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  1. What’s a bad run of health defined as BR? I’m starting to never want to click on their material again. You can’t report on things if you are just saying things that are false, I’m sorry but we have not had a good run of health, we have just learned to win with the players we put on the court. BR, shame on you.
  2. Power ranking from BR. I’m didn’t want to give them their own thread because, well they don’t want our games apparently. How do we go 3-1 during the week and go from 12th to 11th overall? Then they mention that we are having a “good run of health”? We have been missing JC/Hunter/Cam/Dunn, as well as Gallo, and even had Capela and Trae out for a game each this week. Huh BR isn’t paying attention to us, like at all. 11. Atlanta Hawks Last Week’s Rankings: 12th The Hawks were on fire from three in their game against New Orleans. They went 20-of-31, i
  3. Ya I remember that. Nice call. Glad D wanted us, hopefully he heals and we see him soon. Love that cat.
  4. Couldn’t read it all. Did it really say that? Players do change their tunes after a team doesn’t select them though. But did he really pull a Mike Conley on us and say just no Hawks? Guess it’s not important, we got our man Okongwu. But part of Haliburton’s allure was character and being a team player. If you are rejecting teams drafting you that's kind of contradictory to being a team guy right off the bat.
  5. With Tammy (Tommy) and Bawwbiiee (Bobby). Where’s my little Matt Damon talking toy?
  6. Ya, I mean look at Ben Simmons. SIGN 🪧 IT!!! SIGN IT!! (Jambrad) NEVEEEEERRRRRRRRRE (Spud struggling... helllllllpppp). -Sp Uuuu D Jambraaaaaadddd is after me!!!! Help!!!! @kg01 He’s trying to hack my account...call the mods!!! No cops please...
  7. That’s almost like comparing Horford to Karl Malone. I kidding. Wow Hield to Reggie Miller? Wow. The last hot take I had that was the furthest thing from the truth was thinking/hoping that Marvin Williams would be the second coming of James Worthy. I don’t know if it was a North Carolina Heel connection or what, I gave up that hope in 2008 or 2009 but hung on for a few years just hoping. I still have 2 Marvin “Worthy” jerseys hanging in my closet.
  8. I fought you a bit on it Gramps but you went “over the top” on me like Sly Stallone and I’m glad he made it through his hard work and continuous all out hustle. You called it. Just glad he’s ours. Just goes to show that you can’t judge a book by its cover. I’m sure he’s motivating everyone else on our roster just by the hard word he is exemplifying in each game and each practice. Beautiful call Gramps. Between Haliburton and Goodwin, you are batting .1000 (not .100 like Bob said Nique said on the telecast the other day ).
  9. I finally put my vote 🗳 in. I’m an old school guy but went with a new school phenom in Trae. I truly believe he was born to play the game, (3rd generation point guard) If you grow up around your dad and grandpa mentoring you from day 1 and passing along knowledge to you while you already have the genes for the sport, others should beware. Our superstar ( @TheNorthCydeRises ) will lead us to the promise land one day, I truly believe that. 1. Trae- Traemazing In my view, only our 2nd superstar in the last 35+ years that I’ve been watching Hawks ball (the other being Nique of co
  10. Wow, OG take right there from our savvy vet Thomas. I personally don’t remember his game, I remember his name but I was a brand new Hawks fan back then of a year or so and was infatuated with the faces of the franchise in the mainstream like Nique and Spud. Nice call T. If there’s video on him I’d love to go back and take a look. Love watching old film 🎞 specially of ballers I don’t remember.
  11. 3rd seed allows us to face a Philly team in round 2 vs a Nets team, that is if we get past first round. Still not getting cocky by any means and shouldn’t look ahead but I kinda did.
  12. AHF with 39 Macdaddy and Jeff with 40 JayBirdHawk and Dejay with 41 Hazer and Camp with 42 Marco and REhawksfan with 43 @AHF @macdaddy @JeffS17 @JayBirdHawk @Dejay @hazer @thecampster @marco102 @REHawksFan and then there were 9.... most are tandem riding but AHF refused to ride with a partner and demanded his own pony. Should be a fun finish. 39-43 wins seems the most likely but if not we have to go back and see the below 39 and above 43 predictions because there were some of those as well. Winner gets a lap dance from @kg01Good luck everyone.
  13. Run away with me! (To Vegas)... @JeffS17 riding too but you might nail this baby. 42 wins and the 5th (possibly 4th) looking crazy good right now. Nice work Hazerdamus!
  14. @Gray Mule Gramps your guy Goodwin showed out. The kid has heart. I remember you were a big fan of his when he came up and saw something in him when others didn’t think he belonged. I will admit I didn’t think he would make it this far with us. Wise take once again. He plays with all hustle and acts of ever game is his last. Nice call once again.
  15. Good God Coby White for Cam? Why does he want to ruin us when we are gelling so beautifully? What the heck. Is he a mole sent from Boston, Philly or Chicago? He keeps trying to use our roster to better those teams. ps Don’t show the Coby thing to Supes. We will have to surgically remove his foot from the aforementioned Jambrad’s a$$.
  16. I’m not afraid of anyone in the East. I would like to avoid the Nets if possible but other than them, I think we can beat anyone in a 7 game series.
  17. Thanks North. I’ve seen the guy play, I just think he won’t become that impact guy. He’s more of a highlight guy like Smoove to me. Okongwu impacts wins with his D, Wiseman has a smooth offensive game but he won’t be a 2 way play that helps his team win. We will have to wait and see I could be wrong. Again statistically he will be fine but win shares go to Okongwu. Personally I like Okongwu over him and not just because he’s a Hawk.
  18. Okongwu>NotsoWiseman Even before the draft there were rumbling of the Warriors wanting Okongwu. I’m thrilled they had pressure on them to go with Wiseman because Okongwu will be the bigger impact player, maybe not stat wise but as far as wins are concerned.
  19. Worst call I’ve probably ever seen. Ya something was up with the umps. 3 umps were looking at the replay for a while. He never touched it.
  20. Who is he here? He has to have an account.
  21. He never touched the damn plate. Umpires cost us one. You’d think they see that after watching it for an hour on replay. How can you do that?
  22. Hawks 105 Hornets 101 Back on the road to Vegas baby chooooooo choooooooo!!! All aboarrrrrddd!
  23. How bout WIN WIN WIN WIIIIIIN ? Just win bady!
  24. Also, a steady Capela, Goodwin plays like it’s his last game ever and Bogi, I just... I gotta he makes me sick he’s so filthy. @kg01 I’m on my crow crackers. I think I’m in love with him. We have crafty shooters that are clutch. Oh man oh man, I’m still on a high.
  25. YESSSSSSSS!!!! HAWKS! F YA! That’s some character building right thuuuur!!!! Hats off to Goodwin! What a game what hustles plays. Capela is a robot in getting boards! Bogi might be better than Luka! Dude is a straight up baller!!!! WHAT A GAME FOLKS! What a Sunday! That was a thing of beauty! We have like 20 guys out and it doesn’t matter we compete! That might have been my fav game of the year. Just beautiful. GO HAWKS!