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  1. Hi Dolf,

    I am no longer seeing the Twitter feed on the right side of the page.  Has that feature been eliminated?  I posted in another section and others say they too have lost it.  Any help on this?

    Thanks for everything you do.

  2. Man we're not going to be anywhere close to sniffing the playoffs. Our regular season roster isn't a whole lot better than what our rag tag summer league bunch are looking like.
  3. As I understand it we couldn't officially acquire Jamal without clearing our cap holds and exceptions and that included Illy. So we couldn't buy him out until we actually acquired him.
  4. Or maybe we're gearing up to match Thjr's offer sheet and don't want to go over that cap??? That thought makes my stomach turn.
  5. The Hawks probably heard they can buy Jamal Crawford and got all excited until they found out that a buy out means something completely different.
  6. Like him or not he's a lot more valuable on the court and as a trade chip than JCrossover and/or Plumlee are, especially if they're riding the pine. We could trade Love to almost any team in the league if we needed to but why would you want to do that when you've got a guy who rebounds, shoots, passes and scores as well as Love does considering he would be a star again under Bud.
  7. Yes that's intentional. ESPN posted that we could be a team the ends up with Love and this is how it could happen.
  8. He has to be planning on using Crawford and Plumlee together for a major trade. Those 2 together could be very useful in making the Love to Atlanta trade happen. I don't know off the top of my head what Melo has left on his deal but if it's more than this year we could give them Crawford and Plumlee while the Cavs get Melo and the Hawks get Love.
  9. I would go a step further and say that probably 99% of the board has wanted us to rebuild for years so there's really no justification for being mad that we're doing it. You can be mad how we're doing it but even then we've just gotten started and the Hawks have a plan and we just need to sit back and watch as they mold the team.
  10. How about this... my wife and I got engaged the night of the 1st win against the Bucks on Dec 27th 2014. That was the 1st Hawks game that she ever watched with me and she became not only a Hawks fan for life but also a Kyle Korver and "Space Jam Schroder" fan for life. Her first experiences watching the Hawks over the next month were to never see them lose despite many close games and watching Kyle go absolutely insane from deep and then seeing 4 starters voted to the All-Star game. She wasn't even a basketball fan before we met and later that year she flew me to Atlanta for my birthday to wat
  11. Been rumored before, Bud could easily be replaced as @sturt has mentioned, Brown will not be the head coach next season unless Kerr retires, and finally our new GM came from the team that employed Brown. Trust me I don't like it at all but you know it's going to happen someday.