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  1. John Collins 4/7 on 3's and 4/7 on FGs. Just let him bounce around the 3 point line and Capela bang down low.
  2. Deandre Hunter is gonna be so good he needs to just not disappear. I think that has to do more with rotations than him though.
  3. Trae with the 4 point shot.
  4. I think LP accidentally found a good rotation.
  5. 3 assist back to back to back then a pass to a foul. nice run.
  6. Score is reversed if Simmons played tonight. I guess that was a "real" injury after all.
  7. So are we still trading Trae and starting the tank over? What's the mood of the board....
  8. Embiid getting frustrated. We've stayed out of foul trouble running a big boy lineup too. Much improved 2nd quarter.
  9. Yeah it's not like our perimeter D is good anyway.
  10. It was always an issue at games. This is the first time I've been watching on TV consistently in a while and it's been spotty all season. I just assumed it was a reflection of the in person fuckuppery.
  11. I really don't see how a scenario where JC leaves. Defense is sus but he's our only energy out there when shots aren't falling some games.
  12. Yeah...maybe Jojo will keep chucking on us to bail us out since LP refuses to run them at the same time.
  13. Trae isn't getting another call the rest of the season. Too much bad PR to start off the season.
  14. We magically learned how to score when he went in. Let's play BF 40 min tonight.