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  1. You guys are blowing my mind about Trae. And to his most ardent supporters there is a lot of reality in what is being said. However, I DO think he's got to get over the sensitive stuff. It's great to have that chip on your shoulder...but if you've got haters, you're doing something right (or wrong if you're not producing..ha). I hope he gets it figured out for the better of the team. I think he will...but Dre has been everything his supporters thought and more. Kudos.
  2. I was so tired of refreshing twitter and waddling through relentless political noise. I'm extremely excited about this team and that was before Bogi. There are so many options. This team can go 11 deep and not blink an eye. I've seen people saying that we accelerated the rebuild two years too soon. I'm not sure what that's based on, but arguing with non-Hawks fans is a losing proposition.
  3. I'm offended, but so what. Ha. Dry paint is waiting for the Bogi saga to be done. This team is deep and I'm excited for training camp to begin.
  4. 30 Million Per for Gordon? Ewwwww.
  5. Love this take from birdwrites: "There is an intense professionalism with the way he goes about his game. Has terrific intersection of power and athleticism that allows him to make an impact on both ends, especially when combined with his propensity to work. Plus, has absolutely elite bounce, especially off of two feet. He plays like he has a trampoline under his feet at all times.
  6. deester11

    Ask Supes

    Oh my. Major difference. Barry had the HEART OF A LION. (Maybe Edward's does...but he didn't exude that). Barry did admit that it was a thing to do but he loved football. The lions did everything wrong and he stayed until he realized it was a no win proposition to keep doing the same thing over and over. He gave a lot of himself to some pretty bad teams. Anyway. I see a kid with raw natural athleticism. He can be what he wants. Let's hope he gets the mentoring he needs. Btw...Barry loved basketball first.
  7. deester11

    Ask Supes

    Maybe it's a ploy, but that interview has Takk McKinley vibes.....
  8. deester11

    Ask Supes

    I never want to assume anything since it's tell a lie time, but is this smoke?
  9. deester11

    Ask Supes

    Doesn't seem a mega trade is workable? I'm confused.