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  1. Wow didn't realize it was getting that bad in Beaumont. Glad that you got your family out @sturt and hope that your house will be ok. I know people like to hear the bad with FEMA but they're really stepping up here. They're giving 30 day hotel vouchers very quickly to anyone who needs it and rescuing people. And big props to people who've come from Louisiana and surrounding states who've come to help with boat rescues and other things. And now Floyd Mayweather stepping up just donated 200 million to relief effort. That's insanely generous.
  2. It's Biblically bad here! I've been very lucky that somehow my area of Houston doesn't flood but my parents and siblings are all stuck in their houses in their neighborhoods and can't get out because of flooding on entrances to neighborhoods. I've been out doing boat rescues the past 2 days trying to save people who couldn't get out. Unfortunately my family are all much farther north than me and all of our major highways and roads to get there are closed from flooding. My in-laws lost their brand new house and pretty much all of their memories from boxes that had pictures and stuff. They
  3. The Hawks should be using this $ to hire @lethalweapon3 to write for them! I'll be your agent I just need a 10% referral fee
  4. You can always count on @Diesel to throw in more than a trade is proposed (even fantasy trades) for. If they want the extra 2 first round picks would you say no wait let's make it three? Btw I'm not in any way interested in trading for Irving. Let's roll with Dennis and hope he becomes an all star caliber player night in and night out and be thankful we will be paying him much less than Kyrie will be getting plus keep or use our picks in other trades.
  5. Admin

    Nerlens Noel

    LOL yeah and Caliparri hasn't sold his soul to the devil either. Next you're gonna tell me that Memphis wasn't paying them boys either.
  6. That 2019 Cavs 1st could get VERY interesting. Man oh man I hope the Cavs don't get much in return for Irving.
  7. I thought you were a Hawks fan? Kyrie is an excellent player but without Lebron the Cavs were trash. Plus he got an injury history too. No thanks.
  8. Admin

    Nerlens Noel

    Maybe salty because they've besmirched the good name of Jim Boeheim! But after the past decade of being a Hurricanes fan and knowing what it's like to try to stay relevant through NCAA sanctions it definitely sucks knowing another of my teams has to go through it.
  9. Admin

    Nerlens Noel

    Not to mention he shouldn't need much money as he likely made a ton of it in college.
  10. Adjust fire. Direction left 150. Fire for effect, over. Fire for effect, out.
  11. So I was just doing a search on Dennis and found this article that talks about him growing up and when the he, Bud and the team knew he would make it as this level, his parents, watching massive amounts of And-1 tapes, etc. etc. Some really terrific stuff. It's from Feb so some of you may have already seen it... but it's new to me so why not share it. How did I not know that Dennis was a Muslim? Or black?
  12. Same here... although they're still planning on doing ads on the uniforms aren't they? If we do a beer sponsor, would it be Fosters or Bud? Maybe Koonin gets Coca Cola on board? Maybe Ice Cube sponsoring the Barbershop? Or perhaps Dennis gets on the horn with Audi to be our official sponsor?
  13. I LOVE those!!! .... BUT... and I can't believe I'm saying this... I love the volt green and don't want it going anywhere. Dude has some legit skills at making these things.
  14. Admin

    Nerlens Noel

    Players need to consider the fact that you can come to the Hawks with a 2 year deal and then pretty much be guaranteed to get ridiculously overpaid on your following contract if you've even mildly improved in Atlanta. The last few offseasons have seen DMC, Baze, and now THjr get more than 200 million in guaranteed money between the 3 of them after coming to Atlanta earning about 10% of that combined. Surely Noel won't be leaving Dallas this year but next year he should consider Atlanta a great place to start his retirement plan. *Don't quote me on those numbers as I haven't looked