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  1. I had a hard time holding it in when I found out and even so now. I remember meeting him when I was an 8-year old at the old Whitehead Boys' Club near South Bend Park. There were a ton of folks there to greet him and wanting to just take a picture or get an autograph; he was like a rock star but he had the humbleness as if he was just just another guy. But he wasn't just another guy to us and especially to me. He carried himself with such grace despite what was happening behind closed doors. And it goes without saying that he's the real home run king no matter what the record book says an
  2. That's just terrible to lose anyone much less a guy like him. And I still considered him as family even after he left the Hawks to go national. My condolences to his family. I don't even want to imagine what they're feeling right now. Take it light, Sekou...
  3. Let me get this straight. One of the favorites to compete for the Eastern Conference got their collective a$$es kicked sideways on their home court by some young upstarts, whose star player only hit a third of his shots? And I loved listening to Nets' analysts cry the blues after a 'go home/it's now okay to watch the Ohio State game' alley oop dunk off the backboard. If Kyrie had set up Durant for such a play in a blowout win, every sports outlet would be replaying it tonight while laughing at the Hawks for not being ready for prime time. This was one of the first true tests they've
  4. I'm rounding into my 2015 form of not watching the games live, enjoying the victory post-game, then viewing the replay...
  5. Dejay

    Happy New Year.

    Same to you and your families. Stay safe and go Hawks...
  6. As in Red Foreman telling Eric not to wake his mother up because she's 'very tired' satisfying...
  7. Dejay


    Oh man, I was boiling mad over them trading Luka for Trae, as I thought that he would only translate into a 'gotta get mine' chucker (see Davis, Ricky) at best. I didn't start to come around until after the All-Star break of his rookie year when he just did the impossible almost every night. Dallas has their man but losing out on Trae and Reddish is going to prove over time to be an extremely high price tag. Like buying a luxury vehicle that everyone is impressed with but paying the note at payday loan interest rates...
  8. Oh well, I'll give this a shot... 41-31 1 (Trae, even though the national folks won't like it one bit) 0 0 6th 38-34
  9. This pretty much sums it up. BB was the missing piece when the Bucks made a move on him and the Lakers were interested. Here, he's nothing more thana slimmer version of Alexander Volkov. And Gallinari is way too old and just should've retired; same with Rondo if he wasn't going to sign for a 'real' team. Have them tell it, Trae just pads his stats and just isn't a winner, Reddish should be in the G-League, and Collins should be in playing for the (insert contending team here). We'll just have to see what happens. That's why they play the games...
  10. To quote Hulk Hogan when Ted Dibiase offered to buy the WWF World Title off of him... 'HELLLLL NOOOOOO!!!!!' First off, Moses Malone (RIP) and Theus were both passed their primes by the time they got here. Rollins was still reliable defensively but clearly lost a step by the time Nique got things going. Kenny Smith was here for about eight seconds before leaving town to win titles in Houston. I never, Ever, EVER liked Augmon or his style of play (you know I openly revile wing guys who can't fire away true from the outside). If Fast Eddie had left the drugs alone, Rivers wouldn't have
  11. Other than missing the fact that the Dallas pick used to get Cam Reddish was top-3 protected, A+ on the thesis paper, kid. I was initially one of those who bemoaned the trade when it took place; now, I'm one of Trae's biggest supporters. It's one of the few times as a Hawks fan that I was totally wrong about a lottery pick of theirs (the SAR trade and Acie Law being the exceptions). And I was dead wrong on this one. The thing when I saw Trae turning the corner and me being needled by everyone in the barber shop with 'haha, remember Trae? You said you didn't like him...' was that I ho
  12. This. Right. Here. To most NBA fans and national pundits who only watch highlight reels on Sportscenter, Trae pads stats like Matt Stafford after the game's been long decided. And since the Hawks aren't good, the sole blame for that falls on him as well. No never mind to the fact that Luka had at the very least a competent lineup riding shotgun with him the entire time. And as for Cam, oh boy. Those same folks stopped looking at him after Christmas last year and called him the worst lottery pick ever. Let them tell it, he shoots only 40% from the free throw line not the 3pt line. He