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  1. Next season can't get here soon enough. The future is bright in the A T L
  2. I really dont understand the offensive rebounding of the Bucks with no Giannis. That's the biggest surprise to me.
  3. Nate only played him 21 minutes last game. He saw it too. Hope he comes out tonight with more energy.
  4. This is straight garbage. Was last game just a fluke? Get Gallo and Reddish in.
  5. Dunn looks lost in the half court game. Lou needs to pass the ball upcourt. I know Nate saw what we saw.
  6. Every bounce went their way, every rebound, every shot. 2nd half is ours! Let's go Kevin! Let's go JC! Let's to CC! And Lou get your ass in gear!
  7. Trae and Clint both listed questionable.
  8. I like him off the bench especially if they don't have Giannis to start. If Middleton gets hot early though I'd get him in quick. If they don't have Giannis then maybe you see Bryn get the start. Hawks could have JC on Middleton to begin the game.