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  1. I think just like he did when he originally returned a few weeks ago, Hunter will more than likely be coming off the bench on minutes restrictions, at least for the first 2 games.
  2. This is not going to Work - NO Hawks until Monday! I'm already having withdrawals.
  3. Knicks at 4, they hold the tie breaker.
  4. This is the 'Everyone Gets a Trophy' mantra - so stupid.
  5. Rondo's Hawks stint did not go as well as I had hoped on the court but he was still a good Hawk.
  6. My cop out answers: If Hunter is back and ready to go - neither. Snell has to be hitting his wide open shots to make an impact. Solo has more playoff experience, he seems more tough minded as well.
  7. Mook n Smitty. Hopefully we will be able to include Trae/Bogi in the conversation at some point.
  8. Now we're back within 4, lol. I can't keep up, lol.
  9. We can score but if we dont play defense, we'll lose.
  10. What the heck happened? Got it to 6, i stepped away now down 14 to end the 3rd. Sigh
  11. Sigh. Not another let down after a big win.
  12. yes, all of the above. I think in time one will stick. Like Huerter and Red Velvet - never thought that one would stick.
  13. We need to make sure they have another meeting after the game.
  14. Do you still feel that way about all these guys after having seen them play NBA games? Just asking.
  15. .....and I think they knew they would be trading Dedmon 2 days after drafting him.
  16. Hunter did not play in any of the Boston games. Cam played in the first 2 games - won one, loss one.