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  1. DBac

    Ask Supes

    At this point, there is no one left for the megatrade to include
  2. DBac

    Ask Supes

    This 'Westbrook wants to come to Atlanta' noise started on a tweet from a fake account
  3. DBac

    Ask Supes

    well the 5 teamer is dead
  4. DBac

    Ask Supes

    I heard Sacramento is very disappointed in Marvin Bagley's work ethic/development and would rather move on at this point.
  5. DBac

    Ask Supes

    is this a blockbuster for the hawks or a blockbuster with the hawks facilitating to an extent.
  6. DBac

    Ask Supes

    what happened to 3 team deal
  7. Draymond is not better than Anthony Davis, Giannis isn't either yet.
  8. I disagree with this a lot. Its early but this draft is looking incredible. Simmons with 24/7/9, Embiid with 22/9/5 as the Sixers go into Houston and beat the Rockets.
  9. So good to see that they are all on the same page. Schlenk smacking em with the truth "You guys won 43 games last year"
  10. His offensive game resembles a center. I don't like him going up against Marc Gasols, Dwight Howards, etc on defense either but we'll see once he gets bigger and stronger.
  11. For someone that drives as much as Dennis, it is concerning that he doesn't get to the free throw line more, which would help boost his TS% up.
  12. Simmons and Embiid are crazy good. Fultz has gotta be hurt or a huge idiot with the way his mechanics look.
  13. I like him a lot. I think he ends up in the lottery when it's all said and done though.