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  1. Sexton taking lessons from Okoro. Oh and Trae who?
  2. Don't get mad at me. I'm still in playoff form. Yall can't match the intensity.
  3. Trae and Jalen Johnson for Simmons. Who says no?
  4. While I got you all here, we just gonna ignore the Atlanta Dream being the Kangs of the WNBA?
  5. Wow, what a finish. Gotta finish that, Sevin!
  6. Waiting for Cooper's first basket to start the Trae'd Young thread.
  7. Whoa, way too positive post. Guess it's preseason for you too, huh?
  8. Anybody missing Ryan Cameron? New guy seems ... meh
  9. Yall promised me Mays didn't suck. Well?
  10. Worst shot, Okoro or ..... Answer: Okoro