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  1. I know you said we passed on Powell (3yrs/$11 mil, $6 mil guaranteed in last yr) and #18 from Dallas previously....any update?
  2. Wasn't this a thing last season as well?
  3. @NBASupes What's the word on Boston re: Hayward and Smart...any rumors?
  4. What point? That Doc had 7 years, D'Antoni had 4+ to at least be given a fair shake to coach an actual NBA roster?
  5. Who, Grant? I had him pegged at $12 million before and after the bubble.
  6. We need more of this! (not hijacking your thread CageyOne)
  7. For those interested in The Trezl We have so much space, they list us twice .
  8. They'd have to at least move Powell and Wright. They have picks #18 and #31 to use to dump their salaries.
  9. Ideally, I'd prefer to sign a FA that we intend to keep long term. Instead of a 1 year, thanks for your service type deal.
  10. See @NBASupes comment on Dragic KCP isn't leaving LAL as a starter or 2nd stringer to be 3rd stringer on the Hawks. Crowder might get the squeeze from Miamii, but like Dragic if they offer him a 1 year high dollar deal he stays in Miami, unless he is looking for a long term contract. Reminder, next offseason, more teams are projected to have capspace.
  11. My guess is Miami resigns him for something like 1/$25 million so they can keep their capspace for 2021. Hawks will have to match or provide a guaranteed longer deal.
  12. And Brandon Goodwin So for now we have: 8 + 3 of our own possible FAs = 11 plus 2 picks (#6 and #50) = 13 plus 2 FAs = 15 plus 2 GLers = 17 PG: Trae, Teague, Goodwin, #50 (2way) SG: Huerter, Reddish, FA SF: Hunter, #6, FA, FA (2-way) PF: Collins, Skal, FA C - Capela, Dedmon, Bruno We usually leave 1 roster spot open to start the season.
  13. We have 8 guaranteed contracts. but it's still hard to say - we might fill 1 or 2 roster spots via trade.
  14. This is like the whole height thing from last offseason...........height with shoes, height without shoes, is it the hair? lets line up their chins, nope lets do the hairline.....Did cam really grow 1.5" .......
  15. I never got that sense from Trae and per his latest interview...it's all about winning!
  16. Because they are the shiny hood ornament on the other side of the tracks. This more than anything.
  17. I'm not overly worried about the weight thing for any of these prospects - they just need to add good strength as they grow into their NBA bodies. If they can ball, they'll ball.