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  1. Listen, I'm flattered. But I'll have to pass on being your step-dad.
  2. I won't tell anyone to get it if they just don't want to. But don't dare give me the "bwah, I dunno whas init, I don't wanna put it in my body" excuse. Ask them what's actually in all these processed foods and medications and supplements these dudes eat and take. NBA should just set the rule. Whoever plays, plays. Whoever doesn't, sits and gets no check. Done.
  3. This is false ... because of the injuries. As we all know, the #1 ability is availability. Your statements are akin to someone saying, Solomon Hill would get a max deal if he just played as well as Lebron. Well, yeah, but he doesn't so it's a moot point.
  4. I'm gonna buy you a "Simmons" Hawks shirsey once the deal happens. Extra-smedium?
  5. Oh man, @Spud2nique, Isola talked the David Griffin piano story today. Epic Played like a 6 minute piano solo. "Here's David Griffin in that hotel room ..." "Oh what a talent, Dave is .." Went on like that the whole time. And what do they do for an encore? Cue up Biz Markie.. "Here's Dave with the big finish .... Oh baby you.... you got what I neee-eeed ... butchu say he's just a friend ... I was dyin.
  6. And can you imagine knowing two of your co-workers are MARRIED but are knockin' each other down at work? Co-workers undoubtedly know at least one of the spouses. Imagine coming to work with that non-secret hanging over your head. It's not good for business no matter how "free" they are to do whatever they please as consenting adults.
  7. I used ta be all about Slam magazine and the Kicks edition every year.
  8. Not only did the Hawks break the 6ers, the grief from watchin' little Curry get big-boi'd by Heurter drove Mama Curry into the arms of another man.
  9. "That's some bullsh*t. From where I was standing, I'd say that guy shoulda been top 5" - Seth Curry
  10. Can't spell dysfunction without m-a-v-s.
  11. I dont either. But, if I'm running a company, I'm not allowing that stuff to go on. That's just signing up for a lawsuit.
  12. Stop being modest, spud. We know you made several 'deposits' in that branch.
  13. I will say, the issue isn't an intrusion on consenting adults. It's the company needing to save itself from litigation if issues arise between them. Chances are pretty strong that, if a breakup gets messy, the company suffers in some way. Usually legally.
  14. Crackrock Johnny's got a wicked jumpshot tho.
  15. Oooooh, sounds autobiographical. Do tell, AH. Do tell.
  16. Worse run, Twolves or Kangz? (Answer: yes)
  17. Yeah 'cause we've never seen a new ownership group come in and want to hire their own guys, right Dane. This guy is a notorious homer, btw. jmho
  18. Glad they'll be televised by can we talk about the Bally Sports "app"? And by 'talk' I mean discuss how TERRIBLE it is!!
  19. He's a terrible human being, sir. If you don't believe me, look into his kids' lives. Whatever you learn will probably be more than he knows about them. #ShotsFired
  20. Heeey, who photoshopped that dude's head on my body?
  21. OMMFG, if you didn't understand why I absolutely loathe GLLLLenn Rivers, just tune into his appearance on BSPN today. That guy is a gutless liar. A terrible human being who absolutely gets a pass from spineless media and fans alike. That guy's team gave up TWO 25+ point leads in ONE playoff series!!!!! But you wanna make it about Simmons?!?! What a freaking coward.
  22. Get the hook outta yer cheek, marc. You took bleachk's bait.