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  2. Oh pretty please basketball 🏀 gods let this be a click bait! 😊 Pass.
  3. I’m not a Cousins guy and never have been. I don’t know what it is, well I kinda do lol...I dunno I’d pass again.
  4. When looking at Damian the other night against the Bucks, he ran past Giannis and their bodies are somewhat similar. Why can’t Damian move like Giannis? 🧐 Ok not Giannis but comon Damian use that body bro. He’s using it at like 60% capacity it seems. Move that motor!
  5. Possibly less 😆 Dang though why Monty gotta take the fall, that dude is cool.
  6. Damn you really hate the Suns. They are like the scrubs to me. I’d like to see them be middle of the road forever! 😆 #shamefulscrubs #blatanttanking #jacobsilver #silverlacob 👯‍♀️
  7. Terrence Ferguson was one of ur boys too if I recall correctly. CJ never hurt anyone! You leave that Lehigh sensation alone he’s making the best of a bad situation in Portland. CJ needs to be traded. Or Dame. It’s not happening. No way. A blockbuster has to come this year. Agree on Luka too. It’ll be interesting to see how much longer he can go like this. I’m not sure about his minutes I think they keep them fairly low due to load management but it’s somewhat reminiscent of the way Don Nelson ran Michael Finley straight into the ground by playing him like 40+ a night for about a decade. I’m not saying Luka isn’t tough, actually ya I am. He isn’t Mike Fin tough though no way not even close. Ok, I’m working on my defense for CJ after you rip him 😆.
  8. I’d like to play. 1. Kawhi 2. Giannis 3. Jokic 4. Paul George 5. Zion 6. Morant 7. Shai Gilgeous Alexander 8. Domantas Sabonis 9. Malcolm Brogdon 10. Paul Millsap 11. Kyle Korver 12. Demarre Carroll Thats my ultimate 12 man non current Hawks roster and fav players. Overall fav player: Trae Young His skill set and attributes on the court is what I covet most from any player playing any position on the court. A heady quick smart floor general whose an elite passer and shooter from everywhere.
  9. You forgot Okogie. 😆 I know ur players better than you. That’s elite scouting level you Beal loving CJ hater!
  10. I feel like he’s growing as well as our rookies. Learning curve on the job. If we have this problem in year 4, then I might be worried. It’s year 2.
  11. Photoshopping me and Soth and other oldies is just not right lol
  12. I bought it? Wait, that’s not real? What the. AHF, why would u.. lol. This would qualify as....GOOOOOOOOOOTTTTTT HEEEEEMMMMMMMMM.
  13. 🤣 no way. He’s just been working on his French on isle 1. Harry uses tongue 👅 😶. We need more from him too. All across the board. Harry was a beast in 2015!
  14. I’ll go Trae. He literally can’t do much more. A couple things but nitpicking. Hunter and Cam- Ya I know the offense has been on and off but I think LP said one thing to them and it stuck. FOCUS ON THE D.. hehe 🙃 sorry I chuckled there. And they have for the most part for rookies. Everyone else needs to step it up...including the rooks offense which we saw flashes last night.
  15. Like they did with me! Sent me away for a while and now look 👀 at me! I’m a well rounded individual who is still a proud member of the group. Thanks Squawk! *this was one case study. Please be advised that others subjecting themselves to this adjustment may not have a 🌹y ending.
  16. You made me take a “like” away from AHF due to Collins missing time. But still Collins may still have been the best. I’ll put the like back for a valiant effort. 😊
  17. Not if you watched last night.
  18. 🤔 I’d still say Trae. I know he had a bad first half but Trae all day even last year over Baze.
  19. 🗽 it’s statue. It’s a sculpture of limitations. 😊
  20. He was better the second he touched the floor. I kid, I love Baze as a person. If we are in championship mode in 2-3 years I wouldn’t mind bringing in an aging Baze for a ring! He spent some good years here.
  21. Ya that’s why I thought the Hawks would make the playoffs. I mean I didn’t think we’d be world beaters but I looked at the East and couldn’t name 8 better teams than us. It’s a long season. We are only 17% through it now. I still have ya getting in. And if not, I’m going down with the ship 🚢 👨‍✈️!
  22. This John Collins thing may turn out to be a blessing in disguise. I mean I hate him serving the suspension and all but it gives the rooks some opportunities for sure to get thing cranked up a bit. We are 4-10 but this isn’t a write off 4-10 team heading for a tank. We are going to start getting some W’s soon.