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  1. Nate praising Trae's aggressiveness. Imagine that. Also, its so incredibly nice to have a legit coach making adjustments every night.
  2. Lavine scores 50 and they lose by 12? Thats gotta sting. Hawks becoming a really good TEAM led by a superstar player.
  3. I mean, 39 pts in the half for Lavine and they only lead by 13. If Bogie and Gallo just hit the shots they normally do the game is even closer. Hawks absolutely CAN win this game. But not if Lavine stays nuclear.
  4. Wait, what? Every tanking team eventually changes course to try to win. KB said that could never happen because tanking would create a losing culture so the team would never leave the tanking state. But if you listen to TS from the very beginning, he always spoke of the process taking a certain time frame and then you move on with progress. This idea that changing course is some deviation from the plan is just wrong. It was ALWAYS the plan. It's part 2 of the tank. The only thing in question is the timing as it appeared (at the time) to be a year early.
  5. To be clear, it's not being hung up on Trae scoring. It's being hung up on what gives the Hawks the best chance to win. And up until Nate took over (and has proven over the last few weeks that it can be done), we'd not seen the Hawks win consistently without Trae scoring a bunch. I'd rather the Hawks win and Trae score 4 pts than the Hawks lose while Trae scores 40. But that wasn't ever an option under LP and really wasn't an option until Nate really established his way of playing over the last several weeks. Now we have the option of winning even while Trae doesn't play well as
  6. The TEAM has grown tremendously since Nate took over. LP ran a "system" that revolved around Trae being elite every single night in order to have a chance to win. The supporting cast never seemed to be consistent enough to carry the team when Trae had an off night or was off the court. But Nate has torn all that down and created a TEAM dynamic where the supporting cast has upped their play and can now carry Trae when he's off or hurt. And yes, they will still need Trae to be the superstar some nights, but it no longer has to be EVERY night. I'm ecstatic with what I've seen from Nate
  7. I didn't make a single post during the game last night because I'm tired of arguing with people that are supposed to be on the same side. So I get the post and appreciate the sentiment behind it. I just disagree with your characterization that those of us that disagree with you have agendas and somehow care less about the Hawks winning. The reality is we all want the Hawks to win or why would be spend so much time on this message board? You seem to take a more holistic approach that says just win, doesn't matter how or why. Just win baby. And that's great. That works for you and i
  8. You'd rather lose watching the whole team brick than win with a super star. LOL. I've see enough for one night.
  9. Trae hits 3 in a row then doesn't take the next 4 shots as teammates brick. SMH
  10. Too many jump shots. Denver made their run when Hawks stopped going inside and started missing all their jumpers. Gotta get back to pts in the paint. Trae floater. JC in the paint Clint boarding Bogie driving
  11. From the Athletic: Rajon Rondo headed to the Clippers, Lou Williams to Atlanta The Hawks and Clippers are finalizing a deal to send Rajon Rondo to L.A. for Lou Williams, two second-round picks and cash, sources tell The Athletic. — Shams Charania and Sam Amick Go ahead and make your wings jokes. In this Lou Williams-Rajon Rondo trade, I’m thinking about Rondo playing for the Celtics while Tyronn Lue was an assistant there. He trusts Rondo and wants the playmaker Rondo for the playoffs (which is why there is such a thing as “playoff Rondo.” And I am thinking about Williams, having
  12. With the way the cap works, does this mean the Hawks could go out and sign a guy in FA for $21,000,000 per year AND THEN match an offer for JC, even a max offer? Do they actually have $21M or is that before JC's cap hold? @thecampster
  13. Mays is solid. I got no complaints about him. But I view him more as a developmental player than a guy ready to play crunch time minutes on a regular basis. He's fine on occasion right now and in certain situations, but do I want him playing every night during the last 5 minutes of the 3rd in a close game? Nope.