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  1. TRW

    Keys to victory:

    Oops! I left one out. 6. Continue to run the second team offense through Gallinari in the post.
  2. TRW

    Keys to victory:

    1. John Collins has to be involved. It's imperative that the guards get him some touches. 2. We have to open up this offense, we're too tight. Sometimes watching our offense is downright painful but we have too many decent to good offensive players to get into long slumps. 3. Play together and for each other. 4. Be relentless on both ends. 5. Stop making excuses.
  3. Bleachkit: Jeff Van Gundy worked with Trae and John Collins two summers ago. Van Gundy raved about them.
  4. Nate McMillan hopefully will work out but I like Jeff Van Gundy.
  5. Thank you for being the leader and man you are. We live in a world where tough decisions have to be made. Regardless, thank you for being the coach of my Atlanta Hawks. Keep your head up and continue to prepare for your next head coaching gig.
  6. TRW


    This is the Gallinari that we need to see, even if it's only one game. This was a must needed win after last night's debacle. I hope we can get some momentum going into the all-star break.
  7. TRW


    I call it trying to get a return on a bad investment, Gallinari hasn't given us anything up to this point and we are still competitive. We're only 2.5 games out of the 8th spot if I'm not mistaken. But, of course we're all entitled to our own opinion.
  8. TRW


    Signing Gallinari was a big mistake. We need to try and trade him before the All-star break. I know he isn't good defensively but he is even worse than I thought. On offense he has also become a liability. It's time, he has to go. Oh, and take Rondo with you.
  9. TRW


    It's becoming harder to watch sports in today's world. I just heard BSPN TV analyst Mark Jones make the statement "Oh, he didn't hit him that hard." Then afterwards, Van Gundy, the other analyst made the statement "you just can call that a foul at this time in the game." What kind of Bull Crap is that. I was taught that a foul is a foul no matter what time or place. If the roles were changed, I bet the great Luka gets that call. Trae got his nose busted. It's just not right.
  10. I'm going with Mike Fratello at one, Bud at two, and the great Hubie Brown at three. I won't consider Lenny Wilkens because Stan Kasten and him traded Dominique in our championship season. I couldn't put Larry Drew on the list because he betrayed us and drafted Giannis. Yes, I can be petty at times.
  11. The Hawks should have retired Joe's jersey right after he was traded to Brooklyn. Joe got it done, it was a shame most of our fickle fans didn't give him his due respect. All the crazy ISO Joe garbage was more a Coach Mike Woodson thing than Joe Johnson, IMO. Woodson had no clue on offense. It's also a shame he never got to play with Chris Paul. Joe Johnson, Chris Paul, and Josh Smith is a 2nd Round playoff team at least.
  12. TRW

    It's done:

    Giannis signed the extension. This is a big win for small market teams. I believe all the teams who where in the Giannis sweepstakes will now turn their focus to James Harden. I believe Harden will be traded to Golden State, Miami, Philly, Boston, or Brooklyn by or before Friday. Thoughts?
  13. Supes, that was a great podcast. I loved the playoff enthusiasm. Lets pray we get good news on Bogo tomorrow.