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  1. Scratch this. Just found out the dreaded Celtics own the Memphis pick this year.
  2. Hawks Send: Collins 2020 Pick if it drops to 6-8 Huerter Memphis Sends JJJ Their pick, currently 16th Why Atlanta? To improve the defense around Trae while also adding a more prolific three point shooter at the power forward spot. The Hawks have Reddish and Hunter, losing Huerter will not be devastating provided they continue to develop. Why Memphis? They get a pick and roll monster to team up with Ja; plus solid three point shooting and a better passer in Huerter to start over or backup Brooks. Huerter is 6'7" and can play a little small ball SF also. I almost went Collins and Huerter for JJJ or Collins and the pick swap for JJJ; but after looking at Memphis lineup I figured more incentive would be needed. I don't think the Hawks would consider this if their pick lands in the top 5. Of course Memphis does not do a pick swap either if they miss the playoffs and do some good with the lottery drawing. Posted this elsewhere. It does show how much I value JJJ. I think its a slight to one thing to many over pay to be honest.
  3. Even now proposals are popping up sending us players like Ayton, Gobert, Harden, Simmons, Iaascs, and of course Wiggins. Just wait until after the draft, free agency, and start of the season. Any team clamoring to rebuild/reload due to failed expectations, their fans will be chasing our youth and the one or two signed free agents with a vengeance, I think its a hoot teams fans are offering such high caliber players in some instances, Schlenk must be doing something right; despite our record.
  4. He is a solid starter in a weak draft. He can shoot, dribble, pass and plays team defense. Sound boring but sometimes that is a good thing.
  5. We need at least one serious shooter. Just say no to Trez cause he can't shoot the three @Spud2nique 🤣
  6. Buzzard

    Clint Capela

    My point was this past season the East was weaker. Next season we need more than Trae and Collins. Capela and the rookies improving is a must.
  7. Buzzard

    Clint Capela

    Both hands, all ball, we need that!
  8. Buzzard

    Clint Capela

    Clint is the key to a 8th seed in the East this coming season in my opinion. With a healthy Durant and Kyrie, Wall returning, teams like Orlando and Chicago possibly improving, I think the East will be tougher next season. I am really looking forward to what a front line of Hunter, Collins, and Capela can do. Trae, Reddish, and a healthy Huerter back court as well. The start of 2020/21 seems like a long ways away and I cannot wait to see it.
  9. Buzzard

    Ask Supes

    I think so also. If we get lucky and can stay in the top three, Schlenk should get one of the players he really likes.
  10. The NBA should have went with Vegas. This Florida decision is looking worse by the day. A lot of states are setting records the past month. Some of it is due to more test being performed and some of it is because people are starting to get out more. Florida though is setting the bar for new cases and that has to be scary.
  11. I have this in 2 levels. The first level is what I expect will happen beyond a shadow of a doubt. The second level is dependent on things that may or may not happen; and they also have increments of success. If all of this happens, we will be a surprise team in the east. Just maybe like Boston in 2016/17 before they chased Kyrie. Level 1a - We will be better because of Collins and having him for a full season. Level 1b - We will be better due to having Capela; a starting caliber center and post defender. Level 1c - We will be better with another season under our cores' belt. Level 2a - We can be better if we sign better bench players. Level 2b - We can be better if any of our young players becomes a valid 2nd or 3rd option. We need someone to eventually step up along with Trae and Collins. Level 2c - We can be better if LP matures and grows as a head coach.
  12. I have noticed a trend that Wiseman is dropping. A team picking 4th has a outside chance of drafting him now.
  13. Buzzard

    Ask Supes

    I get it, he is being looked at like a Luka lite. Unlike Luka who played against 6'10 to 7' players, I swear Deni looks like the tallest player on the floor out there.
  14. Besides the three ball that he shoots well, he is a pain in the ass defensively. He harasses the hell out of our guards.
  15. I would like to have Dragic if for no other reasons than to take him from the Heat and not have to deal with him playing against us.