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  1. Just glad they don’t say ATL like the stupid Falcon’s jerseys. But I agree, Hawks looks a little cleaner.
  2. Nothing they’d be excited about lol The bare minimum to make contracts work + OKC pick.
  3. I’m all for getting Dipo if the price is right. Houston will probably try and get more than he’s worth (as any good GM should), but in reality, Houston is on the wrong side of the standings, he’s an expiring contract with a history of injuries, and everyone knows Houston should be trying to win the lottery - not basketball games. Unless a bidding war is breaking out, Travis should have some leverage here I would think. Fillers and a very protected pick (or the OKC pick) sounds good to me. Let’s make some noise in the playoffs! .....unless I’m missing something here and Dipo actually has a
  4. Some good news on Hunter and Dunn today!
  5. Yeah that would make much more sense on why they couldn't come to an agreement.
  6. If we offered 4/90 and he wanted 4/100....I'm gonna be pi$$ed if we lose him for nothing or if he gets an offer exceeding that and we end up matching. Literally $2.5M per year...
  7. Completely agree. The injury history, lack of defense, and money owed makes this an easy pass.
  8. I was just reading up on this. I went into it wondering if I'd want us to offer JC for Porzingis. Then I saw this: "Mavericks' Defensive Rating is 11.8 points worse when Porzingis is on the court. Digging a little deeper into some advanced analytics, Porzingis is the second-worst defensive center in the league according to Bball-Index's LERBON statistic and he's the worst defensive big according to FiveThirtyEight's RAPTOR statistic." Pretty big red flag and I doubt that would work with Trae.
  9. A lot of these issues just come down to injuries. These injuries force Huerter and Cam into roles where they don't belong at this point in their young careers. They should be leading the second unit. We're seeing just how bad the injuries to Bogi and ESPECIALLY Hunter are in this 10 game stretch. The next biggest issue to me is backup PG. This might be one of the bigger misses of TS time in ATL so far. Yes, Rondo and Dunn have been hurt, but even when Rondo has been healthy, he's looked terrible. I wanted OO17 in the draft, but looking back, Hali and Deadmon would be making a huge impact f
  10. Off thread topic - but speaking of Pippen, maybe it's been discussed elsewhere, but does Hunter remind anyone else of Scottie (more so than Cam)? They have a similar build, Hunter is 6-8, 225; Scottie 6-8, 210. He's outperforming Scottie in their respective year 2's, but damn. I see a player who looks like Scottie running up and down the court when I see Hunter. AND De'Andre shoots better. The dunks he's been throwing down this year remind me of Pippen too.
  11. Some of their quotes: * More impressed by us than BKN and a dangerous out in the eastern conference. Wouldn't be surprised if we made it to the EC Finals. * Trae is un-guardable and we have lots of fire power on offense * Will be a dangerous and scary team come playoff time. No one is going to want to face us. * Reminds them of the baby Hawks team who pushed Boston to 7 * Perk called Trae Young a TOP 5 player in the league - Steph Curry 2.0 and on a whole other level right now * Mentioned how Trae and Harden are the only 2 players teams are doubling immediately aft
  12. Kendrick Perkins on the Jump gave us a ton of love. Called Trae, Steph 2.0 and even said he’s a top 5 player in the league.
  13. Anyone else getting the Grizzlies broadcast team on FSSE tonight???
  14. It's finally here... First Hawks game in 9 months....the longest 9 months of our lives. I for one am PUMPED and will be watching every second!!