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  1. You carry on about the wrong damn things. The truth is Huerter has been better than Cam morre often than not this year. It's been just in the last week that Cam has been a different player. If he keeps it up, he'll be starting soon enough. There's plenty of legit things to be pissed off over.
  2. The roster deficiency is what is so freaking depressing. Need a legit Center and a shooter.
  3. Well he was wide open. LOL. I wonder why....
  4. Ain't Bruno's fault. Baptism by fire this season. Lack of Competent C play is killing this team. Stating the obvious I know. Just frustrating to watch.
  5. No. Starters won't be announced til tonight I think. The Lowe column was just his opinion on who the starters and reserves should be. He doesn't think Trae should even be considered a starter because the Hawks suck. As a reserve, he basically said he couldn't find anyone else worth taking the last spot so Trae go it.
  6. That was a bunch of Bull$hit. Lowe had Trae as the last guy in the east and even says he looked hard for other players to put in over Trae but just couldn't find anyone. With Kyrie sitting out nearly the entire first half, there are not 2 guards better in the East than Trae. He has Lowry as a starter over Trae. Really?
  7. REHawksFan

    Ask Supes

    Don't want to read too much into this, but it sounds imminent. Is that the case, or still looking like last minute kinda deal? EDIT: Maybe imminent is the wrong about sooner rather than later. Is that fair to say or no?
  8. I don't watch the Pistons enough to know for sure, but my guess is everyone stands around watching Drummond do his thing and just assumes Drummond will get every board. Looking at their stat sheet, they don't have a single player over 6.0 per game other than Drummond. He can only do so much.
  9. REHawksFan

    Ask Supes

    What evidence do you have that this is actually true? Any quotes from the GM himself? Or just your own supposition?
  10. REHawksFan

    Ask Supes

    @NBASupes Do you still feel like trades for Bertans and Adam's will happen so long as neither team gets a bigger offer between now and the deadline? Or is there a legit possibility OKC or Wiz pull players back and wait til summer? Moreso for Adam's since Bertans is a FA. Speaking of, why dont Wiz have any interest in re-signing him?
  11. Exactly. It's kinda ridiculous to judge Trae on plus minus when the context of the surrounding parts is so different.
  12. So today Trae faced 2 "traditional" pgs as @benhillboy shows in the original post. Trae was +1 in a 5 pt loss while those other pgs ( Lowry and VanVleet) were a combined +2 in a 5 pt win. So by the OP analysis, Trae was inferior to Lowry and VanVleet. Yet Trae went for 42 and 15 while those other 2 "traditional pgs" combined for 30 and 9. So someone tell me how this plus minus analysis makes any actual sense.
  13. REHawksFan

    Ask Supes

    It's not easy but it can be done. Just have to evaluate players correctly and be willing to change the focus from "asset accumulation" and "player development" to "player production". So long as the mindset within the organization shifts away from stockpiling "assets" to acquiring actual NBA players that can contribute, I'll live with the inevitable results. Good or bad.