avg 28.5 pts on 18 att and 9.1 ast when they had their meeting. Sure, his 3pt shot has sucked all year but he really he didn't fall off a cliff until after that meeting. He's avg 13 ots on 14 shots and 7.0 ast since that mtg. I'd say KP is dead on.
  7. Hawks take a bad shot trying to force a 2 for 1 seemingly every quarter.
  8. Gotta wonder how much longer LP gets to oversee this mess.
  9. Sort of what you get playin 3 on 5 defensively.
  10. Maybe we should all take to Twitter and talk about how much he sucks. That seems to motivate him.
  11. Besides his shot not working, it just seems like Trae isn't being aggressive. He isn't taking charge of the game. Where's the elite passing? Where's making guys look silly with the dribble? Where's the Trae Young from the last 2 seasons???
  12. He probably needs to score 30+ for the Hawks to win tonight.
  13. Honestly if he's anything less than going nuclear the team is going to struggle to beat good teams. Somehow he's got better players around him this year so it should be easier for him. But instead he sucks.
  14. Y'all remember when the Hawks routinely scored 30+ in the 1st quarter and had a bunch of scorers? Man those were good times....