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  1. Current reports are that Lakers won't have maz space for a FA so I doubt Kyrie or Kemba take less to go play with LBJ. Kemba has said he wants to stay in Cha and Kyrie is all but locked into Bkn.
  2. Yeah I don't think he gets out of the 1st round (may not get past SAS at 19) but i just think he needs time to develop. Not ready for NBA physically.
  3. Yeah I'd just as soon they not do anything until the draft too. I got work to do this week and ain't gettin anything done checking NBA rumors all day every day.
  4. I think Claxton is also a G league guy. Or needs to be.
  5. Do you think they HAVE to give up 8 to get to 4 or could 10 and 17 plus 2nds get it done?
  6. REHawksFan


    Nets imo. His new agent is the twin brother of Nets President I think. All signs point to Brooklyn.
  7. Sure feels like Hunter is a guy that could slide a bit. If Bol went top 5 that would be even moreso.
  8. He has to opt out before any team can "legally" talk to him, so theoretically he is taking a risk by opting out without knowing the options from the market. I'm not naive enough to believe his people won't already have deals / offers prior to the option decision though. It would be interesting if he opts out and then teams don't treat him as the priority (ala Kimbrel / Keuchel in baseball) and wait to sign him until next season. That would cost him $31.5M. Never happen though.
  9. That's what I mean. Why give up a future pick (or give Cavs their pick back) just to take a player you could get at your current spot. Not good sense so I'd guess the Hawks aren't interested in that deal unless there's a player they don't think will be there (ie unless phx or chi trade out and they fear someone trades up to get Cam).
  10. I've cooled on him a bit since the end of the season as other prospects have risen in my mind. But I'm intrigued to see how his career turns our, regardless of whether it's with the Hawks or some other team.
  11. At this point, I just think if they want 3 picks, they should keep 8/10/17 and take two wings and a big at 17. Unless they can trade up to get a specific target they love, I don't see the need to give the Cavs their 1st next year back just to get to 5. Since this scenario assumes Culver is off the board at 4, who is worth trading up to 5 for?
  12. I like the concept of having 5, 8, 10 this year but I guess I don't see the need. If we assume Culver is off the board, then there's really no one, imo, to trade up for that wouldn't likely be available at 8. Only other option I can come up with is then trading 5 and 10 for 3 to take Barrett.
  13. Yeah @NBASupes I don't get it. IF Cavs want Culver and only trade if he's gone, why would Hawks trade up? For who?
  14. Spot On, imo. For me: Hayes is first. Just don't see the appeal in the guy or the fit for the Hawks. I mean, if he fell to 17 I guess I wouldn't hate it, but he just doesn't get me excited at all. Little is next. For me, it's probably residual Marvin-itis but I don't see him as a potential quality player for the hawks. The thinks Supes has been saying has lessened my disregard for him though. I still would prefer they go a different direction. All of the above said, I still trust Travis so if he decides to draft either or both, I'll live with it and support them. Neither will get me super excited on draft night though.
  15. Sorry....meant to include the link to the site. The Athletic
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