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  1. One more pick from the Mavs to play with. I think this draft is a lot like the ones in which Klay Thompson, Myles Turner, Paul George, and Kawhi Leonard were in. There is a diamond waiting on us at 8 and/or 10.
  2. According to Bleacher Report we will have a shot at both. This does not look like a big stretch either; looking at those going before us at 8 on this list. 1. New Orleans Pelicans: F Zion Williamson, Duke 2. Memphis Grizzlies: G Ja Morant, Murray State 3. New York Knicks: F RJ Barrett, Duke 4. Los Angeles Lakers: G Jarrett Culver, Texas Tech 5. Cleveland Cavaliers: F De'Andre Hunter, Virginia 6. Phoenix Suns: G Coby White, North Carolina 7. Chicago Bulls: G Darius Garland, Vanderbilt 8. Atlanta Hawks: C Jaxson Hayes, Texas 9. Washington Wizards: F Cam Reddish, Duke 10. Atlanta Hawks (via Dallas): F Sekou Doumbouya, France
  3. Buzzard


    I don't think he is that far off. We were suppose to have about 34.5 in cap max if we renounce everyone before the trade. Add Crabbe 18.5 mill and the pick 1.8 mill then subtract Prince 2.5. By my math it is more like 16 or 17 million in cap space that is free. https://www.spotrac.com/nba/atlanta-hawks/cap/2019/
  4. Everyone is all over the map about who we will take. Yesterday Bleacher report had is taking three SF/Tweener types: 8- Reddish 10- Doumbouya 17- Hachimura https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2839915 Today they have us taking two Centers and one Forward type: 8- Hayes 10- Doumbouya 17- Claxton https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2839838-2019-nba-mock-draft-latest-prospects-stock-movement-and-predictions This much is pretty clear, they expect us to be chasing front court depth in the draft.
  5. Buzzard


    Exactly, if he fits in and helps us, we can try and resign him. His salary but Bazemore's also gives us two very large short term contracts should a blockbuster at the deadline come our way and we need to move one. I like this deal a lot. We get the picks and are not locked into any bad long term cap hit.
  6. Just looked over the updated drafts that I could find and the one I like the best so far is from Bleacher Report. They have us taking: 8- Reddish 10- Doumbouya 17- Hachimura I would love getting Rau at 17; but would prefer a big at 10. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2839915
  7. Buzzard


    We are not trading for Blake. I can see us with three new faces ( rookies ). I think at least one will be a big and have a solid impact even if playing behind Len. I expect Dedmon is gone. I think Trae, Collins, and Huerter will improve. Len was pretty good at the end of last season. Crabbe was injured most of last year but he has had seasons that were close to equal to Prince. Not better or with any upside; but good enough to get by with. That rookie wing and big is where the mystery lies.
  8. Buzzard


    Only stuck for one year. Bitadze. Fernando, Clarke, Gafford, Washington, Bol Bol, and Kabengele have all been projected at one time or another to be available at 17. Schlenk thinks this is a deep draft. Let him do some work before thinking all is lost because Prince is gone.
  9. Buzzard


    I am not driving to ATL for any draft parties; but I did take Thursday night off!
  10. Buzzard


    Ainge is going to start having nightmares envisioning a Hawk that comes in and swoops up his players. We now pick ahead of him at 8 and 10, then again at 17.
  11. Buzzard


    I am not that concerned with ESPN. They picked Bud and the Bucks to still be playing right now and Boston to be a beast in the East also. I love this deal and it totally amazes me how easy Schlenk makes getting extra 1st round picks look.
  12. Buzzard


    This is a great trade. Schlenk keeps loading up with viable assets. What will the mad man do next?
  13. Capella is not worth the money and Houston outbid themselves for him last season. Him and CP3 are reportedly gettable but I think Morey dug himself into a financial hole last season. I don't think he had a lot of choices but long term that team is bound to start regressing.
  14. I think its Soaring down South who has us moving 10 to Boston and letting them take Clarke. Schlenk has shown with the selections of Collins and Huerter he is willing to take players with more college experience. So neither Clarke or Hachimura would surprise me.
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