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  1. Someone will take him. But in regards to reddish that’s the worry with him. That’s why I figure he and Trae would form a solid one two.
  2. Kings two games over .500 and have been one of the more surprising teams they won’t make the playoffs but yeah whatever.
  3. Lol reaching that milestone is an accomplishment. Let them be great. They are trying they just aren’t good yet. I said last year Toronto was underrated, switching out derogatory for kawhi really has brought that about and kawhi didn’t even play last night. Pascal and Anoubly are prizes and I can’t wait to see them vs the celts or Milwaukee in a playoff series.
  4. I can’t deny his talent but he’s a guy that is going to really show his perimeter game. He will go number one most likely though cause he is a beast.
  5. Fit was a feel good moment for the team. They talked about it post game. I think they are bummed about the loss but were excited for Vince. No need in them getting down about it haven’t even made it to a quarter of the season. Celebrate with Vince and get back at it with a game Friday.
  6. Unfourtanetly that’s what I was alluding to with my other post. Yesterday’s game just showed it. Barrett is a scorer but I don’t know if he actually makes others better. If he passes that ball off duke prolly goes to OT and there would be a different spin on this game. Zion is talented but can he shoot is the real question. He really is a man playing among boys but can he step up and knock down outside shots. I said questions about him would not get answered by what he does in college and I stand by that statement. Reddish has the traits yet lacks the cutthroat approach unlike his teammate K b
  7. It’s funny people are freaking out over Trae and pierce. They both are learning on the job. I thought it was a good job by pierce the other night when he pulled Trae after the two long threes. Teaching moment. That said many of us mentioned that he wasn’t a curry clone. He’s finding his way and pierce is allowing him to also it’s just 15 games in.
  8. Can I really though seems there are two narratives coming from that. Somebody wanted a superstar and somebody was offended. Mixed in with middling signings and and aging core and poof you have a full rebuild on hand. I lean toward blaming bud though decent coach but way in over his head exec.
  9. Yeah that culture was great when horford walked out the door. And don’t start that nonsense about Howard being brought in as the reason for him leavin.
  10. I m not over thinking it with Trae, Collins, Huerter and spellman reddish would prolly be the better fit. His three point shooting and ability to take over games makes this easier for Trae while making him look better to me. Zion is good if he can shoot it from deep then yes he would be a good fit.otherwise I go with the six 9 guy that can bomb from deep.
  11. Bol bol stat line against Oregon 11-17 26 pts 9 boards 2 Stls abs 2 blocks .
  12. In terms of playing against embid and some of the others no. Usually though draymond is starting with a big of some sort and plays center as the game goes along when they go small.
  13. Royjr9

    Zach Lowe on Trae

    An honest assessment of Trae. I think he looks better once that secondary ball handler shot creator is found for us. Defense he has shown some signs though of being competent. Like getting a couple turnovers when teams try to post him up.