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  1. After last night's win over the NYK, we are 7.5 back of the 8th seed with 28 to go. A win tonight in Orlando would cut it to 6.5.
  2. It suggests that Ferry was an idiot for letting Milwaukee take Giannis 1 pick before us.
  3. I'm going to keep telling myself that our rookies just whooped the defending Eastern Conference Champions without 2 of our starters and continue on in my state of bliss. I'm deliberately going to ignore the fact that 23 is no longer with them. Our rookies and us as fans needed to see that win last night. I'm not going to overthink it.
  4. Wait, is the game tonight televised inside the metro area?
  5. DeMarcus Cousins has never played in a playoff game. And the one team he was on that did make the playoffs, he was on IR. And now he's coming off an Achilles injury? Yeah, that's a no thanks from me.
  6. This is a good analysis. I was worried about his decision making after that first game, but your're right about the whole team going into panic mode once JJJ caught fire. Now if his decision making is poor again tonight, I may start to think the sky is falling.
  7. But didn't Doncic already lead a team to a title? And win the MVP? All before the age of 20... Seems pretty alpha dog to me.
  8. Hated this pick yesterday, but after watching some film today, I'm coming around to it. His passing ability is really great. And that was passing to pretty terrible teammates. Can't wait to see what he actually does with talent around him like Prince and Collins. Also, having a PG that shoots a high percentage from the field and FT line is important and he checks both of those boxes. Still prefer Luka, but this isn't the complete disaster that I thought it was yesterday. I think the turnovers will get better with experience. Also, him having to do everything at OU I think played a roll in that high number. His defense though....that worries me.
  9. ShooterSays


    Nope. One more year of the tank. Unless you think he's your Center of the future.
  10. ShooterSays


    As is typical for Atlanta's hoping for next season. Maybe we'll get lucky in the lottery and be able to grab the top SG with our own pick and one of the top centers with Dallas's pick. I fear however the Dallas pick will be early teens.
  11. ShooterSays


    I think Bud's coaching contributed to a lot of our wins last year as did Dennis. I believe we'll either trade or buy Dennis out before the start of the season. Losing our two biggest contributors to our already small amount of wins from last year and we'll be back in the top of the lottery next year imo.
  12. A+ draft and bonus points for Schlenk’s creativity. Getting the undersized kid from Davidson will look like the steal of the draft in a few years. Curry will probably go on to win us 3 championships and multiple MVPs. Klay Thompson, who we picked at 19, could also be an all star in a few years. Curry and Thompson will no doubt be the best backcourt in the NBA…watch. I don’t know much about this Draymond Green guy we picked at 30, but I could see his toughness and grit rattling opposing teams. He also has the ability to be defensive player of the year. Maybe Schlenk, the Master Negotiator, will be able to convince Lebron to come and play for us too? And props to Schlenk for not being aggressive and moving around with 4 picks (and cap space) in the first 33. Volume is WAY better than trying to move around for the best talent. Two 2nd round picks in the upcoming drafts are also way more valuable than a silly 33rd pick in this year’s deep deep draft. I for one CAN NOT WAIT to see what he does with his 3 first round picks next year. We will probably draft KD, Westbrook and James Harden all in one night and be a combination of GS and OKC East.
  13. After seeing what Schlenk did with all those firsts this year, I have no faith in what he'll do next year with them.
  14. He also said Dallas will take Bamba at 5 if no deal. So if Dallas takes Trae or if they take Bamba should be the indicator on if the trade is happening.
  15. I just heard Woj say on ESPN that we are dialed in on Doncic. Dallas wants to move up to 3 to grab him but so far our asking price has been too high.