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  1. 1 hour ago, RedDawg#8 said:

    Stats don't tell everything. I like Bridges, but KD is creating those shots and making them over double teams and the best defenders the opponents can send his way.

    Bridges is coming open off of actions where everyone's attention is on Booker, CP3 and Ayton first. His looks are usually clean.

    Still, Kudos for Bridges for knocking down his shots. He is a high caliber 3 and D guy. And I agree he is a winner. He has a gene about him dating back his Villanova days.

    He is kind of like a mixture of Cam's defense, Kev's offense (good and bad ie lack of aggression), and Dre's maturity/consistency.


    I hate when people have fun with rando numbers to try to make a point.  In no universe is Bridges in the same galaxy as Durant.  I don't care what those cleverly selected numbers say.

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  2. 37 minutes ago, AHF said:

    But how much more fun is it to just pick a narrative and report on that even if fact free?  I mean you could see the report that Smart missed a team flight in Boston but isn't it more fun to suggest something like?  "Is he really being punished for missing the flight or is there something more at work?  Is it really that Smart had an orgy involving the wives of Al Horford, Ime Udoka, Danny Ainge and Larry Bird and was too strung out on coke and ecstasy to make the flight after he kicked a baby while falling down a flight of stairs?  I'm not making **** up to push buttons and jolt my ratings. I'm just asking questions.  And just asking questions is totally legit."

    Headline: "Marcus Smart or Tony Montana?  Celtics Star's Wild Night in Orlando?"

    Just askin'?

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  3. 2 minutes ago, ATLHawks3 said:

    Cousins isn't gonna want a non-guaranteed deal. Plus we really need a rim running shot blocker for depth if CC or Gorgui are out while OO is recovering.

    Who gives AF what he wants?  He's a couple weeks from needin' to want to learn Mandarin or Turkish 'cause that's where he'll be playing.

    I don't know if he'd help us, if i'm being honest.  Doubt he'd provide what we actually need, as you described.

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  4. 17 hours ago, NBASupes said:

    I am a Duke fan but I am not a, you played at Duke, I will stan you type. 

    He lost too much weight but his athleticism is still the same. It's basically turned himself into Kevin Love without range and rebounding 

    Yeah I was just messin with you, as usual.

    What're you Dook boys gonna do with Zion?  So far, it's lookin' like all y'all are doin' is tryna hide your cornbread ...



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  5. 2 hours ago, JayBirdHawk said:

    The season is 7 days away!  All the Squawkers - Let's go!




    Needs a @kg01 gif post.

    It'll be a series probably.  If I don't get banned or atleast get a stern talking-to, I haven't done my job.

    1 hour ago, JayBirdHawk said:


    Even if you factor in the 19 one being touched up, yikes, the guy has no jawline now.

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  6. In news that should surprise no one who was aware that he had a broken foot, per Shams, Zion will miss the start of the season.  Being re-evaluated in 2 weeks, no timetable for return.

    Shams' tweet quotes perennial liar, David Griffin.  The same guy who, at the press conference where he admitted the injury happened, wagged his smarmy finger at everyone and said this was no big deal.  Said it was only a big deal to folks that weren't already aware he broke it (well, duh).

    I'll repeat what I've been saying the past few years, being 280 lbs is not conducive to a long basketball career.  Something's gotta give.  If he doesn't lose weight, the thing that's gonna 'give' is his body.

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  7. Anybody wondering how/why Woj, and to a greater extent Shams, get their "exclusives", check out the ongoing saga of Adam Schefter ..

    Long story short, amidst the Gruden emails they found an instance where Schefty basically sent his written story to the then-GM/Pres/whatever of the Washington Redsk.... er Football Team.  Seeking his pre-approval.

    Went as far as to say stte, "I'm gonna send this to BSPN in an hour so lemme know what else to put in it, sir."  I'm paraphrasing but that was the overall gist.

    He's currently trying to pass it off as 'oh I was just re-confirming with my sources' or w/e.  Yeah, ok.  Guy's clearly a mouthpiece for certain teams/personnel.

    How can this be any different for Woj/Shams?  When will people stop propping these dudes up as "journalists" and just call them what they are .. stooges.  Well placed stooges doing the bidding of certain teams.

    I noticed an interesting thing from the Scalabrine dude who now openly discredits Shams on the radio whenever his name's brought up.  Says you can't believe anything he says because he's just a mouthpiece for certain teams/guys.  Yes, he literally said that.  Shocking but what he fails to realize is this only confirms the same for Woj.

    What makes Scalabrine's stance more interesting is the fact that, when Shams was first getting big, he came onto their show a couple times.  I think he worked with Scalabrine on yahoo or something too.  Now that Shams is "bigtime" he will no longer come on their show, thus they seem to have decided they don't need to protect him anymore.  Clearly sour grapey.

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  8. 23 hours ago, Spud2nique said:

    Fantasy rant:



    Who decides what position a player is listed as in fantasy? Seriously if you are gonna make Herro a PG, you gotta put / SG. I don’t know how much diff it’s really gonna make for my squad but it does shift a bit of imbalance to the PG position.


    I mean ummmmm…. I love my core. :indifferent:

    He's listed as a PG for fantasy purposes?  That's plainly ridiculous.

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  9. 8 minutes ago, Spud2nique said:

    Bet you said the same about the late night misfits still around at the bars in 1997 and took her home anyway! 

    kaaaaapppppppsssshhhhh (drum 🪘 noise)

    Here all week! (Well except Saturday I have a bday party)!


    Nah, kg may settle for low-hanging fruit joke-wise, but he does not settle when it comes to the ladies.


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  10. 13 hours ago, NBASupes said:

    I liked Jah in Atlanta but it was clear, he's not an easy fit in the modern NBA everywhere he's been. He doesn't seems to have the same strength he had when he played in NO. 

    Ah, that's just because you're a Duque fan.

    I also thought he looked noticeably weaker and sluggish.  Maybe he just wasn't truly ready to play?  I think he could find a place if he was a force out there, but he was just kinda out there.

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  11. 51 minutes ago, AHF said:

    That is fair.  While the big difference statistically is really the points piece (with Ja having a much higher FG% but lower TS% due to 3pters and FT), Trae is on a different level from Morant.  I do think Ja a great young player, though.  I'd be thrilled to have him if we didn't have Trae.  But he isn't in the MVP conversation and guys like Luka and Trae should be.  The gap between them is probably clearest in the advanced metrics.

    I'd say that Ja is probably closer to Trae (i.e., when I think about what he has to improve to close that gap) than Herro is to Ja (where I don't see any set of circumstances where he could close that gap).

    I think you, aka White Chocolate, are closer to Herro than he is to Trae.


    You keep doin' your rain dance, WC...


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