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  1. Because the question was about the eye test and if I'm being 100% honest.....I've seen about 4 Mavs games and Luka hasn't played in a single one. Yet Timmy has gone off in each one. So to me, while I KNOW luka is their star, the eye test for me is Timmy.
  2. This is ugly man. So tired of no defense and poor shots offensively.
  3. Mission complete. Raise yo hand if you voted Timmy for the Mavs? LOL
  4. Just saw this. That original stat came from Second Spectrum and, unless I'm mistaken, you have to have a sub to see that data. I've been scrounging around the interwebs but so far haven't found any similar data so can't calculate the rest of the team numbers. Would be easy to calculate if we just knew the total team data.
  5. League avg in that scenario is 112.
  6. The problem I have with Trae last night is that his "off night" wasn't just about missing shots. Everyone dies that from time to time. No issue with that. No. The real problem was the WAY Trae was playing. It was his decisions. We could see it from his pregame comments about facing off vs Ja. He was looking for a big night vs the rook and he failed to get anyone else involved. He forced shots, turned it over, and generally failed to actually run the offense. You wont find a bigger Trae fan than me but last night was unacceptable. And unfortunately it was also entirely predictable.
  7. Trae with 2 assists and JC with 7 pts on 6 shots. They gettin nothing at the rim.
  8. You mean the guy that missed 2 uncontested layups? That guy? Or you talking about the dude with a 3 second windup?
  9. You mean the guy that missed 2 uncontested layups? That guy? Or you talking about the dude with a 3 second windup?
  10. Honest question for any of you that has seen the Grizz play this year. How in the hell do they have 29 wins? They look every bit as bad as the Hawks.
  11. Pathetic. They can't even execute a simple entry pass. Guys look like keystone cops out there.
  12. Is it a full moon or something? Maybe some weird astrological force impacting gravity? I dunno. This is just plain ugly.
  13. I told yall Trae was gonna try to go off against Ja. He needs to let the game come to him.
  14. Good start but at 9-2 it should probably be 17-2. Two missed dunks and two missed Trae floaters leave 8 pts on the table.