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  1. I felt like KAT, Durant, and Embiid were my top choices at 6. Last season it was Embiid who cost me with DNP/Injuries. Durant is way to scary with his load management/rest games. So I took KAT despite the fact he only played in 50 games last season. I have taken Turner multiple times through the Squawk years and he always cost me; but three plus blocks a game, with his shooting percentages, is too dang tempting, I am hoping like heck that KAT and Turner can finally put together a full season of games.
  2. I like this years team almost as much as last. But once again I have my injury concerns with Conley, Garland, Hunter, KAT, Rose, and Turner. You just cannot draft a risk free team anymore. Some of the most talented players are also the highest injury risk. Good luck everyone and Go Hawks!
  3. Why should it be 10? Not enough players or something?
  4. I just went into Yahoo and see the live draft is October 11th!
  5. I am game and also are we doing another Yahoo Squawk Basketball League? I have bem in one of those as well for several years.
  6. Good signing. Collins is a integral part to the Hawks starting five. He plays PF/C interchangeably as his coach needs him. He improved his help defense this year. He also played a lesser roll and displayed a team first attitude. This is good for both parties!
  7. Hawks got a steal at 20. Possibly the best combo forward in the draft. Johnson is like the perfect answer to back up Hunter and Collins.
  8. 4th quarter belonged to Trae, Gallinari, and Huerter. Lets add in the great rebounding work by Collins in the 4th with 6 boards. Trae 10 PTS, Huerter 8 PTS, Gallinari 7 PTS. The Hawks closed out 3 of the 4 quarters on the plus side. They kept it close and then sealed the deal!
  9. Collins and Bogdan had bad games. Trae, Huerter, Capela did all they could.
  10. Good start just have to love the energy!
  11. Greatest playoff comeback in Hawks history. This was lead by Lou, Gallinari, Collins, and Trae!
  12. One more tech and Embiid is gone. Your teammate made the great play on the offensive end; and that was such a bone headed immature foul to get going back on defense.
  13. The Hawks just need to stay connected and then put together some runs/stops.
  14. Hawks are not going to roll over. Hell of a game and 2nd half by the Hawks.
  15. The Hawks are hanging in there at least. I don't think Trae's shoulder is right but we will see how the 2nd half goes.