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  1. Not much to be mad about in that one. Lakers size and Lebron's IQ makes them one of the toughest matchups possible for this Hawks team. I honestly expected them to be up by 30 at some point tonight. Reddish missed a gimme, it is what it is. No chance in hell the Lakers were letting Trae get a look there. Offense generated the 2nd best shot in basketball only to layups/dunks, missed it. For yall LP/Trae offense complainers. Reddish defense is really impressive. The deep transition bomb 3 by Trae is tough. Obviously a 2 for 1, looked super selfish in the moment though. Hunter gotta work on his touch at the rim. Missed a lot of layups.
  2. He is really, really bad. But he is not the reason why this team doesn't have good defense. Our bigs don't do a good job of contesting shots. The amount of times the Pacers got to the paint without a contest from our bigs was ridiculous (f***ing Jabari). And when they are there, the contest is really weak. Our defensive rebounding is atrocious. Trae could be the Glove and our defense would be bad (obviously better than it is, but still bad) right now.
  3. Bembry has been more or less out of the rotation since the Hornets game.
  4. Tonight's game is on Trae and Pierce mainly. I cannot wait until Vince is gone, LP trusts him too much and he's always in YOLO mode.
  5. Good on Trae. He called his teammates out for playing like shit and the next game we have a complete team win.
  6. Just FYI, Trae gets a lot of calls himself. Not Harden/Giannis or something, but he's 8th for free throws attempted. Speaking of, that's one of the big reasons I wanted to get rid of Dennis. He never got to the line. You really had to just hope he could get to the rim. Trae has multiple ways to get his points.
  7. The Rockets are basically what we want to be. It's a really solid scheme when you actually have playmakers. We don't even have a PJ Tucker type to find the open man after Trae gets trapped.
  8. Bembry cant shoot midrangers. He's a 58% career free throw shooter. He shoots 32% from midrange. The reason he doesn't shoot is because he sucks at shooting.
  9. The solution is better players
  10. There is no efficient offense with these guys that doesn't involve Trae. They all suck lol.
  11. There could be 4 LK6969s out there and it would not matter. This is all Trae.
  12. You can predict that the Hawks will look good offensively when Trae Young is on the floor? We have a coaching prodigy on our hands on Hawksquawk.
  13. When will yall realize we have no backup PG. No offense is gonna look good with this bench personnel.
  14. He needs to. This off-season it's time to move towards results.