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  1. Eggsactly! I was thinking, "Who let these beer league sluggers into a Brewer uniform?" Don't get me wrong, that one dude with the belly almost single-handedly won the game for them. But dang, if dude ever had to leg out a triple, we might need a defibrillator.
  2. `Trae's response: Crappy a**, sycophantic a** MIA media response:
  3. It's nice that you're taking up for ol Adam. Really though, he looks like he's on shrooms. Like how do you make multiple little league baserunning errors in multiple playoff games?
  4. Clutch the pearls, spud. Can we send Adam Duvall to baseball school so he can stop running into outs on obvious plays? Is he, uhm, slow or something? My gard he tried to singlehandedly lose 3 games by himself.
  5. Yeah check out the meatpacking scandal for some insight into why government intervention is necessary to spur decent corporate behavior. I don't think anybody likes gov to be too handsy but sometimes we make it necessary.
  6. What? Is he always getting hurt or something? Right now I'm like @RandomFan tryna get numbers at the club .. (Not my best effort but, look on the plus side, I was able to burn rando)
  7. I'm about ready to petition for our training staff to be allowed to administer treatment during games. I mean like literally running on the court with dudes. Calling time outs to rub down dudes' hammies and whatnot.
  8. Wonder if he's one that reclassified to make sure he's hitting his physical peak at the right time. Yes, that's a thing.
  9. All I read was, "Blah, blah, blah .. KD and Harden are alright with me doin' this .. blah, blah, blah .."
  10. I detect no lies in this post. But that's not what caught mine eye. It was .. it was the snarkiness ... the dismissiveness ... the dismay ... the utter disdain ... it was glorious. Ohhh jeffy, I knew you had it in you ...
  11. I lol'd at the savagery, but I'm a pro so I gotta do my job ... capstone has been ejected. This is his second foul for targeting ... the previous play is under further review.
  12. Ball hit 'im in a bad spot, Bob. The hands. That was a textbook 'not in de face!' moment.
  13. Flag on the play. Unnecessary roughness, capstone. He has been ejected from the thread for targeting. The previous play is under further review.
  14. The boy Joc roll up to the yacht party like ... Braves makin' the favored Brewers look like favored Braves teams of old. That said, there's still plenty of innings left for the Braves to morph into the Barves so I'm not getting giddy yet.
  15. Don't do it, m'friend ... You're thinking they're steering clear of debris but, give it another week or so and it'll be ...
  16. They're high on the Mitchell guy too. After lockin' down SL comp, folks are tossin' 1st team all-defense and DPOY love his way. Good thing them same guards he faced in SL are NBA starters too. Wait, they're not? Somebody alert the Kangs!
  17. I'll be honest, the only reason I voted is because I hate the NFL ... and my name is kg.
  18. Maybe you're just a 'casual', supes. Well you and all the draft eggsperts. Like literally all of them.
  19. If I'm honest, I wanted to go with this one but figured someone might get offended .. I mean c'mon, it's a Rock v Rock gif showdown. Look past the fancy language. The ever so media friendly, PHI coach was asked for his thoughts: "I welcome Ben with open arms and I stand by my original comments about whether a team can win a title with him. It's not like we're gonna win a title anyways, amirite? What? JoeLLLL why you not laughing, bro?" - GLLLLenn Rivers
  20. At the meeting .. ya know, the GT meeting, I told Moses to seek and destroy Bol. He obliged. And there's no way Bol is a SF. Definitely a SG. That too.
  21. <iframe width="640" height="360" src="" allowfullscreen frameborder="0"></iframe>