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  1. Whoa, so Sekou got a Doum-buyout? On a serious note, hate to hear the kid may have had a rocky transition. We as fans get spoiled by how most of these guys are able to overcome the 'life' stuff around getting drafted internationally. See I can 'serious' too.
  2. Yooooooooo spud spittin' that fire on the radio!!! Got the hosts chucklin' sensibly. Dropped the Kareem knowledge too? Great call! spud out here like ...
  3. What is he? He's only a guard based on size. And he's not that good defensively. Why we fakin' the funk? He'll be drafted over this coming draft.
  4. 'Scuuse me while I step over the latest argument session ... @NBASupes I need some help. I just saw a guy propose a Reddish-for-Okoro swap and I'm livid. Would I be completely off to suggest Okoro may not make it in the league past his rookie deal? I mean that literally. Reddish may not make it but he'll get chances due to raw talent. Okoro may be out of the league as early as a year from now, imho. Guy can't offense ... like, at all. Can't help you on that end. He's a mini verson of PJ Tucker. And he's not as good a defender as Reddish. It boggles my mind that people are saying Okoro is the better prospect. Am I wrong?
  5. Ah, I think they cut your section. They were talking Kyrie then took a call from a guy named Danny K in LA who I was sure was you. But he didn't talk hawks.
  6. That jersey retiring ceremony for Tony Allen gonna be real awkward when the first two minutes of the zoom call go ... "you have a collect call from *bzz* Tony Alle-*bzz* .... do you wish to accept the charge?" Too soon ... or not soon enough?
  7. An interesting guy makes an appearance with a bag of ice around the :50 mark ... And if you're into dudes that identify more with the Rockets than Hawks, check out the 1:35 mark.
  8. Wednesday or Thursday? 12 pacific time? I'm searching ...
  9. No! Which show? I'll pull up the replay right now.
  10. Pretty cool to see Trae on an SI cover. Story author was on the radio today. Sounds like he wanted only Trae on the cover, got vetoed. Spoke very high of the Hawks, potential.
  11. Eh, there are ways to fabricate enough data to get forgiveness on them PPP loans. That's what our resident fraudster was talking about.
  12. I suspect I'll be working on some of those cases in the near future. Will I see your name involved, bleachk?
  13. Nobody likes Jokic. Not because he's a certain color, nationality, race, etc. It's because no one likes him. He's boring. Don't even speak Shaq's name with his.
  14. I'll come visit you in jail if you chop block that ref who hurt Trae. Jussayin
  15. CLE bench on that dunk was pretty funny.
  16. Get the starters out. Cavs finna be mad.
  17. CamPippen just showing off. OMFG JOLLINS CAUGHT A BODY