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  1. I've met Sheed multiple times. He is cool with Alge Crumpler whom my brother and neighbor knows really well.
  2. I can't remember whom it was that beat the Lakers when they had Karl Malone and Gary Payton on the squad. Hated the Lakers BUT I REALLY, REALLY wanted Malone and Payton to get one. Huge fan of those fundamental squads back then...Sonics, Jazz, Trailblazers...but most definitely my Hawks.
  3. My bad. I was responding to a post that did not have Gallo included but more so was speaking on the wings.
  4. Bogi would be the 1st sacrificial lamb IMO. We Hawks fans endured endless mockery. I love our organic buildup and player development and chemistry. All of this is organically done with our core. Gallo and Clint would be the next sacrificial lambs. For the right deal if course. Also assuming our core returns on team friendly, slightly less than market value to keep the core intact.
  5. So why is GSW so adamant to trade him. Age and injury is catching up to Klay, Draymond, and Steph. This is potentially your future face of the franchise and top 5 player as you stated.
  6. And he we are talking about gutting our whole team and future for a Myles Turner swap.
  7. That is one of the horrible trades that comes from Realgm delusional fans we complain about. With? That is ALOT!! That is what you give up for Embiid or Jokic. I wouldn't even give that up for KAT. Well, maybe minus Huerter.
  8. We lose EVERYTHING that represented the Hawks this past season as far as our playoff accomplishments. We lose our chemistry. We lose our depth. We lose our organic build and player development chomps. We BUILT this, not bought it. We DEVELOPED this, not bought it. I prefer we stay the course. Wiseman can be another Whiteside and then what? Headline News: The house Hawks built 1 season, gone the next.
  9. https://www.nbaanalysis.net/2021/07/04/nba-rumors-atlanta-hawks-washington-wizards-trade-bradley-beal/2/ This absolutely HORRIBLE for us. A-TRO-CIOUS!! Love our organically built squad with a few shrewd, overlooked moves. At this point it is not broken, why tinker with it. Maybe next offseason, some moves to get ahead of expiring but Beal is definitely not the star to get us over the hump with our squad gutted like that and team future handicapped. H*ll to the no. 8 years of season tickets to the wayside. I suffered long games and seasons for this particular satisfaction. Even more as a fan. That would set us back.
  10. Also, this group is more confident and competitive than the 2015 group. Trae is not backing down or intimidated by no one, including prime LeBron in my opinion. The 2015 Hawks shrunk against LeBron. I know about the dirty Della on Horford and KK but they still played timid and intimidated. Tristan Thompson was punking Horfy down low.
  11. I definitely feel more confident this time around than 2015. The 60 win was special (what does that say about our franchise), but we actually have the talent, personnel and coaching to make some serious noise. We are also deeper. I think there is no way we get swept nor a gentleman's sweep. We will definitely compete. Can't imagine what it would be if we had our sophomores out there.
  12. Is it possible to get this as a poster or do I have to settle for a screenshot?