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  1. Like I said, this game highlights how little depth they have. Without JC, Kev, Reddish the rest are meh other than Trae and Hunter.
  2. This game just highlights how little depth the Hawks have. Trae might as well be playin 1 on 5 right now. Goodness.
  3. BINGO. That's my fear.......that last year's 36% on 2.5 a/g was an aberration or just a fluke and has a double or triple impact on this year's team - making Len, JC, and maybe even Trae less productive (although I don't really worry much about Trae).
  4. I wouldn't say 'worried' is the right word. Maybe, "mildly concerned". And it's not that I think JC is going to regress, it's more that I'm just not sure I see how he's going to flourish without a 5 that can stretch the floor and provide spacing. I'm more concerned about how Len / Jones / Fernando will impact JC than anything else. I thought Len could step in and duplicate what Dedmon did last year but he's been garbage so far for spacing.
  5. Len is straight trash. What happened to the guy that could at least threaten from outside?
  6. 43 Wins 1 - Playoff Result - 7 Seed / 1st Round Exit 2 - All-Stars - Collins only / Trae gets snubbed which will spark him to ball out post ASG 3 - All-Rookie - Hunter 4 - Leading Scorer - Trae 5 - Least Total Minutes Played Among the Top 10 In Total Minutes - Bruno
  7. I'll play...... Player PPG APG RPG 1. Trae Young 23 10.5 4.5 2. John Collins 22 2.5 10.5 3. Kevin Huerter 16 4.5 5 4. DeAndre Hunter 8 3 6 5. Alex Len 14.5 2 7.5 6. Cam Reddish 9.5 3.5 4.5 7. Jabari Parker 17 3 8.5 8. Allen Crabbe 8 1.2 2 9. Deandre Bembry 4 2 3.5 10 Evan Turner 3.5 5 3 11. Damien Jones 2 .3 2.5 12 Bruno Fernando 5.5 .2 3.5
  8. Counterpoint... Travis has mentioned on multiple occasions that they go to work figuring out who other teams will be taking with their picks. It's entirely plausible, to me at least, that they had a pretty great idea Cam would be around at 10 (no guarantee of course but they trusted their research and it paid off). Also, it's a fair point that all the mocks had Cam not lasting past 8 but the reason for that was because all the mocks had ATL drafting 8. None of us have any reliable info saying any team 5-9 had a plan to take Cam prior to the draft. There was no scuttlebutt of any team jumping over ATL at 8 to get Cam.
  9. It's shocking to me how Trae and Luka can have comparable numbers year one (and yes I recognize that Luka's were slightly better) and yet Luka is considered such a transcendent player that his mere presence on a team with but three other players under the age of 25 qualified the Mavs as one of the best young cores in the NBA?? Laughable. The Hawks have twice the number of players under the age of 25 led by Trae and JC whom I'd put up against LD and KP any day.
  10. Well the question was which team has the best young talent. Not which is the best team. Regardless, I'd take issue with you saying NO has more talent when the majority of that talent has yet to play one minute in the NBA.
  11. If he increases his PT to 35 min a game he could pretty easily hit 10 a game with just a little progression. Heck, he could have had 10 last year if some of his teammates helped him out on wide open jumpers. Better shooting team. Better Trae. More assists imo.
  12. Meh..... NO needs to prove something first. Their ranking is on the merit of a "sure thing" in Zion but he hasn't done anything yet. Same thing for Dallas. They have 2 guys and the rest of their roster is meh. I'm not convinced Luka is any better than Trae but he gets more hype obviously. I also dont think Boston should be ahead of a team like Memphis.
  13. No kidding. A @sturt top 5 finish in year 2?
  14. Was thinking the same thing. IF he increases his efficiency while also playing closer to 35 min/ gm, his overall stats will skyrocket (unless of course he significantly reduces his attempts which I don't see happening).