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  1. Happy Birthday younging! Keep giving your all and help bring that chip to the "A".
  2. I choose B: Just because I'm not a fan of Jimmy Butler, even though he would be a good fit on our team.
  3. TRW

    Ask Supes

    To Supes and the Hawks Fam, this is of course a hypothetical pipe dream but give me your thoughts on this Devin Booker trade/scenario? Dedmond, Hunter, Huerter, and a 2021 and 2023 first round picks for Booker. With Trae, Booker, Cam, Collins, and Capela, we would be a lock for a top 3 seed in the east. This would make us that much more marketable to players like Giannis and increase our odds of bringing in that third star if you don't want to keep Collins. Would Phoenix do it or hang up the phone immediately? I love the updates, keep that hot stuff coming.
  4. TRW

    Lonzo Ball

    Absolutely not. I was just wondering the angle for LeBron considering he runs Klutch IMO.
  5. TRW

    Lonzo Ball

    He left Jay-Z and signed with LeBron at Klutch. What does this thouest meanest my brothering? Could it possibly have something to do with Trae? They were working out together in Cali.
  6. TRW

    Off Topic

    Thanks KG01.
  7. TRW

    Off Topic

    Is anybody else having a problem signing or logging out? If so, please let me know how.
  8. And of course, Toppin can't handle the rock like Tatum.
  9. I agree KG01, hopefully he'll be able to move back to small forward. I was comparing the touches he gets at the power forward position.
  10. Obi Toppin is a poor man's version of Jayson Tatum. Toppin is a little more athletic and explosive. That's who I compare him too.
  11. I'm not a fan of Toppin but Jayson Tatum has no problems getting the ball. It depends on the type of offense a player plays in.
  12. Jimmy Butler really helped Miami this year but I think he's overrated.
  13. I hear you Supes but I don't think Toppin will be available when we pick. I can't see him getting pass Cleveland. I personally want Deni but he'll be gone too. I want be surprised if we trade back to get more assets.
  14. Happy Birthday! Anything passed 60 is a blessing IMO. I bet you've seen a lot of Hawks games. Give me your all-time Atlanta Hawks team and your coach. Only players who played for Atlanta, no St. Louis Hawks.
  15. I wouldn't mind getting Buddy Hield and Cory Joseph.