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  1. Its Trae, Collins, Bogdan in double figures and no one else. The 76ers depth is looking way better than Atlanta's.
  2. Its a game and looks like they are going to even the foul calls out.
  3. It was a good game for 3 quarters. Collins and Capela need to bring more. They averaged 33 points a game in the regular season. 18 points tonight is not getting it done.
  4. Good half. Gallinari and Huerter are showing up. Its funny to watch but Embiid does not like being touched. I keep waiting on Gallinari to call him a p*ssy to his face
  5. McMillan is going to get paid. He is so underrated for those playoff losses.
  6. Bench is up next. Close it out Hawks...
  7. Knicks want to be physical but their old guys are not up to it. Taj and Rose are pretty tough but they are way to old to be the strongmen for 30 or more minutes.
  8. Lets see if Capela can walk the talk. I don't like the smack talk but it is the playoffs.
  9. Nate has this job in the bag. Watch out for these Hawks now and in the future.
  10. Hawks 1st and 2nd units are cooking ladies and gents.
  11. Hawks on a roll lets keep it going!
  12. Hawks played great. Shooting was lights out. Gotta love it!
  13. Take away the 14 point free throw edge for the Knicks and this is a 25 point lead for the Hawks. Great job for the NBA the refs trying to keep the Knicks in it.
  14. Here is the difference with Rose starting. It makes the Knicks bench weaker against the Hawks bench. If the Hawks bench can break even its a plus in this series for the Hawks.
  15. f***ing officials are not going to let Collins play.