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  1. We do agree here. We don't need a savior; if we happen to luck into one, so be it.
  2. I like Bey and Smith as good defensive role players outside the top ten. I like Wiseman also if we are in the top three and have a shot at him. We have Capela, Hunter, and Reddish for D. I think the D is the easiest fix we have because of those three players; along with adding Dedmon and Collins who is at least trying to get after it these days. That should at least be 20th or so. We are not the Pistons with Billups, Prince, Wallace, and Wallace but we have some length and speed on this roster now. I like our team a lot and think we can draft for any position, grab a good player or two in free agency, and compete. The days of all these 20 and 30 point losses should be over.
  3. Funny as hell but by December next year, this may ring true @kg01and @macdaddy 🤣
  4. We only took 10 Threes. LP was not coaching this game.
  5. This is pretty much the pass that he is being given. Its going to be crazy bad if we are still jacking threes and making them at similar rates; even if we add Bertans, Harris, or Sturts max player plus possibly adding another shooter via the draft. Then we have the last place defense that needs a lot of improvement. If we have a record of something like 5 and 15 give or take 2 games either way, after 20 games, I say LP has to go. The problem with that is do we have a good Xs and Os Coach on the bench? Hiring one during the season is almost a impossible ask. I love watching our young players but this discussion already has me not looking forward to another season of being in the top ten for threes taken and the bottom five for three point percentage ( threes made ).
  6. I like Edwards, Wiseman, Ball, Haliburton. Ball I would trade for a nice gold mine; say trade down to 10-15 and get two future first. I am not enamored with any of the players after those four; and would be more than willing to trade down and get a future pick. I like Saddiq Bey and Jalen Smith as players to trade down to get. I see them both as potential starters; worse case role players with great strengths that we could use right away.
  7. That is because the opponent has been told who to sag off of. Its really simple and plays right into their hands. The reason a lot of our players get open looks is good coaching by the opponent; not necessarily because of the great system that LP put in place.
  8. The only argument that is valid is LP runs a system that does not fit the team. Getting open looks for players like Goodwin, Bembry, etc for a three is a bad system by design. That's on the coach; not Trae. I will be bet really good money we are not a .500 team at any point after 20 games next season. My fuzzy math as you call is this: we can sign another good shooter but we will still have bad shooters that LP lets jack. In other words, adding Bertans or Harris won't be enough. LP needs a super shooting team that is at least 8 deep in shooters for this so called system to work. That ain't going to happen. PS, I am going to laugh my ass off after Capela takes the first three of his career; then probably turn the damn TV off in anger. Thats better than throwing the remote at it 🤣
  9. That is not what I am doing. I am pointing out how many bad shooters we have that have played meaningful minutes and LP just lets them jack up threes when ever they are on the floor. No control what so ever and the saddest part is its by design. Collectively the shooting percentage is the same. Which is piss poor to say the least.
  10. Its not who you play, its how you play them. Clint Capela has not taken a three in over 5 seasons in Houston. The most prolific three point shooting team in the NBA has a coach who is smart enough to not let bad shooters jack threes.
  11. It is not wrong math. It is even more appalling that they took that many threes if you take into account how many minutes they played. Which is my point. This take that the players need to fit LP's system is a pass being given for horrible coaching and utilization of his bench. This take that they are scrubs and did not play much is BS. Bembry 915 minutes played Parker 837 minutes played Len 745 minutes played Fernando 713 minutes played Goodwin 430 minutes played Dedmon 233 minutes played What should be shocking to everyone is Bembry has taken 65 threes in only 43 games; while shooting .231 from three. Give me a f***ing break already.
  12. You don't pay attention to the games and you certainly do not pay attention to numbers. Those 6 players took 396 threes in 67 games. That is almost 6 ( 5.91 ) threes a game from players who are shooting combined around .250 from three. That is playing stupid basketball in anyone's world. LP needs to adapt to his personnel but instead he tries to make the role players be something they are not. His offense, when it comes to the bench, is exactly like Josh Smith and Woody on steroids. End of story.
  13. Nothing would be wrong with that; except our developmental coach would have to admit he cannot make everyone shoot like Trae or Collins.
  14. You and the rest of those who think we were not trying to win don't have a foot to stand on. We replaced Dedmon for a much more productive offensive player in Parker and we traded for Crabbe who is a career .387 3PT shooter vs Bazemore who is a career .350 3PT shooter. For those that still need me to spell it out: Fernando .135 3PT%, .605 2P% Dedmon .222 3PT%, .704 2P% Bembry .231 3P%, .546 2P% Len .250 3P%, .627 2P% Parker .270 3P%, .601 2P% Goodwin .299 3P%, .485 2P% Sooner or later a light needed to go off and LP should have stopped letting these guys chuck and started setting them up inside. Thinking you can get blood out of a turnip is not being a good developmental coach. Its being an undisciplined one; who does not care how ridiculous we look to the other teams game planning for us. Other teams coach to his players: "Sag off of them all night, everyone will chuck a three. We just need to be prepared to crash the boards and get the ball back." And it takes discipline to play team defense to. If we don't have it on the offensive end, why would you expect it on the defensive end?
  15. They honestly do not get it. We are a horribly coached team and the only time we win is when we shoot 40% from three. Well coached teams can do more than just chuck threes and hope for lightning to strike.