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  1. So when Trae rests, Turner is out with injury, Huerter limited now out, Reddish struggles, Crabbe is now playing but not a ball handler - who else is left to do it?Len?
  2. How'd this become a Cam thread? Just asking?
  3. I'm rooting for him and I'm patient, but....c'mon man.....saying he didn't look awful offensively going 0'fer until late....🤔.
  4. Again, I ask....what do you think we should do? Throw out a couple ideas to move this discussion along.
  5. You win this thread GM. I'm just glad I didn't stay up late to watch this. Per Jody, unto the next one.
  6. 18 Games left: 10 Away vs LAL, DET, MIL, IND, HOU, CHA, MIA, CHI, NYK, BKN 8 Home vs MIL, TOR, MIN, GSW. BKN, IND, LAL, UTAH. Without Huerter and Collins and (Vince? What's going on) - this looks very bleak! Very tough times ahead.
  7. This is why Parker can't start for the Hawks! He's right there for at least an attempt at a contest at the rim, he steps out of the paint and out of the play.🤦‍♀️
  8. I'm already sleepy and the game hasn't started. Hate these very late games!
  9. We could have used any player picked in the 2nd round that is playing well.
  10. Older than John Collins too and only 1 year younger than Parker who seems like a 10 year vet, lol.
  11. He doesn't NEED to start. Like I noted previously, he was horrible at SF in Chicago, he excelled at PF with Wiz and you see it here with us. Asking him to guard the plethora of wing players in the NBA will be a disaster.