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  1. I understood it on and around draft night. Saying you wanted to be in Sacramento and whatnot since, well at that point what other choice do you have but to exhibit buy-in? But why still be talking about it now? Even if he was simply asked, why not just give a canned answer to move on from it? Dude must've been promised by us or something or at least felt like he was. Even if the fit were bad, there's no logical reason to hold SAC over ATL on any level. Even if you like Walton or the GM, odds are neither of them is gonna last through your rookie deal. Walton's probably go
  2. I can't imagine Mays was ever any better than Goodwin in practice really. Methinks Goodwin benefits from the changeover.
  3. Aye hatelove to be that guy but I'm gonna be that guy ... if a guy says 'no' to the Hawks but 'yes' to the Kangs ..... that tells me all I need to know about that guy ... Hope Halllllliburton's ready to hold L's all career long.
  4. Well, in the interest of fair and balanced coverage, the same show actually had an Atlanta segment where they talked about how the Hawks are a team they'd not want to face in the playoffs. Each of the 3 hosts agreed Atlanta should probably win a round. Went in depth about the Hawks depth, shooting, and how well Capela played. Highlighted how they won on the road yesterday and did it without Trae/Collins/Galli. All agreed that, once Hunter returns, they're a formidable team ... now about the Smelltics ... (kidding but I know they wanted to dive back into the harbor .. or should I sa
  5. You are the Solo Hill of the 'Squawk, macd. Hey, it's a compliment.
  6. Fully healthy, we're arguably the most talented team in the East top to bottom. Maybe 2nd if you think the fountain of youth flows through New Jersey (yeah, I know). Unless we totally collapse in the playoffs, we're gonna be a tough out. Also, listening to NBARadio, it is mind-boggling how hard eggsperts are continuing to push the Boston/Miami narrative in terms of teams to watch out for.
  7. I think you can read without an account. I'm pretty sure he does that. And yeah, Coby-for-Cam is frikin ridiculous. How can anyone think that's a good idea after seeing what we've seen from that guy vs Trae. Like, how can you see him getting turnstiled on defense, taking bad shots (and missin' 'em) and think, "ya know, he'd look good in our uni ..." Like, who thinks that?
  8. I don't know gambling. Did somebody make some money on that? Could explain the 6 hour delay then still get it wrong. Were they calling their bookie?
  9. Everybody deserving has missed a boatload of games so it's all basically even in my book. If Donovan Mitchell had better stats, he'd be up there.
  10. No idea what ol jambrad's deal is. Scared for us to pay anybody so wants us to trade for garbage just so we can stay cheap. Completely weird. And I know he reads this board, so feel free to hazard an answer on rgm, jamallo.
  11. Funny, some people say if Yi Jianlian had come along in this era he would've been a more successful player. I say, no, he just would've been Lauri Marika enough. Ohhhhhhhhh ....
  12. Did you not read my post? Perhaps you have a canned response for anyone questioning his mvp candidacy?
  13. I don't care what y'all say, Jokic is not the MVP. DEN let the Selltics go on a 31-3 run ... in Denver?! I get it. Jokic wasn't on the floor for all of it, but my gard, people. That's ridiculous. And don't give me the "oh Murray wasn't playing" eggscuse. I'll say it again like I've said it before, nobody gives our guy the 'oh his teammate was out/his teammates suck' excuse so nobody gets it from me. Come at me, saphron.
  14. I'm just disappointed none of y'all turned around the "strange combination of horrible and annoying" comment back on me. *whew* Glad you folks got no sense of humor. Lastly, why am I just now hearing the Bogi BANGdonovich thing, courtesy of the Holman? I'm totally stealing that.
  15. Who the heyul gave Hield his deal but decided Bogd could go for free? Granted, I think the guy that did that was actually fired but still.
  16. It was like that most of the game. Like, did they have a contest that put a fan on the mic or something?
  17. Fair warning. If you're gonna listen to the CHA broadcast, don't. Their pbp guy is a strange combination of horrible and annoying.
  18. You're welcome for the reverse-jinx, folks. Hit yall with one before the Bulls game too. Not that I'm taking credit?
  20. Hornets gonna whip our arses. Gonna be a sleepwalking fest with the early tip. Shiiiii, half the squawk still asleep right now. I can't imagine how the players are feelin.
  21. It drove me crazy the way they stuck on Lavine while also acknowledging Trae outplayed him .... but more on Lavine, blah, blah .. The show where they talked about all the playoff teams really got me. Talked Hornets then skipped all the way to the Knicks and Heat. I'm thinking, uh do thy know they missed someone? Ridiculous. Nice of the Geltzeiler clown to finally acknowledge the Hawks just might finish with a better record than the wizards. Apparently he bet Sam Mitchell the Zards would finish ahead of us. Like he literally conceded TODAY that maybe he was wrong. Like, what
  22. Replay is much better with the Bulls broadcast team in the 2nd half. They went from to to to .
  23. Don't speak too soon. kg03 is a Kyrie fan. Not sure where I went wrong with that dude.
  24. In a playoff game/series, the delay could be killer.