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  1. Bogi might be right now due to his NBA and International experience. But I chose Trae due to his ability to read defenses on the fly. Its like he looks up and sees all the options in a blink of an eye.
  2. I think this could be a good match for both. This Hawks team could be a offensive juggernaut the likes of which Nate has not coached yet. His defensive mindset and this offensive fire power could be exactly what they both need. That is my hope!
  3. I knew this would be a PITA game. I can't think of any team in the league, save the Nets, who could beat this Memphis team with their starting front line and best scoring back up big out. The 3rd quarter crushed us, otherwise it was a respectable showing. I like Okongwu and this time next season he will be pushing Gallinari for minutes off the bench. It will be a good choice for Nate to have, Offensive or defensive depending on what is needed.
  4. I am good. I sent a note to Howard letting him know I felt like I was being harassed/targeted. Its been pretty chill since that day.
  5. The Hawks are playing respectively of the offensive end. But the Hawks have nothing defensively missing their whole starting front line. I don't see how they can stop Memphis with this lineup.
  6. Hawks are scoring. They need to tighten the defense up in the 2nd half. Okongwu with 11/2 and 2 blocks in the first half. Not bad for the rookies first start.
  7. This should be a good game. Hopefully Trae and company can make it rain again
  8. I would have a hard time taking most of those young players over Trae. I think point guard is the most important position in the game today.
  9. Oh there is this to. The poster I implied that was not knowledgeable about the Hawks was a Mavs fan. So of course Chuck and Hartford had to come to rescue. Like I said, cliquish as all get out.
  10. I am clean and cannot stand vulgarities being directed at people in post. The trade board is weird. I implied a poster was not knowledgeable about the Hawks and got a terse warning. When I rebuked it, I got another warning. Three mods ganged up on me for that one post. Chuck, Hartford, and BullyKing. I felt like I was the new kid in school being ganged up on by a 90210 clique. Cliquish and weird as hell is all I can say.
  11. I am one warning away from a 3 day suspension; so I will pick my own battles thank you very much
  12. A little tidbit I picked up. Trae ranks 7th in this catch all stat for players 25 and under. They are : Luka, Zion, Bam, Tatum, Mitchell, Murray, Young, Brown.
  13. I like seeing IT out there. Handles look rusty but he is moving better than I have seen in years.
  14. SVG shrugging his shoulders. What can they do? The Hawks are hotter than a firecracker. 19 of 24 from three. Maybe they should try chasing someone off the 3 point line?
  15. Despite Zion, they are still holding the Pelicans to 41.9 % shooting.,