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  1. Also has tech experience, right? I'm sure that has nothing to do with your favor though. Hehe All seriousness, I'm not opposed to bringing him in but I wouldn't expect much at this point. I just think there's zero chance he's any WORSE than bembry, crabbe, turner, et al...
  2. But hasn't making moves always been part of the plan? The FA class next year sucks and the Hawks only have like 6 players under contract with 70+ Mil to spend. Making trades has always seemed like the prudent way to grow the roster in the short term, imo. I don't think the Hawks making moves really proves anything. Trae is unhappy that they are losing. A lot of people are unhappy. Doesn't mean he's demanding a trade to get out of Atlanta.
  3. Personally, I would be rooting for the team to make the playoffs. The odds say the Hawks would have a minimal chance at top 3 so the only thing they are losing is Bkn's pick this year and it would convey later. More importantly, however, IF the Hawks faced a Game 82 that mattered, it would very likely mean that the rookies had become more consistent and the young core developed to the point of making the team substantially better in the 2nd half of the season. I actually believe the core of Trae, Bonehead, Kev, Cam, and Hunter is solid enough to build around without needed additional lottery picks. Especially when they have tons of cap space to spend. They would get playoff experience AND go into the off season with a ton of flexibility for FA, Draft, and Trades. Give me the 8 seed!
  4. Damn. This is EXACTLY what has happened through first quarter of season. Trae currently sitting at 34.6 min/gm with increased efficiency and his numbers have skyrocketed to 28.9 pts/gm. I still maintain that IF he had a decent roster around him he'd be over 10 dimes per game as well. Bonehead needs to be ready when he gets back.
  5. Yeah, I'm not getting the hero ball thing either. Not when every freakin game Trae dishes out dimes only to watch guys who are wide ass open by NBA standards brick jumper after jumper or only to see Len or Jones not go up strong and miss a bunny. He's quite literally doing everything he can do to help the team win offensively. Heck, I'd even argue he needs to be a bit more aggressive demanding the ball in crunch time as I'm sick of seeing multiple possessions where he doesn't even touch the ball. Just because he's getting a break from bringing it up doesn't mean he can still be involved and eventually get it back. He's the best thing (and only thing really) the Hawks have going.
  6. My projections from the original post were working off the avg of the other players. Trae has outscored that avg by about 4 pts but is well below the expected ast number. I'm attributing that to not having Bonehead for the last 17 games AND generally not having guys that can fill it up like TP and Dedmon from last year. Trae just continues to boggle the mind how good he is and how he keeps getting better.
  7. Just to underscore this comment, 13 of 14 Dallas Maverick players are above replacement level based on BPM with 7 of those at league average or better. For the Hawks, 7 of 14 players are above replacement level with only 5 of those at league average or better (and 1 is Bonehead who isn't even playing now). So outside of Trae, the Hawks are basically running with 3 guys on the entire team that are league average or better based on BPM: Jones, Parker, and Bembry. All 3 are just BARELY above league average. The rest of roster breaks down as follows: Below league avg but above replacement level - Bruno & Kev Below replacement level player - Len, Crabbe, Turner, Hunter, Vince, and Cam
  8. This team is just maddening to watch. Trae with 29 and 8. Career nights from Jones and Cam. And they can't get a stop to save their life. Trail by 15. Pitiful.
  9. It's an amazing coincidence and string of bad luck that 20%+ 3PT shooters seem to have career nights vs the Hawks. Also....Cam. Damn son. Get you some.
  10. Your rants during games are reason enough not to pay any attention to you. I'll just say this...there's a plethora of reasons the Hawks are sitting at 5-16 right now and LP isnt in the top 10. Reasonable people certainly understand this. So you can continue to rant til your little heart is content.
  11. It's pretty telling that they only show up DURING GAMES to scream FIRE LP.
  12. Hunter and Cam should be the 4th and 5th options as far as impact players go (and you can make a case for 5th and 6th options). Should be; Trae Bonehead Jabari off the bench Kev Capable C Hunter Cam Then guys like D. Jones, Bruno, and Bembry as backups and guys like Vince, Crabbe, and Turner as bit role bench players. BUT.....instead we have no Bonehead (his own fault), No Kev (Olaf from Denver fault), and No Center (Schlenk's fault) and so we have Hunter as the 3rd option and Cam as the 4th option for an impact player. More than that though, now guys like Vince and Bembry are being asked to be 4th and 5th options when they should be WAAAAAAY down the list role players. There's nothing LP can realistically do until he gets Bonehead and Kev back, a legit C and the rookies grow up.
  13. I'm down with any reason to be optimistic. Using my own abacus: First 21 games: Teams are cumulative 240-177 (.572 WP or equivalent of a 47 win team) Next 21 games: Teams are cumulative 218-199 (.523 WP or equivalent of a 43 win team) It's a start. Also worth noting that Bonehead is only out for 9 of the next 21 games. Those 9 games are against 5 teams with .500 or worse records and against teams with a cumulative 95-89 record (.516 WP or 42-win team). Can the Hawks find a way to go 5-4 over those nine and then be healthy at 10-20? That would be best case, imo. Are we grasping at straws? Sure. But desperate times call for desperate measures.
  14. You wanna know what the Hawks would look like without Trae, just look at the Dubs tonight. Straight trash. Hard to believe there's a worse team. Good grief. Ball between the legs, ball off the knee, dribble the shot clock out, air balls, bricks, just plain trash.