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  1. So the hawks had to gut the roaster and have no chance at winning to get someone to say something positive about the
  2. I wish your were my teacher handing out them kind of grades lol I wish your were my teacher handing out them kind of grades lol
  3. I agree, And I hate the fact that some fans are cool with this ish. This is Basketball not football plus it may back fire because the east is so trash they might get the 8th seed by default lol
  4. When will you guys get it in your heads, the hawks are not trying to win they're just trying to fill the roster. so adding someone the will boost our win total is not happing. look at all the people we have signed so far not one of them is a game changer.
  5. who give a fuc#$ about 2020 I want him here now... only you and the Atlanta braves are worried about 2020 lol
  6. more like pointless basketball when it comes to the hawks this year.
  7. bud was the one that signed howard.... the new GM didn't want howard get it right. then you got people co-signing when bud hasn't said a word since we hired the new gm
  8. never, cuz the hawks did him dirty! and yes we are going to get smashed on board
  9. Man I don't care how you say it. we gave howard away for nothing. drop in the draft to do it. we are tanking that the only way you can rationalize what he did. howard stats 13point 13 rebounds in limited minute put those up against al horford stats( I have done it not much better) so that means boston should get rid of horford.... we went backwards cuz we didn't have a plan B when al bounced on us. if I was the gm I would have added melo or pg13 all we need in this weak eastern conference was a proven scorer. not to blow the team up.
  10. damn tell'em how you really feel
  11. we should have had KD the year we got stuck with al horford. we had the 2nd most ping pong ball we were hoping for greg oden( lucked out on that one) but we should have had the 2nd pick pick that year
  12. Hope them young boys come out to play ,this loosing with a smile ish says a lot about our fan base. listening to too much sport talk radio can be bad for you. The reason I say that is because they seem to be very ok with every move that been made by the front office. then they be quick to say "that team wasn't winning a championship anyway so blow it up. like rebuilding guarantee a championship or a trip to the finals. This coming from a team that never done either one. also it reminds me of when they did the same thing with the brave ran all our players out of town talking rebuild. haven't sniffed the post season since... but no ones even bringing that up
  13. ummm if you say so.. im a hawks fan I remember deion glover looking like Jordan in the summer league
  14. Hardaway will be another baze watch. everyone screaming pay hardaway I was one of those people until they blow up the team. hardaway will be the highest paid player on our team if that happens. ummm no let him get paid else where we good losing with rookies. I still don't understand 18 mil going to belinelli and plumlee that crazy! but hey im not the gm I just play 2k and make better trades lol
  15. agree 100% like him or not they did Howard dirty.