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  1. Hi Squawkers, sorry for the extended downtime, but we're back! Thanks to those of you who helped with donations to get us back online. Without you, this wouldn't have happened. Expect some kinks and bugs as we work through the transition to a new host, significantly newer software version and overall site that has no idea what going on, but no big deal, we'll work through it. If you come across any issues, please post about them in the help forum and we'll do what we can to fix them. Once again, thanks for your support and welcome back.
  2. chillzatl

    Colon cleansing

    lol, so I'm late to the game on this one and it's obviously a funny topic, but I have to throw a log, so to speak, on this fire. I've never had the full on cleansing, but I've had probably the next best thing. I picked up one of those mount to your existing toilet bidet setups and Oh Baby!, this is how we were meant to live. All this technology and feeling like we run the planet and we're still essentially wiping with leaves? Barbaric I say! If you got poo on your face, would you just swipe it away with a tissue? No! Then why treat your booty like a 2nd class citizen? hehe. So anyway, back to the primary topic here. With one of these setups, the water pressure can get pretty crazy if you crank it up. If you do this enough times, you will eventually hit the mark just right and give yourself a bit of a flushing and while the first time is a bit shocking, you'll quickly realize that it's pretty awesome, especially after a night of beer and hot wings. After that you know to just relax a little, line things up and badoosh, mini-cleanse any time you need it. YMMV! :)
  3. Lol, we scratch out "a win or two" and you never know what will come crawling out of the woodwork! How goes it?
  4. I picked up an Xb1 and kinect 2 is significantly improved over the original. Basically, it has no input lag now or if there is, it's so minor that you can't really tell. It's also able to pick up fine movements like hands/fingers. There isn't much for it yet beyond the voice controls and xbox fitness (which is very slick), but compared to the original it's much improved and since it's a mandatory add-on, we should see some real development for it now. with that said, right now, both consoles suck. I wouldn't put any effort into trying to get one right now because any game that you can get on ps4/xb1 and ps3/360 will be better on the older consoles. The graphics might not be quite as slick, but gameplay is what matters and the new consoles just don't have the gameplay. Hell, in a lot of cases they don't have the graphics either, but the gameplay and options are consistently lacking on the new games compared to the old.
  5. This is my current (and for hte last year or so) favorite.
  6. It's one of those shows that I watch when I come across it, but I rarely make it a point to see it. I think it's cringe inducing hilarity. I agree though, no way Kenny Powers stays rental car model dad for long. The chrome nuts will be back on the stolen truck before long!
  7. I've had 360's since they were released. I currently have 3 of them that I use primarily as set top boxes for U-verse. I play games on them when I find a game a like, but I mostly play on PC. I'm interested in the XB1 more for the media/tv stuff and to see how it integrates with all my other gadgets (windows 8, surface, Windows phone 8, etc), but the games are a nice bonus! :)
  8. The XB1 was originally going to require a 24 hour check-in to verify game licenses. Every game was automatically installed to the hard drive and never needed the disc to be inserted again. YOu could digitally share your games with friends and they would always be available to you in the cloud. Today, due to the mindless mob, microsoft announced that they're dropping the 24 hour check-in, but they're also dropping the mandatory installs and the ability to digitally share your games with friends. You can still purchase games online and get some of those features, but disc based games work like they always have, ie. they have not evolved at all. FWIW, you were always able to buy and sell games, but there was a license transfer process. Now it's back like it always has been, no evolution there.
  9. Sup squawkers, long time! I've got an XB1 on pre-order. I mostly game on a PC, but I want the xb1 for the media/TV stuff. Looks pretty cool!
  10. I've read all 94 issues up to this point and I'd just stick to the show if I were you. You're just going to ruin it for yourself. I'd almost say read up to the point that they get to that building you saw at the end of the S2 finale and stop, because they could really ruin things for you from there on out. The crazy thing is that's probably 25 issues worth of reading there, but take it from me, one can read through 94 issues of a comic in a VERY short amount of time when they're all sitting there in front of you
  11. Why do you think it will take away from productivity? The entire concept of the Metro UI is to give you quick access to the information that you use the most. Once apps are built to take advantage of that, the metro UI should be a huge time saver as there will be less of a need to constantly shuffle your open apps to see what's new. Even without that it shouldn't cost any additional time.
  12. loved the finale. I had concerns that they would be able to make it big with the two previous deaths, but IMO they knocked it out of the park. They will definitely pull huge numbers for S3E1.
  13. Definitely 1 of my favorite shows on TV and 1 I look forward to every week. Gonna be sad when the season finale hits this next week and we'll have to go 6 months or whatever without the show. ah!