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  1. I'm no lawyer but would it not fall in the category or similar of a business requiring a drug test for their employees? (In terms of 'medical status')
  2. Oh the memories! I do wonder who missed shot #12, lol.
  3. Media day is gonna be . Wonder if Kyrie skips it like he did last year and takes his fine. This was him last season.
  4. There's a lot to unravel in that piece, but the first is how Satan is now very high tech savvy . Why not just use our cellphones that we have glued to us 24/7?
  5. I wonder if it's visa issues related to COVID vaccine. Foreign Nationals are required to have proof of vaccination and a negative test at least 3 days prior to travel. TLC is applying for a work visa so I wonder what the USCIC rules are regarding the vaccine and work visa.
  6. Jehovah's Witness don't do a lot of the 'medical stuff' - blood transfusion is one I definitely know. Don't know what else though. Edited for correction
  7. With the update from TS that Hunter, Bogi and Huerter will be limited in some capacity to start training camp, it's looking like TLC may have an inside track to the final roster spot. Yes, I know TS said they'll be ready to start the season, but after last season I've learned not to trust TS' injury timelines.
  8. Update: Schlenk noted that De’Andre Hunter (knee surgery) will not be a full go at the start of camp, but has progressed to playing 1-on-1 and should be ready for the start of the season. Additionally, the GM added that Bogdan Bogdanovic (PRP injection in knee), Clint Capela (PRP injection in Achilles) and Kevin Huerter (ankle procedure) will all also be limited to start camp. Schlenk did note that he expects all four players to be ready to go by opening night, which is Oct. 21 when Atlanta hosts the Dallas Mavericks. Schlenk also said that Onyeka Okongwu (shoulder surgery) is hoping to be back by late December as a personal goal, but the team remains on the original timeline that tracked him to be back some time in January. The GM added that the Hawks will be 100% vaccinated for COVID-19 before the regular season. He notes that the entire staff and all players are already vaccinated, other than one player who is receiving his second shot next week.
  9. The issue I have is 'subordinate staff member' - leaves room for too many issues to crop up within the 'work environment' particularly when/if the relationship goes south.
  10. Apparently the other staff member was also relieved of her duties - both parties are married with kids. They were caught 'doing the deed' while at work?
  11. I said a while back that Trae spoiled some since he was 'lights out' from the start so the expectations for Cam to have that same trajectory was the assumption. Some players just take time to develop and the impatience of fans rears it's ugly head when those expectation falter.