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  1. Clarke and Bitadze are looking like the real deals. Rui is looking decent but his 3 point shooting weakness is glaring. Washington can flat out shoot a basketball. I am not that big on Herro or any of the SG's we passed on but I have been wondering lately what our front line would look like if we had not made the trade. It is just Hunter, Cam. and Fernando's rookie season and I know it takes up three seasons to develop. I have probably just been spoiled by Collins, Trae, and Huerter.
  2. I think Doc remembers all to well that Hawks victory in LA and Trae dropping a dagger three in front of the Clippers bench. Doc stared Trae down for posing but Trae just moved on like Doc did not exist. Brutal game. If the threes are dropping like this ( 51.5 ) if and when Leonard and George play together its lights out for most anyone in the league.
  3. Horrible start and Clips akready have way to many trips to the line.
  4. Kawhi, I only work part time, Leonard is killing me in fantasy. The only way I take him again next season is if he drops to the the 3rd or 4th round. Very good for our Hawks though!
  5. Church, I mean the firs NFL game, does not start until 1:00 PM.
  6. Good for him and maybe them. Portland fans are crying for some offensive punch from their front court; maybe he can still give them some juice. I would love to see him and Crabbe get involved.
  7. I would like to see Trae take Rubio to the rack early. Rubio's size can be a bother but if Trae can keep him honest that should open up the perimeter for him.
  8. Great write up @lethalweapon3. Man I would love to see Cam and Hunter go off for about 8 combined threes; then throw in Trae's 8 and its game on!
  9. Every time Trae makes a shot late in the 4th with us in the lead, Nique calls it a dagger and I swear the other team gets back in it every time also. He really needs to stop calling less than double digit leads daggers.
  10. Straight line drives for dunks and layups. A fast break when it happens, and shoot threes. I agree about the dribble in and shoot from inside the three point line. They look crafty but are a waste more times than not. He can work on his strength and dribble penetration in the off season.
  11. He could stand to take some martial arts or boxing lessons as well. That picture of him wrestling with Towns is a classic. He is fighting with his eyes closed 🤣 Ali said, "your hands can't hit what your eyes can't see". Fighters don't shut their eyes on purpose.
  12. 7 game sample size. I am not worried. I don't see Cam as a chucker; I think he has a conscious. He has to figure out ways to score when his shot is not falling. Even Hunter's stats are taking a dive. We wanted the rookies tossed into the fire, this should be expected. I want effort on defense no matter how bad the shooting is. That I expect and did not get against the Bulls.
  13. We really need a win before this road trip starts. I thought the Suns road game would be a gimme but not anymore.
  14. Clarke on the other hand is looking like a steal for them at 21. I am sure @Spud2niqueis happy for his alum.
  15. Luka is not exactly lighting it up tonight. 38.5 from the field, 0 for 4 from downtown, 5 assist and 4 turnovers. Its still only in the late 3rd; but just saying. Which I am sue you are also with your reply to Plainview. He just made two in a row, 46.7 now lol