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  1. I agree with @AHF about it being a marketing tool. They are predicting the Hawks are worse off than the Wizards and The Bulls. Guess what? They are bigger markets. I am predicting 37 to 41 wins. One chases the 8th seed and the higher number could win it.
  2. He did for the most part. I think he forgot one or two weeks. I know because he came on set them against me at the last minute; but the week before he forgot.
  3. Or if the are not very good or go into tank mode.
  4. I think this lineup, though thin , is real. Trae/Evans/Adams/Goodwin Huerter/Crabbe/Bembry Hunter/Cam/Brown Collins/Parker/Parson Len/Fernando/Jones I am sorry, but I cannot look at that lineup and not see improvement over last season. Come January, we will be the talk of the league once again. But this time, it will not be just about Trae. It will be about the team.
  5. I meant the Sixers fear us more than the Bucks fear us. I should have made that clearer.
  6. To make the playoffs we are a threat. To get past the 1st round, I'd say no threat. But given the makeup of our team, no one will take us lightly if we make the playoffs. We will have their attention at the opening tip off. Sixers probably fear us more than the Bucks; but with our added length at the wing positions and hopefully better vet play, we can be more competitive with the Bucks this year.
  7. Dinwiddle, VanFleet, and Beasley where on my radar; but I felt like I had had invested enough in my guards with picks #1, 40, 60, 61 and then Sexton at 120 was like enough already at the guard spot. Bitadze was a thought; but I needed to swing for the fences on some wings and tweeners like Keldon Johnson and Grant Williams. I think Jabari was a great get by @JayBirdHawk. I knew about him of course but then went to sleep on him in the later rounds.
  8. They said it was a deep draft. I chased that with Keldon Johnson 29th and Grant Williams 22nd. I also considered Nassir Little 25th in place of both of them. Portland taking him is what made me consider him. In the end, I could not justify Nassir's below average college career enough to take him.
  9. If he can translate his excellent FT% to the three point line, he will be one of the steals of the draft.
  10. Buzzard

    Vince is Back!

    This is good news. Great leadership for our young players and he could have a positive influence on Parker, Parsons, Crabbe, and Turner as well. We have the makings of a decent veteran bench.
  11. Its all good. I went on a small trip.
  12. I bet @AHF and Kentucky are glad Grant is finally moving on as well 😀 Career averages against the Cats: 15.5 and 6.3 on .537/.780 and a stupid 3PT% of .600 ( 6 of 10 ).
  13. With the final pick in the 2019 NBA Draft the Flocking Buzzards select Grant Williams. Grant is a undersized Power Forward who played three very productive seasons at Tennessee; his last leading the conference in scoring. His accolades include Consensus 2018/19 1st Team All-America, All SEC 1st team in 2017/18 and 2018/19. Grant was also the AP SEC Player of the year in 2018 and 2019. So now we have both the Coaches and AP 2018/19 SEC Player of the Year. Williams is no wall flower and he played big in the SEC Tourney, making the 2019 All Tournament 1st team. Please welcome to the Flock, the guy Danny Ainge is hoping can resurrect his drafting slump, Mr. Grant Williams!
  14. I am making my pick now. Be about 20 minutes.
  15. Nothing wrong with women reporters. Plenty of men only played one sport at a very low level; but received a good education and became journalist covering a lot of sports or not even the one they played at their best. Women can do the same thing yet are viewed as less. Most of the women journalist on the golf channel can beat just about any ameteur man or women. If they happen to look good, nothing wrong with brains and looks as far as I am concerned. The more the merrier.