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  1. We're a young team missing our 2 of our top 4 players, playing one of the hardest schedules in the NBA. But yeah we desperately need more players that can handle the ball. Or shoot. Two of our founding principles.
  2. Paul George must've saw all the people comparing Reddish to him and felt disrespected.
  3. I agree. It is go time Schlenk. It's time to start thinking about how do we make Trae a hawk lifer.
  4. Cant wait until Crabbe is up to speed and Huerter is back.
  5. No, the funny thing about this point last year was that Trae was far ahead as a dribble driver than what was expected. He just couldn't buy a 3 pointer and actually started taking far less for a while. Trae gets blocked a lot even now, he's 6'2 with high usage so I've come to accept it.
  6. Disengeuous to compare Cam to Trae last year. Trae was struggling with his shot, Cam is struggling with his shot, dribbling the ball, finishing through contact, not gettijg stripped/blocked when he drives, and general decision making. On top of that, Cam doesn't have a historically good college season to lean on for goodwill. He had a historically bad college season. I'll say his defense has been as advertised, he's just one of the very worst offensive players in the NBA.
  7. I don't mind that lineup. But then you've gotta be prepared to stagger those minutes pretty heavily because you've taken the two best ball handlers off the bench.
  8. FR. He was the guy I wanted the most before last college season, even more than Zion because of his natural fit. But he's only proceeded to be historically bad ever since high school. I just hope that eventually he will be a decent 3nD player.
  9. Don't really blame the coaches. The players aren't making shots. That's really most of the game in the NBA nowadays. As I was typing this the Kings missed several 3s and the Hawks started making theirs. Hence we're back in the game.
  10. The sooner everyone stops pretending Cam has some TMac/KD/PG potential the better.
  11. Cam reminds me of Vic Beasley from the Falcons. No plan at all and spinning like a ballerina.
  12. Cam is pretty awful too but he has the excuse of being a rookie. This is Len in his prime years. Can't post up a point guard.
  13. Len is the worst player in the entire NBA. That weak shit he pulled vs Dunn settled it for me.
  14. Most of these players are doing this stuff. I don't think any less of you John, just should've been smarter to not get caught. Or, get so good that the league can't afford to suspend you without damaging the integrity of the league itself.
  15. Ugh. Could they at least have found a way to implicate Len in this as well? O am not looking forward to watching our remaining bigs sans Jabari.