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  1. I'd go with Hudson as the shooting guard (followed by Joe Johnson and Steve Smith) and either Roundfield, Willis, or Milsap at power forward (with Collins closing in) if you're talking about Atlanta history. Pettit is the obvious choice if you're adding in the St. Louis years...
  2. Whoa there. If I recall, Willis was out in '88-89 because of a broken foot. So he never got to play with Nique, Moses, Theus, and Doc. Had he played, their entire season might have ended up differently. And don't get me started on the riff with Theus and Fratello. Based on the fact that all five of those guys played in All-Star games with two of them being in the Hall and Nique in his prime, I'd put this team first in terms of overall talent. It would a most interesting matchup. Could Hunter at 100 percent stay with Nique? He'd better, because Capela would be very occupied with Moses
  3. Ask any of us Braves fans what it felt like and we'll recall the '96 World Series. I lost a lot of $$$ on that. A lot of $$$....
  4. I hope that he's healthy come Game 2. They'll need him...
  5. Agreed but even that gets old, especially if the guy you traded is doing the impossible and leading the Hawks beyond their usual weight class. Best believe that changes will be made if they flame out again next season while the Hawks continue ascending up the food chain...
  6. If Reddish turns into Jason Tatum and the Hawks continue winning playoff games while the Mavs are booking vacation cruises with Expedia, things are going to get very uncomfortable for execs in Mark Cuban's office...
  7. Fair enough. The next two games will say a lot. But if they somehow take Game 2 coming back home...
  8. If I was a Sixers fan, I'm beyond concerned. If you had told me before the game that not only would Embiid play but hang 40, Hunter wouldn't play, and the refs had Iverson jerseys underneath their uniforms, I would've been hard pressed to believe a way for the Hawks to keep the margin within single digits. Despite getting their best shot from their best player, including the refs all but throwing a chair into the ring to help, they still lost. I have utter confidence that Nate Dogg will have them ready for those traps come Tuesday. And if Hunter returns, well...
  9. They have no choice now. Regardless of the ending, they lost homecourt with their best player almost hanging 40, with Hunter sitting out. Either they play Embiid heavy minutes the rest of the way or they're going to be joining the Knicks in Casamel...
  10. The human victory cigar is now here. As mandated, I did not watch the game and was at H-Mart with the family. After today's win, they are frantically trying to make plans for Wednesday and Friday night to keep me occupied. Heard that Trae went off. Someone give me the 411...
  11. That's the part that I want to read about. It was bigger than just getting back a younger player while they still could (who mind you, got off the plane talking about how he didn't really see himself signing an extension here). I want to know why Babs and Kasten were so gung-ho against putting real players around Nique instead of role players (big difference); you know, the antithesis of what Schlenk did with Trae this past offseason? Why did Nique had to play so many years around has-beens like old Sidney Moncrief and old Maurice Cheeks? Why did he have to spend so much time carrying scrubs l
  12. I loved those guys but Drew and Eddie couldn't leave the drugs alone. They were so unreliable that it often left Roundfield having to hold the line by himself, which was a recipe for disaster and years of mediocrity (see the Loughery years)...
  13. I think Philly will be very tough to beat because Doc won't let them go out like suckers unlike their former coach. If Brown was still calling the shots, the Hawks might even be favored going in. And looking at the schedule and how far they're stretching things out in hopes that he recover (NBA execs are banking on it), he just might become a factor if the series goes 6 or 7 games. Keeping that in mind, if Embiid is as least 75% and playing 35+ minutes a night (I have my doubts on that), the Sixers win in 6. But if not, well... The key is the first two games of the series; can the Hawks w
  14. One of the few draft picks I called right, lol. And seeing him play well before his injury was the reason why I wanted the Hawks to pick him over Culver or Hayes. I really didn't pay much attention to his numbers in the Knicks' series, as I was more focused on his health and his defense. And he pretty much aced that test and started to really get his sealegs under him in the clincher. His play against Philly will go a long way in determining how far they push the Sixers, much less beat them. Having him around to help prevent Harris or Maxey from getting hot and keep Simmons out of th
  15. Rome didn't lie. Even I heard Knick fans bringing up scenarios about how they could at least get to the ECFs after winning Game 2. Beating the Hawks and Philly was a foregone conclusion to them. Riiiiight...