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  1. We're also the mayor of Philadelphia. Don't forget that one.
  2. What're the percentages among NBA fans? And, what are we even arguing about? Okafor's been with multiple teams, same result. There's a reason Greg Monroe - who's a superior scorer to Okafor - couldn't stick. Same with Al Jefferson. These dudes could still score in the low post. Like, today. But they all hurt the team more than they help. I don't even think it's because of not being able to shoot 3's either. They simply don't help you win. Simple as that.
  3. 30 NBA head coaches disagree with you and their livelihood depends on it.
  4. No team in the league is gonna craft any game plan around "what Okafor does". There's a reason he's on his last legs right now. He gives up as much as he gets. It's not worth the effort to "play to his strengths". Do we need a plan B when shots aren't falling? Sure, but Okafor ain't it.
  5. #Trae'dYoung? All you had to do was say, "Yeah, you right, kg."
  6. Jalen is on the struggle-copter. Can't figure what to do with guys close to his athletic level.
  7. Come on, marc. You know the answer. It's 'cause he sucks harder than the Hoover dam. Wait, did I mess up that metaphor? Anyways, how TF was he almost the #1 pick in a draft? Yikes
  8. Clearly was an effort thing as opposed to an inability thing.
  9. jOkafor is so useless. Wonder how many of yall taking this Clarke guy over Collins?
  10. Yeah the Failcons aren't an Atlanta team anymore. They're the Buckhead Failcons to me. Shiii, if you hoity toity Buckheadites wanna secede from Atlanta, you gotta take the sucky football team witcho a**es.
  11. Yeah, I can't dream of how they let it get to this point. Teammates fight, sometimes in front of the world's view. But to basically shelve her for the year? Get it together.
  12. So you're sayin' you ... haven't seen enough. Careful .. could be a trick question.
  13. Yeesh, just keep goin' ... And you know the players/agent will keep killin' the franchise. Man this must be what Knick/Kings fans feel like. Me no like. And if that video wasn't considered 'conduct detrimental' when they saw it, what TF did the Chennedy lady do? I should've known something was rank when the coach left out of the blue before the season. And, best believe, the former owner is reveling in all this dysfunction that started right after she ... loefft. Jussayin'
  14. Haha, it's ice col' in Rio, micky fickies!!!
  15. You never said what the position was? I'm thinking ... hand model?
  16. Aye, you still takin' Isaac over Jollins? Dude's Kyrie without the talent/success.
  17. Smoooove gets more unwarranted hate then any Hawks since I don't know who.
  18. Anybody still takin' the Isaac guy over Jollins? Eh, I don't wanna get into a politics discussion so let's just say this is a distraction v non-distraction thing. Give me the guy that can actually play at a high level, isn't constantly hurt, and who's ...... not getting courted by (insert arguably biased news channels) for his opinions.
  19. I mean yeah but it's not 2009 anymore, bro.
  20. Yeah, Jollins is much more like a better version of Al. (I can't look, ya'll. Is he takin' the bait?)