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  1. Hunter and Reddish have been playing the best. LP needs to get them more minutes in the 2nd half.
  2. You are really arguing with yourself by telling me some coaches have been calling set plays since the dawn of basketball. Huerter did hit Collins with a couple of passes in the last game. One lob and one three if I recall correctly. He hit him with another pass and Collins turned it over dribbling. In the five wins, Collins only had two games with double digit touches. Maybe that is something and maybe it is nothing. I did expect Capela to take away some of John's lobs. He needs to be kept engaged as well on both ends of the floor. I don't care how many touches anyone gets. If we walk awa
  3. I think we are agreeing since I said I don't expect Hunter to maintain a .500 plus FG%. I think he can maintain a .400 3PT% and easily hits .800 or better FT%. I know you pointed to George as a good example. Middleton is one also. His career best TS% was last seasons .619. Small Forwards and wings in general are usually not this efficient. I am going to enjoy this run of Hunter's for as long as it last.
  4. Huerter takes 6.0, Reddish takes 5.2, Hunter takes 4.6. and Collins takes 3.3. I imagine at least one three a game for everyone not named Collins is because they move better with the ball and take a three. Dribble, pump fake etc...
  5. Probably not. The 3PT% and FT% might be but shooting over .500 from the field is most likely not. These are his shooting splits. 51.8/43.5/85.3
  6. It is and his is not the best among SF who average 15 or more points per game. Hunter ranks 4th. Middleton, George, and Bridges have a higher TS%.
  7. I think this is a problem for Collins but not for Trae. I think Collins or someone with his group leaked the film session info. Trae looks to be over it and he is passing to everyone. The body language on the floor looks cordial and friendly enough between them. But it does not look the same. If Hunter keeps this up, I look for him to overtake Collins in touches per game. A 3D SF with a .652 TS% is a natural fit with Trae. Collins and Capella are natural fits diving for lobs. While Collins is also useful shooting a three as well. This is my hot take on the film session drama. Take i
  8. What I learned is Hunter is going to be really good and is worthy of that #4 pick. Capela is as advertised also. Capela is 3rd in total rebounds and 2nd in offensive rebounds. If you want to know why the Hawks are #2 in TRB and #1 in ORB, look no further than Hunter's improved rebounding and Capela being added to the lineup.
  9. I do think we are a borderline 8th seed without Gallinari and Bogdan. With them we are a playoff lock. My expectations right now are to play between .400 and .500 ball with both of them out. We get Gallinari back, that could improve us to a solid .500 team if he can stay healthy. I want to see what Okongwu has to offer also. I would love for him to show up day one one as a defensive beast.
  10. Get well Bogi. I hate to say it but I think this will guarantee a losing record. LP cannot coach a team that cannot hit threes. Post play is like the 4th or 5th option in his offensive scheme. Translation, the Hawks will still jack threes at a top ten rate even though they cannot make them.
  11. I don't think the season is slipping away. We will be getting Philly with half their starters not playing. But after that, I see a three game losing streak coming up. As far as your post goes, there is this coach named McMillan on the bench who would put Capella, Collins, OO, and Fernando to really good use. Post play is a foreign language for LP. But Nate knows how to use his bigs and wings as part of a 5 man unit.
  12. How about one more two or two more free throws each?
  13. All LP talks about is having and getting good looks. I cannot stand this offensive philosophy.
  14. It will be interesting to see what LP says about this one. To me its very similar to most of the other losses. The three ball is not dropping. But instead of attacking the paint we play small and keep shooting.
  15. LP's job is on the line. I can see a really bad losing streak on the horizon if the young core does not step up.