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  1. I've never looked for a Hawks golf ball marker, but couldn't you have a custom one made for pretty cheap and put whatever logo you want on it?
  2. Watching the Magic vs Clippers scrimmage right now has me really missing Hawks basketball. Hope they can figure out how to let us get some games in.
  3. Has anyone heard any update on the "Delete 8" lately? I just did a quick search and the most recent news was from 3+ weeks ago.
  4. Lol they're not terrible I guess, and better than the circus tent sleeves we've been rocking for years. But also not my favorite 😂
  5. Be careful what you wish for...
  6. Lol it looks like it, and that thing was pretty bad
  7. A closer look at the new logos on the top of the shorts:
  8. I don't disagree with what you're saying about the absence of black on the red and white jerseys. The blue Heat jerseys are one of my favorite jerseys in sports, and they have just a touch of black that makes everything pop a bit more, but it's a very minor detail. Overall, I think we killed it with these jerseys.
  9. Hats off to the Org! They got these right. Can't remember when we had a jersey unveiling so universally praised in this city. The red is my favorite, but the black is a close second. The white is very clean. WELL DONE!!!
  10. Did the Squawk go down for a couple days over the weekend? I couldn't log on or view anything.
  11. 100% - just drop this one with some MINOR modernization changes and we'd all be happy.
  12. This and the white one look to be photo shopped. You can tell by the top left corner of each jersey. The source, Rob Perez, never tweeted them either. With that said, these are sick and definitely match what they've been saying of celebrating "The Human Highlight Era". I'd love for the real ones to look like this when they drop!
  13. @JayBirdHawk Agreed that defense is a big need also, but I'm optimistically hoping that the addition of Capela has already done a lot to fix that.
  14. To further add - these are our "Statement Edition" jerseys. The red ATL jerseys from the past few years are the jerseys being replaced by this one. So a primary home and away are still to come.
  15. Shooting. Seen too many east assists for Trae turn into bricks.