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  1. they want the next chris paul and are willing to draft/trade for a PG every year til they get another chris paul. lol.
  2. wish we had michael williams on our team...
  3. his defense (or lack thereof) on 1 play lead to a W for the celtics. Ray allen didnt have to do anything. just drive to the right and get an easy uncontested layup.
  4. u can probably find it cheaper on HALF.COM
  5. Quote: She looks kind of like Acie, to be honest... i know what u mean. i think its the nose. im glad horford has his priorities straight. good for him!
  6. i like them... but its so hard to find quality "martial arts" movies. crouching tiger, hidden dragon is probably one of favorites (if not the favorite). the new one, the forbidden kingdom, is probably one of the worst (if not the worst!)
  7. at halftime, i took a shower ... and ate some food. come back to watch the game in the 4th quarter and the lead was cut down to 4 points! i thought it was a mistake at first. well i expect Kobe to come out looking to score 40+ in game 5 with the lakers winning. then Game 6 in boston, i think celtics will take it. i would love for it to go 7 games though... that would be cool!
  8. the MEMPHIS GRIZZLES? when have they ever been to the conference finals?
  9. yeah, its all about the TIP OFF at the beginning of the game.
  10. Lets assume we win game 6 and have to go back to Boston for game 7. The 3 games we lost in boston, we lost by 20+ points. That being said, we cant do the same thing. We need a new gameplan for game 7. I say we take Bibby out (if his shooting is off, hes useless out there) and either insert Johnson at PG (and let him guard Rondo so he wont be in foul trouble) or Acie Law (who plays better defense and penetrates on offense) at PG. I dont want to rely on Bibby's inconsistency for a game 7 victory. Bibby is good 1 out of 4 games. inconsistent players need to come off the bench!
  11. assuming there is a game 7, i say we dont play Bibby or let him come off the bench. heres why: 1) If hes not hitting shots, hes absolutely useless on the court. sometimes, his offense is so great that it offsets his defense (or lack thereof). Hes inconsistent and shows up 1 out of 4 games. That being said, i rather not take the chance that he "shows" up. Hes a liability on defense and needs help guarding his man, which leads to an open 3 for Boston. I say we either: A) ACIE LAW. At least we know Acie will play well defensively on RONDO. or B) JOE JOHNSON at PG. and start Zaza at center. We get bigger and hopefully this leads to more REBOUNDS.
  12. works as well. its like 1-2 minutes behind "real time" and quality isint too great... but its watchable. for those who dont want to download sopcast.
  13. they usually post up links for live nba games.
  14. Quote: My favorite post in that thread: "Why can't the Celtics get players like Joe Johnson?" thats hilarious! lol.
  15. lol. 50/50. haha. dolfan, want me to vote again?