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  1. The deal of the day is free* worldwide shipping on hawksshop.com, so if you are an International fan (like me) and have avoided purchasing from hawksshop.com because of obscene shipping charges (like me) then this might be your opportunity. However, note the asterisk I have put next to "free". Well its not free for Australians and it may also be the case for other countries. I called them up after not being able to get the free shipping option (it was charging me $127 for a few shirts and hats), apparently it is only available if USPS has International First Class to your country. So
  2. Thabo being out will really hurt us when DMC sits. LeBron will be close to unstoppable during periods of the series. If we can ride those moments out and minimise the damage, we can win this series. Our bigs will really have a chance to dominate Mozgov and Thompson, as long as they block them out and grab rebounds on the defensive end. Hawks in 6, just having LeBron is good enough for two wins on its own.
  3. Most definitely plus the airfares! :) BTW if anyone is looking for Network Engineers in Atlanta then let me know. That's kind of serious. :)
  4. I am a Network Engineer so maybe I could do it. Would only do it during the playoffs so I could be here for them. :))
  5. Thanks for the protip @dolfan. Might not get many more uploaded, the 4G is going bad with more people coming into the arena.
  6. Let's see if this works....Baze out early getting some shots up
  7. Great work as always lw3. Its my last game before I leave the ATL tomorrow morning, hopefully its another great one. I can't complain about the games I have seen whilst here.
  8. On my way capstone. It is amazing down here, unreal atmosphere.
  9. Great work again lw3. I'm excited about this game, especially now with this Lillard snub. Are we sold out tonight, the crowd should be pumped.
  10. OK, sounds like Taco Mac is a good pre-game hangout. What about post-game? Which bar is the place to hangout afterwards? Where does all the fans go? I'm planning on a good time whilst here.
  11. I'm in section 116 for tonights game. I'm pretty excited!