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  1. I just don't see the Ben Simmons fit. For one, he will make 35 million plus for the next several seasons and you don't pay the 6th man Superstar money, he would have to be a starter. Second, you don't want Ben Simmons and Capela on the court at the same time unless you need a defensive stop at a crucial time in a game, they would be horrible on offense, and that would put extra pressure on Trae, John, and Bogi on the offensive in. Other moves would have to be made, I just can't see it.
  2. TRW

    Pick 48

    McEachern was the beat team in the state his junior year. Now he gets to come and backup Trae. I know he's happy.
  3. TRW

    Pick 48

    Coop is coming home. Cobb County is in the building.
  4. TRW

    Pick 48

    Will Charles Bussey still be their at 48? He would be a steal. I wouldn't mine drafting Sharife from the crib. I sure wish B.J. stayed one more year at Kentucky.
  5. Will this kid be the new age Draymond Green? He has an edge and grittiness to his game.
  6. The Pelicans are scared of losing Zion. He wants to be in the playoffs next year. The Pels are on the clock.
  7. TRW

    Is this better?

    Oh, I forgot, I'm not paying Bradley Beal 49 millions dollar a year.
  8. TRW

    Is this better?

    Beal is a fringe All-Star at best. The only way I'm giving up our assets is for a legitimate superstar and frankly Beal ain't it. AD, Embiid, Giannis, Luka, Jokic, KD, and maybe KAT to some extent are the type of players you use your assets on. We need to be patient and bring the gang back. There will be better situations and scenarios down the road that We can take advantage of. We can't get thirsty now to just be thirsty, which means we shouldn't make deals just to make deals.
  9. Marco 102 Bones is the guy I want for the Hawks. I love his game. I think he played the majority of his first year at point guard and year 2 at shooting guard. Great shooter and ball handler with good length for a point guard IMO.
  10. 1-5 Giannis, KD, LeBron, Embiid, Jokic 6-10 Harden, AD, Kawhi, Luka, Dame 11-15 Step, Kyrie, Tatum, Mitchell, Trae 16-20 Zion, Booker, PG, Middleton, CP3 21-25 KAT, Ja, Randle, J. Brown, Shai 26-30 Beal, J. Buckets, LaVine, Russ, Bam 31-35 Fox, Sabonis, Gobert, LaMelo, Ayton
  11. TRW


    No thanks on Dwight. Why would he accept a third string center role when he could make more money as a 2nd big on other teams? We won't be able to afford him and it's a bad match for both parties.
  12. I would love for us to sign Javale Mcgee. (TIKS) Trust In Travis Schlenk
  13. They're just hating on us like they always do. The league is praying for us to fail but just like the old rap group "Kriss Kross" says, "When you're dissing me, I know I'm on your mind and it's alright." We have to go out and destroy everybody and finish with a top 3 seed and advance deep into the playoffs.
  14. TRW

    John Collins(Max)

    We're all entitled to our own opinions and that's what makes Hawksquawk what it is but we have to stay with the facts. John Collins could have easily averaged 20 pts. and 10 boards this year if he wanted to. This young man chose to sacrifice his stats and free agency numbers for the betterment of his team. John disappearing in some of the playoffs game were true only because most times he was stuck out on the perimeter or forced to take shots before he could get position in the paint. John has enough skills to get it done in the post if he is given the opportunity to. This man is 23 years old and still improving. I love all our players and no doubt decisions will have to be made down the line. Their is no guarantee that DeAndre will overcome his knee issues and no guarantee that Cam will ever reach his potential(I hope he does). We shouldn't make panicky decisions but in reality the future is always in the now.