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  1. No matter how he plays as a knickerbocker, I'm still pretty sure he would've developed his game further if still being on the Hawks roster. He has all the physical assets to be a good player. His problems belong to the psychological part of the game. He cant produce under pressure so far and has a hard time adjusting to new situations. But I think he'll be fine.
  2. Prince is likely going to be a great 3 and D player for years to come. He has everything. His stroke looks great so far. He made some tough j's from the elbow already this season. We don't even have to talk about his Defensive Potential. Hes crazy athletic and has a big frame. Nice hands and everything. The only bothering thing is that he has also shown glimpses of Bazemoreism in his game. Driving boneheaded into players and making the wrong decisions on fastbreaks. But I think that will get better through experience. To me he is going to be a perfect third option on a championship
  3. Watch. the. tape. again. Just stop man. Your not even discussing things any more. All you do is provoke the hell out of me with your picture answers. If you want to discuss a theme then discuss it in normal manner. If not then you won't get anymore answers. I'm a friend of a good discussion and of different opinions so either talk in full sentences or let it be. I'm not here interpret what your trying to say or not to say. I'm here to have a good time with other hawks fans
  4. And btw Prince is becoming a great spot up shooter. Hopefully Dennis can feed him with good looks. You know it's not like I want to see Dennis take that many shots. I hope for many guys to step up and make a name for themselves. Prince is making a name for himself as spot up shooter. Collins as roll guy. Let's see how things will go.
  5. I agree with you guys that Dennis has to hit more shots to justify the amount he takes. But it's not like Dennis took bad shots. Hes not forcing at all. I'd say less than 10% of his shots so far were forced. But he had plenty of good looks rolling around the rim or looking halfway in. In terms of efficiency I'm not sure what he can do to get more shooting fouls. What is a reliable tactic to force fouls? Only thing that bothers me so far are his 3pters. It's a small sample size so far but those for example were some forced shots. As long as there's no respectable second scori
  6. Yeah the thing is how people interpret ts% not what it actually measures. Most fans simply say better ts%, better player on offense when that's not the case.
  7. No its no excuse at all. As I said it's not about Dennis. He was just the latest example for me to think about the stats meaning. I don't like Dennis taking that much shots just so you know. But I don't mind at the moment. There's many things this team has to learn before Dennis shot attempts should be an issue. He played pass first the last game. Even overpassed it at times which wasn't helping at all. At the moment he's the only one on this team able to create his own shot. It simple logic that he takes the most shots by a wide margin. But you going to see others guys getting featured
  8. Ok i checked the formula and it makes a little more sense to me but it is still hella flawed. I figured out that they actually work fta's in but I don't get why they multiply fta by 0.44 . The biggest flaw essentially is how people see ts%. Maybe it's relatively accurate but it won't measure the amount of failure that comes with trying to get fouled. People see for example a true shooting of 60% and say great. When you'd also figure out that the guy averages 6tos due to trying to get fouled it looks a lot worse. I hope it's understandable what I meant.
  9. I saw it many times before on nba boards and saw it again with Dennis first two games. People complain about shooting efficiency. As far as I know it reflects the points you average per shot. The points from freethrows get counted but the shots wont. The thing I am asking myself is why should it be in any way better to shoot 2 free throws and make them then to hit a 2 point shot? What's better, taking dennis as example, in shooting 9-18 and hitting 10 free throws than shooting 14-26 or something? I mean you have to drive the same amount of times. Its not like you have a considera
  10. Can someone tell me why JC is totally reluctant to take a shot or go for the dunk. I always see him passing up on scoring opportunities and rather pass the ball out again. Really want to see him involve himself more on offense
  11. Neither do we know how to defend. Constantly switching until nobody knows who's man is whos. No rim protection at all. Off ball defense not existent. It looks like a friendly game with the guys from the office. Same Hawks as always. One game looking like a solid 6-8th seed next game looking like the definite worst record.
  12. Talk about a bounce-back-first-half!!! Bounce back to looking straight up awful. Schröder is looking like a second round rookie. Collins looks horrible. Does all the wrong things. Even Bembry had no time to shine so far. The only one playing good is Baze. Oh well. That has to say something.
  13. Actually I like a dennis, bembry, prince, illy, Collins lineup more. You need some shooting to spread the floor for Collins, Bembry and Dennis. Thats nothing against Dedmon. Hes just too similar to Collins at the moment to have em both on the floor imo
  14. Bembrys defensive skills are something else. Really really like him. He has everything to be a great player. Collins also very good. I tell ya those young hawks look good!! And I loved how the first two guys bud subbed in were Bembry and Collins. Like exactly those two guys we wanna see joining the starting 5 at some point this season.