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  1. DBac

    Let's Talk Draft Picks

    Lamelo is too high usage/weak defensively to pair next to Trae I think. Haliburton is the cleaner fit even if his talent level is lower. Want to unlock Trae's catch and shoot goodness, but he's ultimately too weak defensively to return good value in a significantly lesser role.
  2. DBac

    Let's Talk Draft Picks

    The idea of having two elite passers who are also elite offball shooters in Trae/Haliburton is very interesting. Only holdup for me is Hali's self creation ability. Doesn't get to the line at all and not a pull up threat.
  3. It's time to stop messing around with BG. Worst case, you can do a lot worse with your third point guard.
  4. Hunter thinks he's better than he is on offense. Problem that plagues a lot of Hawks wings recently it seems.
  5. DBac

    2020 Draft Talk

    I'm as big of a draft fan as anyone. I hate this class lol. The Hawks need to consider trading this pick, whether that means trading for an established player or just trying again next year. AE.. I wanted to like him cus he's a Georgia kid thru and thru, but he's been a lazy chucker all year outside of a few explosions in 1 half of games (nature of chucking.. eventually you'll get hot). I wish Wiseman would've gotten to play all year, he dominated who he played but didn't show an exciting skillset for a t5 big. The only two prospects I like are Tyrese Haliburton and Onyeka Okongwu. Neither are terribly exciting but I feel they have the highest chance of being useful players to us.
  6. DBac

    Ask Supes

    This sounds like an amazing deal for us as long as we don't end up with Wiggins or (to a lesser extent) Love
  7. DBac

    Ask Supes

    You said Gallo was 95% to Miami yesterday
  8. DBac

    Ask Supes

    Minnesota needs to stop being thirsty for DLo and just make the trade smh.
  9. DBac

    Ask Supes

    Capela better, cheaper, signed longer. No brainer.
  10. He pretty famously predicted we'd take Trae and Huerter.
  11. All those JJJ vs Bamba/Bagley arguments. JJJ by far the best of the 3. 😎
  12. Not much to be mad about in that one. Lakers size and Lebron's IQ makes them one of the toughest matchups possible for this Hawks team. I honestly expected them to be up by 30 at some point tonight. Reddish missed a gimme, it is what it is. No chance in hell the Lakers were letting Trae get a look there. Offense generated the 2nd best shot in basketball only to layups/dunks, missed it. For yall LP/Trae offense complainers. Reddish defense is really impressive. The deep transition bomb 3 by Trae is tough. Obviously a 2 for 1, looked super selfish in the moment though. Hunter gotta work on his touch at the rim. Missed a lot of layups.
  13. He is really, really bad. But he is not the reason why this team doesn't have good defense. Our bigs don't do a good job of contesting shots. The amount of times the Pacers got to the paint without a contest from our bigs was ridiculous (f***ing Jabari). And when they are there, the contest is really weak. Our defensive rebounding is atrocious. Trae could be the Glove and our defense would be bad (obviously better than it is, but still bad) right now.
  14. Bembry has been more or less out of the rotation since the Hornets game.