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  1. If they hatin', means we're doing something right.
  2. Hopefully when their contracts are up, Huerter, Hunter, and Cam have arrived and we have no need for Gallo or Bogi anymore.
  3. I was thinking about this, this morning - If Haliburton doesn't inexplicably fall all the way to the Kings at 12, I wonder if they would have matched the Bogi offer sheet?
  4. Turrible...just turrible news that an all world player like Brian Scalabrine doesn't like our offseason or Trae. He'll eat crow soon enough.
  5. Who's the longest tenured OKC Thunder now? Gotta be future first round pick.
  6. We're really going to do a John Collins thread every day until he's extended, aren't we? Lol
  7. Trae / Dunn / Rondo / Goodwin Huerter / Cam / Mays Hunter / FA / Snell Collins / Gallinari Capela / Okongwu / Bruno I count 14 if we guarantee Goodwin. Fingers crossed we can get a deal done for Bogdan for that last roster spot. This definitely SHOULD BE a playoff team. It is on paper at least.
  8. If we can get Bogdan, Trae literally might be going for 15 assists a game with all that shooting and with all the PnR big men we have.
  9. Rashad called this signing a few days ago. He knows his Hawks. If Yoda likes the signing, hard for me to argue.
  10. Any Bogdan update? Been away from Twitter and the Squawk all afternoon. edit: not sure why I put this in the draft thread lol
  11. The last offseason piece... Get it done, Travis!
  12. I haven't seen or heard anything regarding Brandon Ingram. Is it just assumed around the NBA that the Pels are going to give him the max?
  13. I thought we were getting Gordon Heyward and 14 for him lol
  14. Let's be real...Dedmon was on the way out as soon as Okongwu's name was called. I just question whether we could have gotten more for him, but if the market wasn't there, it wasn't there. Both only have 1 year left on their deals so that's a positive. Outside of that, meh?