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  1. I hate when people have fun with rando numbers to try to make a point. In no universe is Bridges in the same galaxy as Durant. I don't care what those cleverly selected numbers say.
  2. I know this dude that wanted Riley traded while he was struggling. What a dummy. Who was he? Well, let's just say he's a pretty cagey one.
  3. The guys done. When was the last time you saw him healthy in a meaningful series of games?
  4. Headline: "Marcus Smart or Tony Montana? Celtics Star's Wild Night in Orlando?" Just askin'?
  5. Exactly. Journalists are there to report the news, not make it or be a part of it.
  6. Who gives AF what he wants? He's a couple weeks from needin' to want to learn Mandarin or Turkish 'cause that's where he'll be playing. I don't know if he'd help us, if i'm being honest. Doubt he'd provide what we actually need, as you described.
  7. Cousins Not saying I want him, but I'm pretty sure he's out there. I anticipate RLopez being available as well.
  8. .... and furthermore .... I have an announcement to make. I am no longer a Hawks fan. (pause for effect) I am now an anti-Nets fan as my longing to see their hopes and dreams dashed now exceeds my desire to see the Hawks hoist the 'gold ball'.
  9. Not only are the Nets installed as the "favorite", the eggsperts have granted them this status whether Kyme plays or not. I may root harder against the Nets than @Spud2nique roots against the Warriors. And that's saying something.
  10. They've been waiting all preseason to see Trae get 'got' by these "new" rules. Objectively, both those plays should've been fouls as there was nothing unnatural about Trae's movement on either shot. That was the refs being 'aware' who had the ball and hunting no-calls to appease these "new" rules. That said, it is what it is. And Trae will have to adjust to not getting legitimate calls. As @marco102 said, it's ok ..... as long as nobody else gets the calls either. And I'm gonna say this now, if I see freaking Bradley Beal getting the benefit of these calls, I'm going ballistic. And to the "media person" you properly chose not to name, he/she can EABOD. How about being objective and not trying to put your finger on the scale as you bring us the news? Or be honest with the people and go work for the Lakers or Nets or Selltics or whatever team you want to be a fan of deep down. "What will Young do now?" Well, first of all, he drilled both them shots. Or did you miss that? Second of all, what will Young do? Probably continue to be the offensive force that, apparently, offends you.
  11. Yeah I was just messin with you, as usual. What're you Dook boys gonna do with Zion? So far, it's lookin' like all y'all are doin' is tryna hide your cornbread ...
  12. Don't give up so easy. Doesn't mean trouble's not a-brewin'.
  13. I think we're seeing the impact of the playoff experience, maybe?
  14. It'll be a series probably. If I don't get banned or atleast get a stern talking-to, I haven't done my job. Even if you factor in the 19 one being touched up, yikes, the guy has no jawline now.
  15. In news that should surprise no one who was aware that he had a broken foot, per Shams, Zion will miss the start of the season. Being re-evaluated in 2 weeks, no timetable for return. Shams' tweet quotes perennial liar, David Griffin. The same guy who, at the press conference where he admitted the injury happened, wagged his smarmy finger at everyone and said this was no big deal. Said it was only a big deal to folks that weren't already aware he broke it (well, duh). I'll repeat what I've been saying the past few years, being 280 lbs is not conducive to a long basketball career. Something's gotta give. If he doesn't lose weight, the thing that's gonna 'give' is his body.
  16. Anybody wondering how/why Woj, and to a greater extent Shams, get their "exclusives", check out the ongoing saga of Adam Schefter .. Long story short, amidst the Gruden emails they found an instance where Schefty basically sent his written story to the then-GM/Pres/whatever of the Washington Redsk.... er Football Team. Seeking his pre-approval. Went as far as to say stte, "I'm gonna send this to BSPN in an hour so lemme know what else to put in it, sir." I'm paraphrasing but that was the overall gist. He's currently trying to pass it off as 'oh I was just re-confirming with my sources' or w/e. Yeah, ok. Guy's clearly a mouthpiece for certain teams/personnel. How can this be any different for Woj/Shams? When will people stop propping these dudes up as "journalists" and just call them what they are .. stooges. Well placed stooges doing the bidding of certain teams. I noticed an interesting thing from the Scalabrine dude who now openly discredits Shams on the radio whenever his name's brought up. Says you can't believe anything he says because he's just a mouthpiece for certain teams/guys. Yes, he literally said that. Shocking but what he fails to realize is this only confirms the same for Woj. What makes Scalabrine's stance more interesting is the fact that, when Shams was first getting big, he came onto their show a couple times. I think he worked with Scalabrine on yahoo or something too. Now that Shams is "bigtime" he will no longer come on their show, thus they seem to have decided they don't need to protect him anymore. Clearly sour grapey.
  17. He's listed as a PG for fantasy purposes? That's plainly ridiculous.
  18. Nah, kg may settle for low-hanging fruit joke-wise, but he does not settle when it comes to the ladies.
  19. Ah, that's just because you're a Duque fan. I also thought he looked noticeably weaker and sluggish. Maybe he just wasn't truly ready to play? I think he could find a place if he was a force out there, but he was just kinda out there.
  20. Just don't get beat by 70 like CHA just did (well, 68).
  21. I think you, aka White Chocolate, are closer to Herro than he is to Trae. You keep doin' your rain dance, WC...
  22. You're not wrong, in general. However, I'm versed in the mystic arts of reading between the lines. What ol' Tyler is actually saying here is as follows: "Ayo Pat Riley, my free agency's comin' up and I wanna Trae/Luka-sized deal, no cap." Considering he's not even an assured starter, this "confidence" he's showing is actually a looming problem for them when he ends up with a Tre Mann-sized deal instead. Shiii, he might not even end the season with the Heat. Not even Lebron was able to throw his weight around with their leadership.