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  1. So that's 9 guys that are under contract for next season in the "High End Backups" or better category. Six guys at "Solid Starters" or better. That's depth.
  2. REHawksFan


    Gotta admit the skillset of Boogie intrigues me a lot as a backup center. But yeah, not feeling the headcase part. Seems like this team has a great chemistry to them, don't want to mess with that too much.
  3. Not sure why you are getting angry. No one said anything about you or made anything personal. Just don't think the proposed trade is good value for Gallo. I didn't realize we weren't supposed to comment on the trade you put out there. My bad.
  4. REHawksFan


    Hard pass for me. Don't think he's got anything left AND he's a diva. Stay away from my team.
  5. I'm not trying to crap on you or anything. But you said, "an Atlanta/Minny trade would look something like this..." and I'm just saying that looks like crap for Atlanta. I get the cap savings, but the Hawks don't have to take scraps just to save money this early in the game. I'll just sit back and hope the first iteration of this trade is not the one that sticks. I understand they will eventually trade Gallo. That's the business with the position the Hawks are in. But, imo, he's more valuable than a Rubio/Okogie or Culver return.
  6. Gallo was - at times - the 2nd or 3rd best option during the playoffs. I just can't see trading him this off season for marginal returns. As part of a bigger deal for a legit starter? OK. But not for someone of Rubios or Culver's level. That would be taking 2 steps back.
  7. Including Hunter is a non-starter to me. I think he's going to be a legit 2way star once he reaches his prime. I'm not selling him early. I wouldn't mind KAT, but I'm just not interested in trading away Hunter.
  8. One game to win it all and I'm taking Durant no question. Dude is really really good and the moment never seems to big for him, imo. I picked Giannis, but honestly, KD might just be the right answer.
  9. I picked Giannis but I'm intrigued by your wording of "acquire" one superstar. That implies we are giving stuff up to get him which obviously has an impact. But regardless, Giannis is the best player, imo, at the weakest Hawks position, imo.
  10. I don't see how that works. 25% of 112M is 28M so that would be the starting not the avg salary
  11. I don't think JC is a scrub. I'd value him at $22M. That's not a scrub at all. But a $22M player on a $28M and rising contract is not a good deal, no matter how shrewd your GM is. And that's precisely why TS offered 90M imo. He knows JC isn't worth the max (which was the subject of this thread btw).
  12. Thank you. If it's 25% flat then my numbers are off a little. I was using 25.5% which I calculated from this article. Not sure the actual rule though. EDIT: So here is where I tuck my tail and realize I calculated the % wrong (fat fingers apparently). It's 25%. The argument stays the same but the numbers are slightly lower.
  13. And now we've come full circle back to my first post in this thread. A simple acknowledgement that trading JC when trying to make room for Cam or Hunter is not as easy as you seem to think it will be. IF JC is on a contract that is considered "bad" by the NBA, you don't just dump it on another team without attaching assets. All that can be avoided by signing JC to a reasonable contract or being willing to explore a sign and trade.
  14. That's true when you figure in young, talented players playing ahead of aging vets that make more. But not so much when you are equating young players on max deals vs other young players that are more deserving of a max deal. I know you aren't suggesting that next year with JC on a max contract we put him on the bench and play Hunter over him. That would be insane. So while I completely agree with the Gallo example (and did last year as well), this is a different deal. The bottom line is, you can't pay Trae, JC, Cam, and Hunter the max. It just isn't possible. And to me, at this point in time, the 3 that are most likely to play worthy of a max deal, are Trae, Hunter, and Cam. So I'm extremely leery of paying JC ahead of the others.
  15. Just to clarify my numbers (I'm not a cap expert but from what I can find): 4-Year Deal Year 1: $28,560,000 which is 25.5% of $112,000,000 CAP Year 2: $29,988,000 which is 5% raise Year 3: $31,487,400 which is 5% raise Year 4: $33,061,770 which is 5% raise Add it all up and you get $123,097,170 or $30,774,293 per year. That's where those numbers come from. To be clear and to reiterate: JC's max is the same as any other player with 6 years of service time or less. The max contract is not incentive based. As @marco102 said, there is such a thing as the Super Max which is what Luka will be paid on and what John Wall and other have been on. That is based on additional % of the CAP resulting from all nba selections. That's not what we are talking about. Tatum is on a regular max deal. So is Adebayo I believe. So is Mitchell. They are in that same tier as the above numbers. JC as a player is not worth that, imo. Now, in regards to your above note, I still don't follow. Are you suggesting that because JC is the best PF on the team he should get the max? That makes no sense. You can't max all your starters. As a GM, you have to figure out who the best players are and pay them accordingly. If you actually believe JC is 2nd best on the team, fine. Pay him the max. But if not and you believe Cam or Hunter or OO will be better in the long term, you can't blow your max spot on JC. If we operate under the reasonable assumption that a title team will only have at most 3 max players, JC has to be one of your 3 best players to warrant max money. My preference is to resign him at $20M to $22M per year for 4-5 years. I doubt he accepts that though.