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  1. I have filled my belly and watched a pretty good game. It will be nap time very soon. Happy MLK DAY Squawkers!
  2. You need to make sure LP gets that damn memo. He probably did not write his minutes down for this game; so for the next game he may not remember how many Fernando played.
  3. I don't care if its Huerter or Cam starting but LP cannot keep treating Bembry like he is some sort of a great 6th man.
  4. At least we finished strong and did not quit. We need a bench. Bembry, Jones, Vince is pitiful.
  5. They are talking about us losing the lead with no mention of who was on the court when the lead disappeared.
  6. f*** Bembry a foul/turnover a minute comes in
  7. Quit whining. We are in it and of course LP is about to put Bembry and Vince back in. Just watch. If he does you can start whining again.
  8. Note to LP: Fernando is plus 9 in 7 minutes. Bembry is minus 5 in 5 minutes. Stop using Bembry like he some sort of valuable 6th man!
  9. Buzzard

    Parsons' Accident

    I wish him a speedy recovery.
  10. To me its obvious. This is cherry picked games against teams in which the whole team got beat to death. I am sure you would be hard pressed to find any Hawks with a positive plus minus against teams in the top eight in either conference..
  11. Bembry has been killing me all season. Its like LP sees Bembry as a Vet/Coach out there on the floor. Makes sense, they both bumble and fumble around a lot.