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  1. Hopefully this is the year, Braves and Hawks let’s get it! Awesome write up again, just filthy stuff lw3! GO HAWKS (AND BRAVES)
  2. What a win tonight! Please yes let’s end it tomorrow with Fried! Exciting time for Atlanta indeed! Dope paragraph prolly my fav.
  3. That was awesome! Took me 18 min to read but worth every word. Slaying is early is lethal!
  4. Rosario is Instead of the double he needed for the cycle he blast another dinger!
  5. Did I make it? I was jumping for the Braves!!! EEEEENNNN BEEEFAAAAA DA LOCK
  6. @kg01 your (our) boy Duarte is going off. .
  7. That’s true Ricky wasn’t very bright out there.
  8. They’d give Solo one hell of a run for his money! Corbin was a bit older but always a glue guy I liked him. And Dr. Alan Henderson the Bobby Knight whoopin boy was a really good rebounder. Solid 10 and 7 a night.
  9. They are revealing players 50-75 tomorrow during the Hawks game.. we’ll here lol The final reveal will be Thursday at 6 p.m. ET on TNT ahead of the Mavericks' matchup with the Atlanta Hawks. That game will feature two players who may etch their name into the NBA's 100th anniversary team: Luka Doncic and Trae Young. If Nique isn’t on it, I’m gonna lose it.
  10. He’s not as high BBIQ as Draymond. Give me that?
  11. Is that Meyers Leonard pic above, racist rant forthcoming.
  12. Not really. His shot is erratic as well, not nearly as bad but you can leave Draymond out there and let him fire away.
  13. I’m the last to defend Draymond but he’s BBIQ, it’s a lot higher than Ben. Ben makes Josh Smith like mistakes, Draymond (sorry in my own mouth) generally doesn’t make bone headed plays.
  14. So what does the inside of Jambrad’s basement look like? Blink twice if you need help, otherwise enjoy.
  15. I’m not gonna not sit back here and have you rip into Collins dunk dummy! You go on witcha bad self.
  16. Supes and I still have faith in Bags. Ya I threw Supes in there, he wants it just as bad as me. Bags was our boy comin out in 2018.
  17. I’m ready, got the (not that cap @capstone21) the Albies jersey, the Joc pearls (don’t ask, no not real, Halloween store ) and this tool I found in the garage that looks like a tomahawk. My neighbors here are strangely. My girlfriend is asking me to “ be careful”.. LETS GO BRAVES!!!!!!! Where is @kg01 today damn he missed you calling Booker equal to Trae.
  18. Let me let me… ok I’m ready… sorry I had to pee. Hit it!